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Leadpages vs. Unbounce

Whether you want a landing page to garner more email newsletter sign-ups, capture more leads, or promote an upcoming event, Leadpages and Unbounce are two worthy options to consider.

But how do you decide? How does Leadpages stack up against Unbounce? As two major players in the conversion marketing platform industry, look no further than this comparison, as we give a no-holds-barred look at the two platforms.

Here, you can expect a non-judgemental and neutral look at each platform so you can select the best conversion platform for your business.

Our goal is your goal: success for your business. This means helping you pick the tool that will help you sell more, even if it’s not us. With the right tools in place, the world is your oyster.

As we compare Leadpages and Unbounce, we’ll take into account seven major criteria that are the most important to you when deciding between conversion marketing platforms.

With Leadpages and Unbounce, you’re comparing two solid platforms. With both options, you can intuitively design and optimize landing pages. If you are looking to build a landing page and implement conversion tools, you will be satisfied with both of these services. Yet, there are capabilities that differ. Read on and we’ll explore!

1 - Ease of Use:
The building experience


Want to learn more about the ease of use of Leadpages? Luckily, anyone can easily publish a page on day one… Even with little to no web design experience.

In fact, Leadpages was created for the busy small business person, which is why we make it possible to create a stunning online presence and build a sales funnel in as few clicks as possible. Here are some of our features that make us easy to use:

Our drag-and-drop builder:

The drag-and-drop editor is built on a system of rows and columns, which is intuitive, straight-forward, and ideal for non-web designers. Best of all, no coding knowledge is required.

wistia video link

The Leadmeter:

Especially helpful for those who are new to conversion tools, our proprietary tool, the Leadmeter, predicts how well your page will perform and tells you what to tweak before you publish it. It provides step-by-step recommendations to better optimize every element, from text and images to page layout and opt-in forms to maximize customer actions on your page.

HTML widget:

While beginners don’t need to touch a line of code, more experienced coders can customize designs using our HTML widget and CSS customizations.

Copy/paste sections:

Avoid any hassle by copying and pasting sections. This feature ensures a cohesive design, all while saving time. Oh, and it saves instantly. so you never have to worry about losing work.

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Unbounce has a unique grid-free drag-and-drop builder for maximum flexibility on not only desktop and mobile landing pages, but pop-ups as well. In addition, its JavaScript and CSS customization is seamless for advanced users who want more control of what their page looks like. Within the Unbounce editor, users also have a wider variety and complexity of tools than Leadpages. So, for the advanced designer, this platform may be the bee’s knees.


It’s a tough one… So we’ll call this one a tie.

We do a stellar job of supporting and educating our users to ensure success. We also pair down the effectiveness of your design with Leadmeter, the real-time conversion guidance tool that analyzes a landing page before it's published. What’s more, our drag-and-drop experience is hard to mess up, which is appealing to users without previous knowledge or limited time to figure out conversion tools.

Where Unbounce shines is its free-form editor, which is a bit more flexible and uniquely lets you completely edit pop-ups, desktop, and mobile landing pages, all free form. In fact, the free-form editor may be more useful for experienced web designers who know what they want from the start as it could be overwhelming or time consuming for people less experienced with advanced design software.

Don’t worry, both options cater to beginners as well, because they don’t require code knowledge.

And, we’ll leave you with one last cool feature. On Unbounce’s enterprise plan you can see an audit log, and on all plans, you can revert to a previous version of your published page, in a similar manner to Leadpages.

2 - Functionality: features, widgets & integrations


Leadpages seamlessly integrates with more than 90 online marketing tools (and counting). With integrations possible across the marketing gamut, these powerful widgets and integrations can help fuel your business’s success.

Our best-in-class integrations in a snapshot:

A suite of integrations:

We integrate with all major email service providers (ESPs), customer relationship management tools (CRMs), webinar platforms, and social networks. This includes:

  • Native integrations: 21
  • Compatible integrations: 36
  • Third-party integrations: 33
  • 2000+ integrations available via Zapier
  • (SalesForce, HubSpot and Marketo integrations only available in advanced plans.)

