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LeadBoxes Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite LeadBoxes from March 2015

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Apr 04, 2015  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team

Leadpages customers are constantly finding more innovative ways to use LeadBoxes. This month, we’re showcasing some examples that use great calls to action, as well as illustrating the many ways you can use LeadBoxes in your own business. Read on to see how other Leadpages customers are putting LeadBoxes to good use. Take a look and see if these stimulate any ideas you can implement.

1. Sticky Albums: Home Page LeadBox

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Sticky Albums gives site visitors a sample album when they opt-in from the LeadBox™ on their Home page[/caption] What Stands Out: LeadBoxes are great for building your email list, but you can really take them to the next level by offering an enticing lead magnet to visitors who opt-in. Here, Nate Grahek of Sticky Albums allows his visitors to receive a free sample custom app when they opt-in via the LeadBox on his home page. Nate also shows what the albums will look like on a mobile phone and specifies, both on the button and in the email prospects receive, that people should look at these samples on their phones. Well done, Nate!

2. Hurdlr.com: Launch Page LeadBox

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]


Hurdlr.com collects information from people who are interested in early access to their new product.[/caption] What Stands Out: When you’re just getting started, you want to build your audience as fast as possible. Hurdlr.com uses a LeadBox to get entrepreneurs to sign up for early access to their product, which is still in development. When visitors click on the “Sign Up For Early Access” button, they are encouraged to give their name and email address. The animated progress bar at the top adds urgency to complete the action. At Leadpages, we’ve seen a substantial increase in opt-ins when a progress bar is used in a LeadBox. If you’re getting ready to launch a new product, this is a great way to grow your list.

3. Socially Relevant: Timed Pop-Up LeadBox

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]


Socially Relevant times their LeadBox to pop up after a visitor is on the site for few seconds.[/caption] What Stands Out: You want to capture a new lead as quickly as possible when someone lands on your page. Socially Relevant makes sure site visitors get the opportunity to opt into their new podcast with this timed pop-up LeadBox that’s set to appear a few seconds after visitors land on this blog post. The LeadBox makes good use of the animated progress bar, much like the example above, and it clearly illustrates what people are signing up for. Well done, Socially Relevant folks. And thanks so much for the great article about Leadpages.

4. Kitchen Stewardship: Home Page LeadBox

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]


The child facing the Call to Action button draws readers attention to the button.[/caption] What Stands Out: When people are interested in what you have to offer, give them the opportunity to opt-in right away. Katie at Kitchen Stewardship has taken this to heart. Her homepage features a free ebook with a very obvious button. Right away, you can see that this book appeals to people who have kids that are picky eaters. The child in the picture is facing the opt-in button, which draws site visitors’ eyes to the button and can increase conversions. Katie makes it easy to opt in by asking very basic information and attracts her readers’ attention with the bright yellow button.

5. Deep Space Sparkle: Newsletter Sign-Up LeadBox

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]


The Deep Space Sparkle LeadBox shows exactly what subscribers will be getting.[/caption] What Stands Out: Having a LeadBox that matches your website can add consistency to your branding. Patty of Deep Space Sparkle does an excellent job of this with her timed pop-up LeadBox. Visitors can easily see the tie-in between the site and the LeadBox. The company logo makes the top of the box-engaging and the picture of one of the newsletter covers gives an idea of what people will receive when they opt-in.

6. Jason Swenk: Free Consultation LeadBox

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]


Jason Swenk uses his LeadBox to set up consultations with clients[/caption] What Stands Out: Sometimes a lead collection is about making contact instead of just collecting a name and email address. Jason Swenk wants the opportunity to talk to his site visitors, so he uses his LeadBox to offer a free consultation. When people click on the “I want your help” button, they see that Jason is offering time to chat with him about a personalized strategy. This is continued in the yellow opt-in button, “Let’s Chat.” If you’re thinking of doing this, make sure you choose “Lead Notifications” when you set up your LeadBox so you’re notified as soon as someone opts in. That way you can get back to them quickly to set up an appointment.

7. Sustainable Seafood Blog Project: Home Page LeadBox

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]


The Sustainable Seafood Blog Project folks make their subscribe button easy to find.[/caption] What Stands Out: Wherever you put your Leadbox, you want to make sure site visitors can find it easily. At the bottom of the Sustainable Seafood Blog Project’s home page, there is an easy to see “Subscribe Now” button, with text next to it indicating that you can sign up for their mailing list. The header on the Leadbox matches the header on the website, which is a nice tie-in. And the text makes it very clear what subscribers will receive when they give their email addresses.

8. Amy Porterfield: Content Upgrade LeadBox

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]


Amy gives her readers content that relates specifically to her blog post. These are called "content upgrades."[/caption] What Stands Out: Amy Porterfield is one of our Power Users, so she knows her way around LeadBoxes. Amy uses this LeadBox to allow visitors to opt-in for specific bonus content related to her podcast episode. This is called a "content upgrade," and it's an incredibly powerful way to maximize opt-ins on your blog posts. The image in the LeadBox shows the cover of the report subscribers will receive and the instructions in the headline are very clear. Amy also uses a progress bar to encourage people to complete the process.

9. Jeanette’s Healthy Living: Home Page Bar LeadBox

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]


The "Yes Please!" on the button makes this a very appealing call to action.[/caption] What Stands Out: Jeanette, of Jeanette’s Healthy Living uses the bar at the very top of her Homepage to get visitors to opt into her mailing list. The top of your web page is within the f-shaped area that people typically scan as soon as they get to your web page, so it’s a good idea to make use of it. She also uses great text on her opt-in button within the LeadBox. The “Yes Please!” is very appealing and makes me think of responding to a gracious host offering something tasty to share. (Hmmm… Now I’m hungry.)

10. Heyo: Webinar Registration LeadBox™

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]


Heyo uses their LeadBox™ to get people to sign up for their webinar[/caption] What Stands Out: When you want someone to sign up to participate in something, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to do it. Heyo has done this nicely with a bright orange button on their webinar registration page they built with the Webinar 3.0 template inside Leadages. The button text indicates that visitors need to act to reserve their spot. When the box opens, it is easy to see what a registrant needs to do to secure his or her place.

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By The Leadpages Team
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