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Catch New Leads With Engaging Blog Posts

Start publishing high-quality articles that inform, educate, and attract potential customers—right in your Leadpages account. Easily create content to bring in new leads, or share it with your audience to nurture existing relationships.

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Boost your traffic

Did you know that blogs are the best way to drive organic traffic to your website? Create articles that cover topics and answer questions your audience cares about, then direct them to your landing pages and special offers to convert them into leads.

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Convert leads to sales

Your leads will have questions, and your blogs have answers! Include blog posts in your email marketing to educate leads and show them you really do know what you’re talking about. That way, when you make your sales pitch they have all the information they need to click the buy button.

Earn extra revenue with Adsense

Looking for a new revenue stream? Display Google Ads on your blog and earn money every time your visitors click your ads. Set up your ads in just a few minutes and then kick back and relax as the revenue rolls in.

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Grow Your Traffic With Leadpages Blogs

Start blogging with Leadpages and discover a new way to engage your audience.