Option for CSS (customization):

If you’re looking to customize integrations, look no further than our platform. Developers can customize integrations via CSS.

Capture sales:

We offer integrated sales and checkout pages and payment via Stripe, so you can easily sell online products and services.

Widget availability:

Leadpages has 18 available widgets.

Email tagging:

Manage your email list with email tagging through AWeber.

Self-scheduling via Calendly:

Natively integrated with Calendly, Leadpages makes it easy to add your Calendly schedule to any page or pop-up.

Online reservations via OpenTable:

Natively integrated with OpenTable, Leadpages allows your customers to search available reservation times and book a table right from your landing page.


Unbounce has built up a pretty hefty integration portfolio the past few years, with even more essential integrations on the way. With 116 integrations with all major ESPs, CRMs, webinar platforms, and social networks, this impressive line-up includes:

  • Native integrations (built-in): 12
  • Compatible integrations (custom code): 42
  • 2000+ integrations available via Zapier

*All integrations are available across all plans with the exception of SalesForce and Marketo only available in premium and enterprise.

Here are some other features of note:

  • Supports dynamic text replacement: This feature personalizes your paid marketing campaigns.


Both platforms offer a variety of powerful features such as pop-up forms, auto-optimized image loading, and a great variety of integrations to suit your needs. (Take note: SalesForce and Marketo require an upgrade to advanced plans for both platforms.) Unique to Leadpages, however, are the native integrations with not only ESPs and CRMs, but Stripe Checkouts, Calendly and OpenTable as well.

Where Leadpages has an edge:

  • Leadpages delivers lead magnets directly, whereas Unbounce requires that users have a third-party tool.
  • Some cool widgets we have integrated that require code from Unbounce are online checkouts (via Stripe), a built-in progress bar, icon library, social likes, Calendly, OpenTable, and comments sections.

Where Unbounce has an edge:

The dynamic text replacement feature of Unbounce allows advanced marketers to personalize their page and edit in real-time to tailor an ad to landing page experience for a visitor. (This is clutch for those with large PPC spend).

3 - Look & feel: templates & customizability


Your design experience with Leadpages is unparalleled. Here’s proof:

  1. Ease of use is our M.O.: Your page design can be as simple or as sprawling as your imagination goes.
  2. A polished and pro-looking page: Your visitors won’t even be able to tell the difference between a Leadpages-designed pages and expert-designed pages with a price tag of $100,000. We designed our templates to look highly professional.
  3. Conversions in mind: We spend a lot of time at Leadpages polishing our templates and designs to make sure they convert for your business. We conversion optimize each element to make sure you’re rockin’ the highest conversion rate possible.

Our templates are beautiful and built to convert. With an abundance of template choices, you can feel confident in your page design, even if you have little to no experience.

Our users can enjoy:

Template availability and sorting:

Our template gallery is sorted by conversion rate and clearly named to convey their value to users from the get-go. With over 200 free versatile and unique landing page templates and additional website templates, you can also search from an abundance of options by industry.

Additionally, each template is scientifically optimized for high conversion with clean, simple design; a single call-to-action above the fold; and a pop-up opt-in form. It allows users to better understand the features of each template.

Mobile responsive (right out of the box):

All content is mobile responsive, and displays optimally on devices of different sizes, be it a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. In fact, our multi-device preview is automatically generated, so no additional steps are necessary to ensure you’re hitting every type of device with the same impactful design. For even more customizability, there’s also device-specific display settings, which allows users to design specific sections as well as shows (or hides) them on certain devices.

wistia video link


With around 125 landing page templates, Unbounce has a vast library of options categorized into landing page templates, sticky bar templates, pop-up templates, or AMP specific designs. The one downfall: this platform doesn’t have a website builder or web templates.

While you’re not able to sort templates by conversion rate, Unbounce templates can easily be filtered by industry, campaign type, name, recent, and popular. You are unable to search templates by keyword.

