Easily sell your services online

Leadpages Checkouts

Easily sell your services online, deliver products, and accept recurring payments by embedding Leadpages Checkouts, powered by Stripe, on any web page or pop-up.
Easily sell your services online
Turn your expertise into revenue
sell services online
Sell your services online
Checkouts make it easy to promote products and sell professional services online through any webpage, sales page, or pop-up.
accept recurring payments
Accept Recurring Payments
Automatically bill clients for recurring services or subscriptions at set intervals and create a steady income stream for your business.
deliver digital products
Deliver digital products
With digital asset delivery, you can automatically sell and deliver everything from webinars and courses, to ebooks and albums.
Close Sales & Collect Payments Seamlessly
Leadpages Checkouts are powered by the popular payment gateway Stripe, which accepts all major credit cards swiftly and securely. Stripe is free to set up and its pricing system is based on a percentage of your sales, so you only pay if you’re actually making money.
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Accept credit cards

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Secure payment processing (SCA compliant)

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Customizable form fields (including shipping-related fields)

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Automatic receipt delivery

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Refund processing

Flexible publishing options
Publish your checkouts on a Leadpages webpage or embed a checkout pop-up on a third-party site.
Publish your checkouts
Third-party integrations
In addition to processing their payment, send your customer data to a third-party integration (such as an ESP or CRM).
Send your customer data to a third-party integration
Customizable form fields
Collect standard fields (email address, card number, expiration date, CVC/ CVV, and billing zip code) as well as shipping-related information, as well as any additional information you may desire (such as name, phone number, etc.).
Collect standard and customizable form fields
Customizable appearance
Easily customize the buy button’s color, style, and hover state just like a regular form widget.
Easily customize the buy button
5 Places to seamlessly pitch products & sell services online with checkouts
Easily embed your Checkout widget on any webpage or pop-up. The possibilities are endless.
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Turn any webpage into a checkout
Turn any webpage into a checkout
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Display the full range of your products and services on your website and collect payments seamlessly with a checkout close at hand.
Easily upsell your email subscribers
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Deliver free value with your lead magnet, then use the thank you page to showcase a low-priced, limited-time “tripwire” offer intended as an entry point to your paid services.
Bill clients for recurring services
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Create a tiered pricing page so clients can engage with your services at the cadence and duration that’s right for them.
Sell your live webinars and trainings
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Sell your live training package in a one-to-many format and reinforce the value by comparing the webinar to the cost of private coaching.
Boost ticket sales for your events
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Encourage your audience to register in advance or buy tickets online by offering an online checkout at a discounted ticket price.
Turn any webpage into a checkout
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