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Maximize Your PPC Revenue With Optimized Landing Pages

Your ads are only one part of the equation—you need the right landing page to win conversions. Easily build the perfect pages for your PPC campaigns and make the most of your ad dollars.

The difference a landing page makes

An attention-grabbing ad means nothing if the page you send people to doesn’t drive visitors to take action. Here’s why PPC ads and landing pages are a match made in heaven.

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Send ad traffic to your website…
And watch them bounce away. That’s because websites have too many distractions and aren’t always relevant to your ads.
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Send ad traffic to a landing page…
And start counting your leads and sales. Landing pages are focused on guiding users to take action and can be tailored to suit your unique ads and audiences.

Launch campaigns faster with easy page building

Need to start that new campaign today? No problem—creating high-converting landing pages with Leadpages is as easy as:

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Perfect for every Google ad format

Whether you want to drive more traffic with search ads, build your brand with display ads, or experiment with video ads, Leadpages makes it easy to customize pages to fit your unique goals.

Better quality = lower costs

A higher Google Quality Score means a lower cost per click, a better conversion rate, and more money for your business.

Icon Tailor Pages
Tailor pages to your ads
Create pages that are relevant to the keywords you’re targeting so users always get the content they’re looking for.
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More pages for more ad groups
Easily duplicate and adjust pages for many different ad groups to ensure your quality score remains high.
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Lightning fast pages
Both Google and visitors love fast pages. Lucky for you, Leadpages landing pages load 2.4 seconds quicker than the industry average.

Continually optimize your landing pages (and RoAS)

Leadpages landing page with analytics interface showing performance over 30 days, views, and conversions

Real-time analytics
Track traffic, leads, and conversions right in your dashboard to keep a close eye on how your campaigns are performing.
Analytics integrations
Seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics, Hotjar, and other analytics tools for even more data and insights.
A/B split testing
Test different headline, image, and copy variations to see what resonates with your audience and delivers the best results.
Let’s get started

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