[New Feature] Share Your Customized Leadpages in a Few Clicks

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Meet Bob. Bob bought this real estate landing page template in the Leadpages marketplace and has a really good idea to use it as a webinar registration page. So let’s watch Bob as he customizes this page. You can see he’s adding all kinds of different images and colors and texts. Now at this point, he has done a lot of customizations to the page and is using this template in a completely different way than the authors intended.

Now let’s say Bob wants to share this configuration of his landing page with another Leadpages user Kat who can import this modified landing page template into her own Leadpages account and further customize it for her own business. To do this, Bob can use the new share Leadpages configuration feature by clicking publish and then going to the share Leadpages configuration tab and giving Kat this link.

When Kat goes to this link she can preview the page and she can import the page into her own Leadpages account to further use and edit the page for her own business. So why would you want to do this? There are a lot of really good use cases. Let’s go over a couple. Let’s say Bob uses an army of affiliates to promote his guitar course, Bob could customize and prepare a presell page for his own product and then share an editable version of the presell page with his affiliates so they can then apply their own affiliate links and make their own modifications. This way Bob does the original customization of the page and his affiliates can easily import those customizations to their own Leadpages accounts and then further customize the page for their own business.

Or let’s say Bob also has a well-followed marketing blog and he wants to share his best converting landing page customizations with his audience. He’s been split testing the webinar registration page for a while now and his page has become a fine-tuned conversion machine. He can now share this configuration with his blog audience so they can easily import these customizations into their own Leadpages accounts and then use the modified version of the page Bob created in their own business. These are just a few of the ways you can use this new shared LeadPage feature. Let me show you how you can share a page with someone first customize the page with images, copy, colors, and integrations and then save the page. When you click publish, go to share page configuration. Copy this link and share it with whomever you’d like to share your customizations with.

For example, let’s say I created a webinar registration page that my project partner Jack and I are going to use for an upcoming webinar. Jack would click on this link in his email and then would be directed to this page. Jack just needs to read and agree to the terms of service then continue to do the preview. Here Jack can see the page that I shared with him. To compare here’s the default version of the page inside of Leadpages before I customize the page. Jack can view all of my customizations and use the page from here. To use this page, Jack just clicks on this button at the top. If Jack is already a Leadpages customer he would just log in and a template will be imported into his account so he can edit the page. If Jack is not a Leadpages customer, I don’t need to feel bad about sharing this page with him because he can get a 30-day trial of Leadpages for just a dollar or he can deploy this page in his business as well as use Leadpages 80+ other landing page templates to generate more leads and sales. Jack can just input his information and then he’ll be routed directly into the Leadpages builder to start customizing the shared Leadpages.

Then Jack gets 30 days to test out Leadpages and to use the Leadpages I shared with him. Jack will need an active Leadpages subscription for continued access and use of this template. After that 30 days, Jack will be charged the standard monthly fee for his Leadpages standard monthly subscription. To recap let’s say that Bob has done a whole bunch of split tests on this webinar registration page and wants to share them with Lawrence who’s also a marketer, all Bob has to do is click publish, go the shared Leadpages configuration tab and send this link over to Lawrence. Lawrence then opens the link, agrees to the terms and conditions, previews the page, and then clicks the button in the top right corner to import Bob’s customized page into his LeadPages account. And then he can immediately start editing the page for his own business.

The ability to share custom Leadpages with clients and project partners really opens up the doors to all kinds of possibilities for importing and exporting your pages. To close this out, let me suggest one way you can use this shared Leadpages configuration feature. If you have favorite customization of Leadpages template that you want to share, we encourage you to write a blog post explaining why you like the page and why you decided to customize the page as you did. And then at the bottom of your post, you can give your audience members a link so they can import your customized LeadPage into their account to edit and use as they want. So do that today.

I’m Jeff Wenberg and hey don’t be selfish, share your pages.