How Khierstyn Ross Took a Crowdfunding Campaign from $16K to $600K


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Our Guest:

Khierstyn Ross started off as a biochemistry major and fell into business during college when she had a chance to run a franchise for a few years. After becoming one of the top revenue producers of the franchise, she was asked to be a startup advisor to help onboard new franchises. Within 6 months, startup franchises she oversaw would earn over $60,000 in revenue. She was inspired to go into online business because of Tim Ferriss and his residual income techniques. She became more involved in digital marketing and started advising companies online. She fell into the role of crowdfunding consultant after getting hooked on fast paced product launches.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to effectively setup a crowdfunding page
  • How to drive traffic to a crowdfunding campaign without wasting money
  • The exact tactic Khierstyn used to discover her client’s customer base

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Learn How Khierstyn Took A Crowdfunding Campaign From $16K to $600K