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The Reach of Facebook Ads Inside Leadpages [Product Update]

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Nov 14, 2017  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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Hold the phone. Pump the brakes. If you read nothing else today, at least read the following sentence:

You can now build Facebook ads with a simplified and intuitive ad creator right inside Leadpages.

via GIPHY Integrated Facebook Ads opens up some great big advertising opportunities for businesses at any stage. Whether you’re a green solopreneur or a seasoned marketer, this simplified ad builder makes it possible for anybody to target customers and advertise to them in a way only the most sophisticated advertisers have been able to—until now. This feature (which is not available anywhere else) brings Facebook's audience insights and connects them right to your landing pages for a seamless campaign. And if pointing nearly 2.1 billion people on one of the world’s most popular advertising platforms directly to your landing pages isn’t enough to make your day, check out all this feature has to offer. Want to dig into Integrated Facebook Ads stat? Head to your account where it's up-and-running, or start a free 14-day trial of any plan level today. Start your free trial today

The Easiest Way to Make a Facebook Ad

One of the biggest hurdles to creating Facebook ads before today was the complexity of Facebook’s ad manager. If you’ve been there before, you’re met with a screen full of questions that are tough to answer if you’re just starting out. Then, once you’ve picked an audience and set a budget, crafting an ad can be tricky. You spend valuable time uploading photos and writing copy. And once you fill in those blanks, you still have to check that your links are pointing to the right landing page, your offer is consistent, and your tracking pixel is where it should be. This time and hassle starts to eat away more and more of your schedule once you start making 10, 20, or 100 campaigns. We know you don’t always have that kind of time, so we wanted to help you out. Leadpages’s simplified in-app experience erases those headaches for good. In as few as 4 clicks, you can create a targeted Facebook ad that aligns seamlessly with your landing page. When you publish a landing page inside Leadpages, you’ll now notice that “Create Facebook Ad” is an option (I still get goosebumps when I see it).

facebook ad publish

If you choose to make an ad for that landing page, one will be automatically created—pulling in your image or video, copy, and more (but you can always adjust the ad's creative as you see fit). Below is an ad I made for my pseudo-business Good Boy Dog Training. I made a landing page to get people to sign up for my training certification class, and now I want to extend my reach to a bigger audience with a Facebook ad.

facebook ad edit

The lightweight builder automatically populated my ad with the same image I used on my landing page. I edited my ad copy to make it exactly how I wanted it, and just like that, my ad was looking good. A simplified builder means you can rest-assured that your ads will always align with the look and feel of your landing pages for a consistent user experience.

Hassle-free Ad Setup

In addition to pre-populated ad imagery and copy, this new feature makes the rest of your ad setup a breeze by completing these two very helpful steps for you:

1. It makes a custom audience for your business.

You want to be sure your ads are shown to people who are the most interested in your product (or would be interested once they know about your company). For example, if your landing page is selling an ebook for new moms, you wouldn’t want teen boys in your ad’s audience. They aren’t interested in your ebook, so including them would be a waste of your ad budget. Integrated Facebook Ads uses existing data about your business to create a custom audience for your ad. With a precise audience of high-quality potential leads, your ad has a better chance of being clicked and your landing page has a higher chance of converting. No more overwhelming ad manager—just simple and easy campaign setup. Just like you can tweak your ad's creative elements, you can also adjust your audience. And if you're running short of ideas for who to include in your audience, just click in the builder for suggestions.

facebook ad audience

Suggested demographics, behaviors, and interests will pop up for you to choose from—some you might not have thought of before. (For instance, I didn't think of "dog lovers" as a potential choice for my audience. I'm new to Facebook ads, so I'm thankful for such a useful suggestion.)

2. It places your tracking pixel for guaranteed accurate measuring.

(“Wait, what’s a pixel?” In short, a pixel is a tracking tool. It’s a code that Facebook provides, and it’s up to you to copy and paste it on web pages you want to track and measure—unless you're using our new Integrated Facebook Ads, that is.) Implementation of the Facebook pixel is critical in running ads more efficiently and in seeing better ad spend ROI. Making sense of this tool can be complicated for some, especially if you’re unsure where a pixel should be placed for accurate tracking. When you make an ad for a landing page, this feature will place your tracking pixel where it needs to be. With accurate placement every time, you’ll always be able to measure how your ad is doing and how much traffic it’s driving to your landing page.

3. It makes setting a budget a breeze.

Easily adjust your ad spend and duration within the simplified builder, then see a nifty summary of what your total costs will be at the end of your ad's run.

ad spend

Measure How Your Ads Are Performing

We get how important understanding your ad performance is. If you’re a professional marketer, you need to be able to justify your decisions and spend with pure data. If you’re a new entrepreneur, you want to be sure every dollar you spend is bringing value to your growing business. With a comprehensive Facebook ad dashboard, you’ll be able to see what’s working and what isn’t. Quick and easy performance measuring means you can confidently make decisions to start a new campaign, stop an old campaign, or adjust spend and audience. If you want to check on your ad's performance for any landing page, click on the corresponding Facebook logo on your landing page dashboard. (The Facebook logo will feature a blue dot if an ad is up and running.)

facebook ad tracking

There you'll be able to see how many people your ad has reached, how many have clicked, and how many have converted. And if an ad isn't performing as well as the others? Easily stop running it with one click.

facebook ad shutoff

With up-to-date tracking that's easy to understand, you can adjust any campaign on the fly.

All the Support You Need

Have more questions about how to spend smartly? Want to know what types of audiences you could target? Curious about more Facebook ad best practices? Don’t sweat it—we've got your back. Our library of resources can help you make an effective Facebook ad campaign whether this is your first or your hundredth. Ready to crank out your first high-converting Facebook ad campaign? Log into your account right now, or try Leadpages's latest feature (and many more) with a free 14-day trial of any plan level. Start your free trial todayHave questions about our newest feature (or just want to express your general excitement with us)? Let us know with a comment.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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