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Convert Curious Leads into Paying Customers

Roughly 5% of your leads are ready to buy from you. Easily build high-converting landing pages to get them over the finish line and boost your demand capture efforts.

The right landing page at the right time

Just because someone is ready to buy from you doesn’t mean they will—but the perfect landing page with just the right offer should seal the deal. Here’s why landing pages are ideal for demand capture:

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No distractions
Landing pages remove unnecessary menus, links, and info so prospects stay focused on your offer.
Built for unique interests
Create landing pages for all your products and services, ensuring you always have the right page when a lead is ready to buy.
Designed to convert
Everything about a landing page is designed to nudge users toward a sale and encourage them to click the buy button.

High-converting landing pages made easy

Need landing pages for your demand capture campaigns? Building new pages is as easy as:

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Maximize your retargeting campaigns

Get in front of interested leads with retargeting ads, then secure the sale with an optimized landing page.

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Tailor pages to your ads
Create pages that are relevant to the keywords you’re targeting so users always get the content they’re looking for.
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More pages for more ad groups
Easily duplicate and adjust pages for many different ad groups to ensure you always have the perfect landing page for your ads.
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Lightning fast pages
Faster pages mean more conversions. Lucky for you, Leadpages landing pages load 2.4 seconds quicker than the industry average.
Optimize Landing Pages

Continually optimize your landing pages (and RoAS)

Keep maximizing your conversions even after your page is published. With Leadpages' A/B split testing, you can test different headline, image, and copy variations to see what delivers the best results—then watch your ROI tick up as you continually improve your page.

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5x your conversions

Don’t waste time and money on landing pages that aren’t getting the job done. Leadpages landing pages average conversion rates of 11.7%—that’s five times higher than the industry average.

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