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Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from October–November 2015

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Nov 16, 2015  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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Everyone knows that you need to make your landing page compelling to get conversions. But what does “compelling” mean? Sometimes, compelling is in the eye of the beholder (or the target audience). Other times, it involves good imagery, a great headline and a layout that is optimized for conversion. This month, our 10 favorite pages all have compelling elements. Read on to see if you agree with me, and to gather inspiration for creating your next landing page. To help you with your marketing endeavors, we’re giving you 6 of the templates this month’s LeadPages® members used to compel their site visitors to opt into their lists or buy their products, including:

  • Adwords/PPC 2.0 Landing Page
  • Simple Email Capture
  • Free Consultation Page
  • Free Course 2.0 Page
  • Live Event Page
  • Test Your Knowledge Opt-in Page

Click on the button below to download your template pack.

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If you’re already a LeadPages® member, you’ll find all 10 of the best landing pages used in this post in the standard template library or in the Marketplace. Just look for them under the names listed above each example.

1. Perfect Day - “Free Preview” Ebook Conversion Page

Perfect Day Weddings

What Stands Out: Hayley Devlin of Perfect Day grabs your attention right away with the image of her free ebook, showing a happy couple celebrating their perfect day. Her headline and subheadline convince you that there are 3 simple stages to planning a wedding and she’s going to give you all of them. As anyone who has planned a wedding knows, it can be very stressful. So the cool colors and ample white space give a nice, relaxing, confident feel to the page. The preview of the ebook and the “About the Author” section show you that Hayley knows what she’s talking about.

2. Devon Wayne Keller Williams - “Expert Marketing Service” Minisite/One Page from Markeazy

w What Stands Out: Want to get into the real estate business? Devon Wayne Keller Williams thinks you should. This landing page welcomes you with compelling, short statements that draw your eye down the page to the vivid red “Let’s Work Together” opt-in button. Bright colors, readable copy, and clear, easy-to-understand imagery work together to show you how you can change your life if you enroll in the courses offered here. I like the fact that there are options for experienced real estate agents, as well as for newcomers to learn more at an introductory session.

3. What-Is-Coaching.com - Test Your Knowledge Opt-In Page

What-Is-Coaching.com Quiz Page

What Stands Out: Who doesn’t want to show how smart they are? What-Is-Coaching.com is relying on this human quirk to get folks to opt-in for their free ebook. They’ve used our quiz-based 2-step page very effectively to compel site visitors to click on their call-to-action button. The vivid graphics on the first page, asking which skill is more important, coaching and mentoring skills or marketing skills, persuades you to make your choice. The countdown timer adds a nice sense of urgency. The customizable progress bar at the top also helps to push visitors to cast their vote, and ultimately, opt-in to get the free ebook being offered.

4. The 21-Day Sugar Detox - Live Event Page


What Stands Out: I have to admit, I’m impressed by Diane Sanfilippo’s use of the Live Event page here. She’s transformed this page into an excellent sales page for her coaching program, and each section gives a powerful reason why to buy her program. She starts off with her own picture and an explanation of her limited time offer, then includes all of the necessary components of a good sales page. As you scroll down the page, you get everything you need to know about Diane’s health coaching program. Not only does she show you what you’ll get in the course, she also gives extensive social proof (video and text) from coaches who have completed the program. Finally, she finishes the page by answering all the most common questions potential customers might have about her coaching program. To see Diane’s excellent use of this page, go here.

5. Coaching Standards Authority - Free Course 2.0 Page


What Stands Out: This landing page template was originally designed to deliver an online course, but the folks at Coaching Standards Authority have transformed it into a very compelling sales page instead. As you can see, they make great use of the template’s functionality. The video module sections become testimonials and they’ve added a FAQ section at the bottom. Overall, this page is easy to read and gives compelling reasons why you should want to become a certified business coach, including the benefits of being certified and a promise of success, shown by the picture of the certificate of completion.

6. InjuryCentersNY.com - LeadPages® Agency Minisite by Scott Silvi


What Stands Out: It’s tough to make a car accident page stand out from the competition (I know, I used to write them for a living.) But InjuryCentersNY.com succeeds with their use of our LeadPages® Agency Minisite. The image at the top lets you know exactly what this page is about and how to contact the company. I also like the numbers list partway through the page that tells you how many people are there to help you, and how many people have already been helped. The testimonials add good social proof and make it more likely that site visitors will click on one of the many bright red call-to-action buttons on the page. Take a crash course in legal marketing here.

7. JTA - Free Consultation Page

JTA Bendigo

What Stands Out: Audience specific landing pages can be difficult to make compelling to someone not in the correct audience, but JTA does a phenomenal job here. A nice bright logo, with an image of equipment that will resonate with their audience, draws your eye down the page to the top opt-in button. The colors they chose for this page are soothing, which gives a good contrast to the issues their company prevents. They also make good use of the “Why We’re Different” and “Our Mission” sections to make themselves stand out from their competition and show how they will benefit their potential clients. Safely view this page here.

8. Work Wonders Coaching - Simple Email Capture Page

Work Wonders

What Stands Out: Your eye is immediately drawn to this page's headline, which tells you exactly what to expect. Jenn Walker Wall makes good use of her background image, showing the desk of a productive person fulfilling their dreams. I also love her opt-in button. The question above the button asks “Are You In” and the button copy, “I’m In For The Challenge” makes you want to agree and click. Go here to rise to this challenge.

9. GoWylde Team - Real Estate Landing Page


What Stands Out: Instead of giving the standard “front of the house” image, the GoWylde Team shows you an aerial view, showing off the wonderful natural surroundings of their available property. Not only do they use professional-looking photos of the inside and outside of the house, they add video to the mix, so you get a virtual tour of the house. The countdown timer at the top gives a sense of urgency to get in on the next open house, but there are plenty of opportunities to request a showing lower on the page. Take a tour of this page here.

10. Wunder Nova - AdWords/PPC 2.0 Landing Page

Wunder Nova

What Stands Out: Angela De Giacamo of Wunder Nova completely transformed the AdWords/PPC 2.0 Landing Page into a direct contact system. When you click on any of the bright green buttons, you are sent to a chat function instead of a LeadBox. For those who aren’t quite ready to jump into a chat session, the bottom of the page also offers an email option. There’s a lot to take in on this page, but Angela uses white space and bullets to make all of the information easy to understand.

Are You Compelled to Create Your Own Landing Pages?

We’d like to help by giving you 6 of the templates that LeadPages® members used to create the landing pages in this month’s roundup. Click the button below to download your pack.

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If you’re already a LeadPages® member, these templates are ready and waiting for you in your account—just look for the template names listed in the post. If you’re not a LeadPages® member, you will need to do a little coding or hand the files over to your web developer in order to customize these pages and publish them on your website.

Share Your Latest Creations With Us

Thanks so much to all of this month’s featured marketers and entrepreneurs. If you’d like to see your own landing page featured on our blog, or if you’d just like to share what you’re working on, please leave some information and a link to your page in the comments section below.

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By The Leadpages Team
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