This Is Huge: How To Find Leadpages’ Best-Converting Landing Pages



Hey, this is Jeff Wenberg from Leadpages. We’ve just added the biggest feature in the history of Leadpages. Inside of Leadpages, you can now sort the different pages not only by name, but you have the ability to sort them by their opt-in rate. This means that when you sort pages by opt-in rate, the highest converting pages appear first. This is something that no other landing page platform or conversion rate optimization tool allows you to do and it gives you the confidence of knowing that you’re using the highest converting pages that exist today. You can find the highest overall converting pages in their system by sorting all by opt-in rate or by sorting the different types of pages by opt-in rate. So for example, if you were going to host a webinar and you’re going to set up a webinar registration page, you could sort by opt-in rate to see which page is currently converting at the highest rate. You can see that the webinar page from James Shramko is currently converting at the highest rate followed by the webinar 2.0 page all the way down to the lowest converting page the webinar registration page with video. We are collecting average conversion rates per pages so your performance may vary.

Unlike other landing page platforms where this is left to chance, using the sort feature allows you to have confidence that you’re selecting the highest conversion of the type of page you’re looking to create in our system. This is like when you’re on Amazon and let’s say you’re not sure about what type of point and shoot camera you want to get, it sorts them by the most popular cameras to give you a certain amount of confidence that this would be one of the best cameras to get in this category because a lot had been sold. We think that this is going to be huge for our users. Again, this is something that no other landing page platform or conversion rate optimization tool offers. This is just one of the reasons why Leadpages is a leader.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. I’m Jeff Wenberg, have a great day.

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