Leadpages + Zapier

• Last Updated August 2020

Do more (by doing less) when you access more than 2000+ integrations through Zapier.

Leadpages + Zapier

Collect Leads + Connect to Powerful Workflows

Instantly move information between your Leadpages account and web apps, as well as automate your CRM, lead conversion, email, outreach, and more.

Connecting Zapier

Send leads to email lists

Capture and collect form subscribers directly inside a segmented email database.


Deliver SMS text messages

Start a text message conversation with people who submit a form.


Update CRM contacts

Add or update CRM contacts after incoming form submissions.


Log submissions

Register form submissions in a Google Sheet or MySQL table for future reference.


Get submission digests

Provide your team with a daily/weekly/monthly report via email or Slack.


Build custom workflows

Set up multi-step integrations to automate your project management and marketing stack.

“Leadpages takes the daunting tasks - tasks that my business depends on, but that are not in my wheelhouse as founder - and makes them doable and beautiful. Leadpages is essential.”

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