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Capture your audience at the peak of their interest with the Leadpages pop-up builder. Easily add pop-ups to any landing page, web page, or website with just a few clicks.
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Capture your audience
Target your audience at just the right time
Find the right moment for your message by choosing from behavior and time-triggered pop-up settings.
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Trigger events
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Trigger your pop-up to appear whenever a visitor clicks on an image, button, or hyperlink text.
Time delays
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Trigger your pop-up to appear after a certain amount of time has passed or a certain number of page views have occurred.
Exit intent pop-ups
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Trigger an exit pop-up to appear when visitors move their mouse in a way that indicates an intent to leave the page.
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Flexible publishing options
Easily publish your pop-up on a web page, landing page, or third-party website without hiring a developer.
Publish on a landing page
Most landing page templates come pre-loaded with on-page pop-ups ready for you to edit, or easily add one to any page you’re working on.
Publish on a website
Easily put your pop-up on any platform or website that allows for the use of HTML and JavaScript, such as WordPress or Squarespace.
Publish on WordPress
With the Leadpages pop-up WordPress plugin, it’s easy to publish directly on your WordPress website or blog.
Publish on WordPress
Put your pop-up together in a matter of minutes
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Customize your content
Create a beautifully designed opt-in form by dragging and dropping text elements, images, buttons, and forms within the Drag & Drop Builder.
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Connect your email service provider (ESP)
Route your new subscribers directly to your chosen email list by connecting your form to your email app.
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Get inspired
With Leadpages pop-up builder, the possibilities are endless.
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Landing page pop-up
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Simplify your landing page design and focus your audience on the opt-in form by including a pop-up that appears on the click of a button.
Blog sidebar button
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Invite your blog visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter or blog feed by including a sidebar image that triggers a pop-up opt-in form to appear.
Guest blog link
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Reach new audiences and collect opt-ins for your email list by including a pop-up link within your guest blog post’s bio box.
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