[Huge Update] Introducing the All-New Leadpages Landing Page Builder

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One of the most important pieces of Leadpages is the landing page builder that you use to create and customize landing page templates for your business inside of Leadpages. We refer to this as “The Leadpages Builder” or more simply just “the builder”. Because the way the original builder was written it made it hard to add new feature updates to the most important mechanism of Leadpages the Leadpages builder. So we’re glad to announce that we’ve completely rebuilt the Leadpages builder to give our users the much-requested features they’ve been asking for in our builder. Almost nothing about Leadpages itself has changed. All of the updates that we’re going to cover have been made to the builder itself to give you more flexibility for editing your Leadpages templates. We’ll take a look at what the new features are and then we’ll look at how to use the new features in the builder. The new updates to the builder include number 1 the ability to turn almost any element on or off. Number 2, the ability for buttons to trigger a link or an opt-in box, number 3, the ability to make any text button or hyperlinkable image trigger LeadBox, number 4 the ability to edit right on the LeadPage template, number 5 a more intuitive user experience, number 6 easier editing of colors and styles, number 7 a more extensive font collection, number 8 the ability to immediately see how your page will look on a mobile device and number 9 an updated templating system.

So let’s jump in and check each of the new features out. Number 1 you can hide virtually any element on the page. In the past, some template elements could be turned off and some couldn’t. In the new version of Leadpages, nearly all elements of the page can be turned on or off. As you can see here on this page, I turned off every element so there’s nothing showing. Of course, we don’t recommend this but I just wanted to show you that you can turn it all off. Then to turn things back on it’s as easy as clicking the I icon here on the left. So let’s say you wanted to make this blog home page your new blog opt-in page because it matches the design of your website, you could simply turn off the read my blog section, hide one of the testimonials as an example and now this page is set up to be an opt-in page only.

Number 2 one of the things many users really wanted to do in the past takes one of our sales page templates and make it an opt-in page or take one of our opt-in page templates and make it go to a specific URL. For example, if someone was a Leadpages affiliate and they wanted to take this basic squeeze page and use it as an affiliate pre-sales page and link directly to a website with their affiliate link, it’s easy to do that by simply clicking this button then selecting edit. Now in the drop-down I’ll just select go to a URL, enter in the affiliate link the button will use, and finally, if I’d like to change the button text, I’ll just add the new text into this box right here.

Now when someone clicks the button instead of an opt-in, they’ll be directed to the URL. Another example would be if someone wanted to take a sales page like this and trigger a LeadBox with this button. Previously you’d have to download the file and custom code that feature into the page then re-upload the page to your server. Now you can do this from scratch right inside the new builder, just click the button to edit. From the drop-down, select show opt-in form then click here to edit the opt-in form. Now you just add your headline, add which email service provider you’d like to integrate the page with and which list you’d like to add people to. You’re also able to add any form fields that you’ve set up in your email service provider like full name, address, zip code, phone number, and so on.

Number three one of the cool things that you can do on the template is you can make any text, button, or hyperlinkable image trigger a LeadBox. This adds to the immense flexibility of your landing pages. Previously if you wanted to for example make this text trigger a LeadBox, you’d have to download the template file and custom code this feature into the page. Now you can easily add a LeadBox to any page from scratch right inside the new builder. Let’s say we were using this homepage template by Ryan Dyson, here at the bottom in the author’s section, we wanted to link this text to a LeadBox in order to add another opportunity for someone to op into our list. So we just highlight the text, click the link icon, select show opt-in form then edit the opt-in form. Go to the integration settings, select the integration, and which list you’d like to add people to, and voila this text now triggers a LeadBox.

Number 4, the editing is done right on the page. In the previous editor, you had to click on something and then go over to the box in the left to edit it and it was just not very intuitive. With the new builder, there’s no front end versus the back end. Everything is done right on the page right in front of your eyes. So as an example, I can edit the text right on the page, I can change the color of the text, underline it, bold it and it all happens right on the page and not in a separate edit window. This allows you to see the results immediately.

Number 5, we’ve increased the intuitive field of the builder. When you move over an element on the right, it will highlight the corresponding section on the left and vice versa. If you move over a section on the left it highlights it on the right. This way it’s easy to find and change whatever section you’re customizing without having to spend five minutes searching for what section each element is in.

Number 6, again to make editing easier it’s very easy to access the style settings for any page. Just click the style tab and you can immediately change the colors for all the available elements on the page. This allows you to fully customize any page template to achieve consistent branding across all your pages.

Number 7, there’s now an extensive list of fonts available as well. This enables endless customization of your Leadpages all with just a few clicks. We’ll be adding to this font list regularly to give you as many font options as we can. This is super handy if you’re trying to match your landing page look and feel with your website look and feel to create a cohesive user experience.

Number 8, do you have a lot of traffic coming from mobile sources? It might be in your best interest to build pages that are supremely optimized for mobile. In the builder, you can now see how the page is creating a look on a smartphone, how it will look on a tablet, and how it will look like a regular webpage. That way you’re able to see if the images, colors, fonts and general page layout will look good or not without having to publish the page and then visit the URL on a smartphone or tablet. You can do it right in the builder to make sure everything looks great.

Number 9 we updated our templating system which means it’s now super easy for our pro and enterprise users to write and upload their custom templates that people within their organization can use or that they could then sell in the Leadpages template gallery.

So let’s recap the features of the new builder. Number 1 is the ability to turn almost any element on or off. Number 2 is the ability for buttons to trigger a link or an opt-in box. Number three is the ability to make any text button or hyperlinkable image trigger a LeadBox. Number 4 is the ability to edit right on the landing page template. Number 5 is more intuitive user experience. Number 6 is easier editing of colors and styles. Number 7 is a more extensive font collection. Number 8 is the ability to immediately see how your page will look on a mobile device. Number 9 is an updated templating system. Now that we’ve rewritten our builder from scratch, we’ll be able to add updates to the builder much faster and you should see us making a lot more innovations in our builder technology in the coming months. We expect the speed of innovation here to go through the roof. We encourage you to get into the new builder and customize pages in new ways and then share URLs with us in the comments below this video. If you’re not a Leadpages customer, head to Leadpages click on the button below the video to get Leadpages. If you’re unsure which plan to go with, we recommend the pro annual plan as it comes with the majority of the features we have and it’s 40% cheaper than paying monthly. So join us at the pro level and let’s go build some pages.