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Kailei uses Leadpages to book clients and sell her consulting services.

Entrepreneur, executive coach, speaker, and podcaster—Kailei Carr uses a variety of mediums to bring a powerful message to working women: that secret weapons of successful women shouldn’t be kept secret.
Kailei uses Leadpages to do it all—market her services, collect client leads, and sell her diverse offerings: from one-on-one coaching to workshops and retreats.
“Friday was my last day at my job, Monday my mom passed away, and Wednesday my husband left his job—so it was like everything changed within a week," Kailei said. But rather than resist the end of an era, Kailei set forth to create the next one.
“Climbing the corporate ladder came kind of naturally to me,” she said, “but I knew in my heart that the next phase of my life would be about helping other women. I realized that many things hinder women as they advanced in their careers—things considered soft skills. Many of which are never taught in a classroom or shared in a performance review.”
In April 2014, Kailei started her own business.—with a focus on image consulting, personal branding, and digital presence. She tapped into her professional network and booked a few local speaking engagements and workshops. 
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“Honestly, I wasn’t sure if people would ‘bite,’ but after I launched my company it didn’t take long for me to realize that I made the right move.”
Kailei Carr
With her first few sales behind her, Kailei wanted to expand her executive coaching services and work with women one-on-one. She had a network—that was huge. And a new offering no one had heard about—so how could she connect the dots and sell something from scratch? She began by offering pro bono personal brand profiles for executives and upcoming-executives: mini-consulting sessions to close the gap between how a woman hopes to show up in the world and how she is perceived by others. 
“That went really well, but then I said ‘OK, would you pay for it though?’ and they said ‘of course we would!’” Kailei recalled. “So from there I started to get consulting clients and began coaching, which turned into an online training course—and I started using Leadpages in 2015 when I launched my first sales page for that course.“
Today, the majority of Kailei’s clients are female leaders and executives in large-scale corporations. Together, they focus on the soft skills and subtleties that so often make the difference between ‘powerful presence’ and being ‘passed up’ for opportunities. Her message: how we “show up” in the world—both online and off—matters. That entails everything from designing a professional style, developing a branded digital presence, and working on the mental blocks that hold us back.
“When I was first starting my business, I had to ask myself: ‘what are my strengths, what are my unique gifts, what are the experiences that have shaped who I am—and how can I package that into something that can be valuable to other people?’”
Kailei Carr
When she’s not coaching clients or speaking at conferences and corporations, Kailei can be found hosting her podcast, Beyond the Business Suit, where she's interviewed powerful women in business, best-selling authors and industry experts.
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“I love being able to do work that I feel called to do and the flexibility to work in the way that I want.”
Kailei Carr
How Kailei uses Leadpages
Leadpages Sites

DIY Website Builder

“I’ve built sites to promote my conferences with Leadpages Sites and loved that it was so user-friendly. I was able to start from a template, do what I needed to do, and I’ve received great feedback from my audience—people love it.”
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Lead-Generation Landing Pages

Generating Qualified Leads

Expanding beyond her personal network meant reaching a targeted online audience and nurturing leads from initial curiosity to point of sale. Kailei uses Leadpages to create numerous pages with lead magnets including book lists, guides, cheat sheets and more.
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Sales Pages

Sell Services Online

From private coaching to group-format workshops, Kailei relies on Leadpages to sell her professional services online.
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High-Converting Templates

Ready-to-Go Page Templates

“I wanted something that looked clean, reflected my brand, and was easy to do myself,” says Kailei. “The templates are well designed so they feel very professional without using expensive graphic designers.”
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“I haven’t seen anything that would meet my needs and sell my online program as well as Leadpages.”
Kailei Carr

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