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Get data-powered, real-time conversion tips at your fingertips, helping you build higher-performing pages so you can guess less and grow more.
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Improve Your Conversion Rates with Custom, Real-time Recommendations
The Leadmeter is built-in technology that instantly analyzes your page's content, compares it to tens of thousands of pages in our database, rates its ability to convert, and provides step-by-step guidance on how to optimize your page as you build it.
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Page layout & content
Page layout & content
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Optimize your page content and the structure of your page.
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Consider everything from button color to copy at the point of conversion.
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Fine-tune your copy for maximum persuasion and web best practices.
Lead collection
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Take a look at your form fields and lead collection set-up.
Page layout & content
Data-Driven Analysis of 4 Conversion Categories
The Leadmeter analyzes your content and considers four key conversion categories to scientifically predict how your page will perform (before you publish it).
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Real-time analysis
As you adjust your page’s content, Leadmeter runs in the background to instantly predict your page’s performance before you publish it.
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Expert marketing advice
Powered by exclusive analytics across dozens of industries as well as marketing best practices, Leadmeter tells you what to tweak and why.
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Step-by-step guidance
Use your custom results to optimize your page as you build it and watch your Leadmeter score rise from good to great to excellent.
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Better results
Make the most of every visitor you attract and dollar you spend, knowing your page is expertly optimized from the get-go.
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transform your web traffic into business growth
Make the most of every marketing dollar you spend
Confidently send your paid traffic to a rigorously conversion-optimized landing page
Leadmeter lets you get it right the first time: carefully optimizing your page content to deliver the best possible results. Whether you're running digital ads or drumming up organic traffic, you can be confident that your page will perform at its peak.
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