Page preview is available in two sizes: desktop and mobile. Some elements may need to be edited for mobile directly, which is not as innate as Leadpages’ automatic mobile-optimization. On the other hand, Unbounce makes it more intuitive to edit a mobile section because their editor frames mobile sections in a mobile device/width as a user is editing, which gives them an instant visual of how it will look on a mobile device, whereas in Leadpages, it isn't possible to simultaneously preview and edit mobile content.


While they both have more than 100 templates to choose from, you are able to search by conversion rate or keyword through Leadpages which makes it very simple to select the right page for your needs.

The winner for this category is dependent on what your needs are. If it’s options, Unbounce offers a breadth of templates for not only landing pages but also sticky bars, pop-ups and AMP pages. Also, if you’re a design professional, you may like Unbounce’s editor, which has advanced options and the ability to easily add Java or CSS. If your M.O. is mobile-responsiveness, where we take the cake is the ability to display optimally on any device size.

4 - Conversion tools: collect leads and close sales


Conversions are top of mind for us, and here’s why... First, our “conversion toolkit” adds versatility to convert your hard-earned website traffic in a variety of ways through:

  • Leadmeter, predicts how well your page will perform and tells you what to tweak before you publish it (as we mentioned above)
  • Alert bars are publishable on any website or landing page
  • Intuitive pop-up forms, capturing the attention of visitors on any page

We also help move customers along in their journeys through conversion tracking, intuitive A/B testing (through Pro and Advanced plans), and easy payment integration through Stripe. This integration is convenient for users because it allows them to connect a (free) Stripe account to Leadpages and easily pull in the products and services they’d like to sell—all without touching a lick of code!


Unbounce lets you take the time-consuming and tedious task of figuring out what elements perform the best on your page with its easy-to-use A/B testing (included on all plans). This slick platform also has sticky bars and pop-ups to present relevant offers to customers and nudge them to convert.


As far as conversion tools go, lead magnet delivery is available on both platforms, A/B split testing (available on all plans on Unbounce and Pro plans and above on Leadpages) and downloadable .CSV files of opt-in data are available in both services. They are pretty much on par with their lead capture capabilities. Unbounce allows you more flexibility to customize pop-ups with their free form editor.

Where we stick out from Unbounce is our native checkout integration with Stripe. To implement a similar commerce element in Unbounce would require users to cut and paste HTML code.

Unbounce, on the other hand, has a Smart Traffic feature powered by AI that automatically directs visitors to a page based on the likelihood they will convert.

5 - Publishing options: flexibility & ease of publishing finished content


Leadpages offers a number of flexible publishing options. Every account comes with free hosting on a custom Leadpages subdomain ( You can also publish on a third-party domain that you already own, or purchase a Leadpages annual subscription and receive a free domain for one year (powered by Hover). In addition, every Leadpages account includes a plugin you can use to install your landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars on your WordPress site. You can even publish your page as a dynamic HTML page, which automatically updates when edits are published in Leadpages.

Leadpages also makes it easy to share a landing page or website template with your team or clients (at no additional cost).


Similar to Leadpages, Unbounce users can also publish their page using a custom domain, or using a Wordpress plugin. Unbounce also makes it easy with multi-user permissions such as admin, author, or viewer.


It’s a close one...Leadpages and Unbounce will host your landing page for you, although they recommend you set up a domain through a WordPress plugin, or connect your domain to a third-party site. Both services have multi-device preview and domain mapping, however, Unbounce allows for multi-user permissions.

6 - Get traffic: promote content after it's published


After you build your page, attracting web traffic requires the proper promotional features, so it’s ultra-important to choose a platform that helps you promote content after you publish your page. In fact, this function is key to maintaining a healthy flow of traffic, leads, and sales.

With Leadpages, there are a number of things you can do to gain and monitor traffic. First, you can harness the power of a streamlined analytics dashboard, real-time analytics, and enjoy no limits on the quantity of traffic and leads you can collect. You also can also see actual earnings through our checkout widget. In addition, we have lightning-fast page load speeds of 2.4 seconds faster than average to make sure traffic is not bouncing away from your site.

