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Use Leadpages' WordPress Plugin to publish your landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars to your WordPress website.

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Use the Leadpages WordPress Plugin to Publish to Your Site or Blog

With our complementary plugin installed, it’s a snap to start publishing landing pages and pop-ups to your WordPress blog or website.

Publish, update, and delete landing pages on WordPress
From landing pages and web pages to your homepage and 404, publishing from Leadpages to a WordPress site is simple with our built-in plugin.
Publish Pop-ups to WordPress
Easily publish a button, text link, and image pop-ups to your WordPress site with our complementary plugin or by copying and pasting our HTML snippet.
Publish Alert Bars to WordPress
Easily publish an alert bart to your WordPress site with our plugin or by copying and pasting our HTML snippet.
Automatically update content from within Leadpages
When it’s time for a change, simply save and update your page, pop-up, or alert bar from within Leadpages, and the content will update automatically on your WordPress site.
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