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Photographer & Educator

Greg Benz uses Leadpages to sell his software and educate other photographers.

Engineer turned landscape photographer, Greg’s journey into entrepreneurship began as a quest for freedom more than for financial gain. After developing tools to retouch his own images, he now sells software and training courses designed to help other artists perfect their own craft.
Greg uses Leadpages to share the vision, sell the tools, and teach the technique behind his artwork.
For professional photographers and users of Photoshop, Lumenzia  is a Photoshop panel that delivers greater ease and control in applying luminosity masks. For the rest of us—that means a software plugin to help enhance images and create gorgeous and realistic edits.
“When I started to pursue entrepreneurship, I wanted to focus on meeting certain life goals for me, which meant not being tied to a specific place or schedule.”
Greg Benz

Q&A with Greg

Photography started as your passion project, how did you turn it into a business?
In my own landscape photography, I didn’t have the tools that I needed and pretty quickly realized that the things I need for my own work are things that other people might value. That’s what got me started in software and instruction. I spend so much time perfecting my craft and I love helping other people on their own journey.
Q&A with Greg
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“I’m, at my core, a creator—an engineer more than an artist. But I love building—a physical product or a course—anything that other people can benefit from.“
Greg Benz • Owner
Greg Benz Photography
What does an average week look like?
As an entrepreneur, there’s definitely a lot of different things I need to do. I’m a software developer, I’m customer support, I’m marketing, I’m an instructor, I’m a print maker, I’m an accountant. The hardest thing for me with that is trying to think about at what point do I offload some of those things to someone else so I can get help where I need it.
“I’m working harder than I ever have, but I feel like I’m working less because every time I’m doing something, it’s something that I choose to do.”
Greg Benz
What’s the most rewarding part of being your own boss?
The ability to go and pursue life on my terms—to go out and spend time with my family, to shoot when I want, where I want, and to have the flexibility to pursue what I want to do.
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When you were ready to stop trading your time for money, how did you begin building an online audience?
I started blogging, put out some free software, and developed my content marketing to show people the kind of work I’m doing and help them with that. First and foremost it’s about being a resource. You then attract other like-minded people who are interested in the topic and it just kind of snowballs from there.

How Greg uses Leadpages

Customizable Templates

Showcase his work

With a wealth of high-resolution images and step-by-step video tutorials, Greg quickly customizes his pages with multimedia content.
How Greg uses Leadpages
Unlimited Page Publishing

Optimized landing pages

By segmenting his topics and publishing tech support documents on landing pages, Greg delivers high-value content, keeps everything up to date, and operates as a one-man show.
Unlimited Page Publishing
Sales Pages & Checkouts

Sell his software

Sales pages allow Greg to showcase the benefits of his software and persuade his audience to go from content consumers to paying customers.
Sales Pages & Checkouts
“Leadpages saves me so much time on marketing that I can focus on things like creating my art, creating my software—things that really drive new value in my business.”
Greg Benz

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