Another enticing feature is our Search engine optimization guidance. In fact, any plan has access to SEO settings and previews, in which you can set the title, keywords, and description of any page to up the chances of Google indexing your site on its first page.


Unbounce has a special feature called AMP landing pages, which signifies to Google your page is ultra-fast. So fast, in fact, that it’s designated with a gray lightning-bolt logo beside your page in Google on mobile devices. Keep in mind, however, that AMP is only available on their Premium plan and above (starting at a whopping $150+/ mo.)

Ideal for advanced marketers, Unbounce also offers real-time performance analytics that does more in-depth than the basic information provided by Google Analytics.


Both platforms have merits in this department. Real-time analytics and a dashboard that clearly shows traffic and conversion rates are available in both services. Yet, Unbounce’s AMP templates may help you stand out as they ensure top load speeds on mobile (keep in mind, however, that AMP is only available on their Premium plan and above (starting at a whopping $150+/ mo.).

7 - Bang for your buck: value for money


Wondering about the value of Leadpages? Let’s break it down. There are different tiers to suit every budget. We have standard plans, pro accounts, and advanced accounts; available for purchase by month or year. And no matter what plan you’re on—you get unlimited traffic, leads, and landing page publishing. Looking for extra guidance? Our high-quality customer support is available via email, chat, and priority phone, and based on your plan level. The same goes for our exclusive marketing education training.

For no add-on amount, users can also access premium Shutterstock images at a reduced price.


Ok, now onto discovering the bang for the buck with Unbounce. This platform models our pricing model, where users pay either per month or annually. One difference is that Unbounce puts a limit on traffic and leads per tier, as shown below:

  • Essential plans register at $79 per month (limit of 75 published landing pages at a time, eight pop-ups/sticky bars, and 500,000 monthly visitors)
  • Premium plans come in at $199 per month (limit of 150 published landing pages, 16 popups/sticky bars, and 500,000 monthly visitors)
  • Enterprise plans start at $399 per month (if your needs are greater than 150 landing pages, 16 popups/sticky bars, and 500,000 contacts them for an enterprise plan)

Each plan comes with access to Unsplash images, live chat support team via phone or email.


For both price and value, Leadpages is the winner because we don’t limit your traffic or popup capabilities or force you to pay more as you grow. For example, Unbounce must be upgraded if the plan limit is exceeded (eight pop-ups/ sticky bars in the essential plan). An upgrade from their basic plan is required within Unbounce if you want to publish greater than 75 pages, include more than eight popups or sticky bars, or enable upwards of 500,000 monthly visitors.

As the most affordable option for landing pages and conversion tools, Leadpages also has unique offerings like the Leadmeter, checkout, and countdown built into their editor… not to mention an integrated website builder.

The final verdict

So, is the final winner Leadpages or Unbounce? The answer, of course, depends on what you’re looking for:

Use Leadpages if:
purple check
You want the option to build a landing page and an entire website under one roof.
purple check
You are a small business owner or entrepreneur without a large marketing budget or team.
purple check
You want a truly DIY-friendly web publishing solution because you are working alone as an entrepreneur or small business owner without a large marketing team.
purple check
You don’t want to be limited as to the number of web visitors, leads, or landing pages you can publish.
purple check
You want to sell your products and services online and value a built-in checkout solution.
purple check
You want a painless, intuitive grid layout to easily design your page.
purple check
You value having a support team that goes above and beyond to help you (custom video tutorials await!).
You may jibe more with Unbounce if:
purple check
You are only interested in building landing pages and supporting lead forms, not websites.
purple check
You’re comfortable with a free-form editor and want the freedom that greater customization options offer. (This means you have experience with advanced web-design or the time to dive into Unbounce’s assortment of functionalities and complex tools.)
purple check
You value AMP landing pages for mobile and don’t mind paying a premium for them.
purple check
You require personalization features such as dynamic text replacement because you are running a significant spend on paid media
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campaigns and have the resources to pay for enterprise-level software.
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You don’t mind paying for more features or increased traffic & publishing as you grow.
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