15 Ways to Create a High-Value Lead Magnet in 30 Minutes or Less (No Tech Skills Required)

15 Ways to Create a High-Value Lead Magnet in 30 Minutes or Less

When creating lead magnets or opt-in freebies, do you think: “What’s the simplest non-technical way I can create the most valuable, high-converting content possible?” How to create unique content for lead magnets is one area I’m sure you’ve thought of.

As a business owner, you’re busy and sometimes want the quick fix for converting visitors into subscribers. Sometimes quick fixes translate into low-value activities, i.e. activities that do not move the dial when it comes to conversions!

This is not the case for a little something we’re going to unveil to you today on lead magnets.

Lead magnets are little incentives that lure website readers to become potential buyers in exchange for their email address, or other contact information. And they take less time to create than you think. In fact, a ton of lead magnet options are right under your nose. All it takes is a little clever repackaging!

Here’s a collection of 15 high-value lead magnets to grow your email list. Use any one of these lead magnets to gain list subscribers on your blog, podcast, or through your landing pages. These lead magnets can all be created in 30 minutes or less.

(And thankfully, you don’t have to know code to design some quick high-value lead magnets!)

Attract leadpages lead magnet builder

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1. Turn a high-performing blog post into a PDF download or report

Is your most valuable content already “live” on your blog?

If so, then you’re just a quick copy, paste, and export away from turning your best blog post into a valuable PDF document you can use to grow your email list.

First, look at your web analytics to find high-traffic blog posts. After you spot the perfect post, add some additional insight to it so it adds more value than the original post. You may even want to jazz it up by adding more visuals.

Then, gate the content by including a form field. Then subscribers can easily add identifiers like their name, email, and phone number–and bam–you’ve now got another lead to add to your database.

Pro tip: Find your top-trafficked article by using Google Analytics or seeing which content is most frequently shared from your social media accounts.

Estimated time to create: 10 min.

leadpages pop-up form Leadbox used to deliver lead magnet
Use a pop-up like this one to give away your most popular posts on your blog.
(Design via our Leadpages templates.)

2. Give away transcripts

If you’re podcasting or filming videos for your business, you should already be creating transcripts for each episode or video. If you don’t currently do it, it might be a missed opportunity. While most people love video, some want to consume content in different ways. For example, if you really want to deep dive into a topic, you may want to read about it versus hear it.  

Use online transcription services, such as RevTrint, or Datalyst to speed up the transcription process. It can take hours on end to produce transcripts and these services are well worth the small cost associated with using them.

Once you have the transcript, add an engaging intro and conclusion, jazz up the body copy, and add a checklist. After that, make sure to proofread it before you can give it away as a lead magnet. This type of content tends to be more formal than a blog post, so it always helps to give off an air of professionalism by crossing your “t’s” and dotting your “I’s”, so to speak!

Once you’ve landed on a final product, save it as a PDF, add a pop-up, and you’ve got yourself the perfect lead magnet!

Estimated time to create: 30 min.

3. Read blog posts out loud

If you’re already creating valuable blog post content, you can add to that value by simply recording yourself reading your blog post out loud. Then you can give away a download audio file as a lead magnet.

woman reading blog posts out loud

While some people like reading (see above) others might prefer getting read to. People consume audio content all the time while on the go, during a commute or even while at work, so you’re seizing a great opportunity to reach new audiences with repurposing blog content to audio files.

To create this audio file, use a free service like Audacity. Or try a paid service like GarageBandAdobe Audition, or Twisted Wave to record this type of file.

Then, upload the audio file to your website, and gate it with a lead form so you can collect new leads!

Estimated time to create: 15 min.

4. Create a quick checklist

You can modify just about any kind of existing content into a quick checklist to offer your readers additional value.

Here are a couple of ideas for checklists…

  • Ordered steps for a how-to blog post or podcast
  • Materials for a do-it-yourself project
  • Steps to think through a particular project or action
  • “Must-have” items or things you can’t live without

Once you have the idea, it’s as simple as typing up your checklist and then turning the document into a quick PDF that you can give away as a lead magnet. (Use whatever word processing or desktop publishing tool you have access to—such as Pages for Mac, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs—and choose “Save as PDF” when you’re finished.)

create a checklist to use as a lead magnet in leadpages

Add a link to your website at the bottom of your checklist, so readers can locate your website again once off-site. Or, even better, add a specific call to action that links to a sales page where your new subscribers can learn more about your product or service.

Add a pop-up Leadbox to each applicable page on your website, prompting readers to download the checklist.

Estimated time to create: 30 min.

5. Showcase “Best in Show” content with a swipe file

For copywriters, a “swipe file” is a compilation of your best copy: sales letters, emails, blog posts, or other projects that you might want to literally “swipe” and refer back to later.

No matter what industry you’re in, you can create a “swipe file” of your best work to give away as a lead magnet. This might be a compilation of past sales materials, client work, properties you’ve sold, quotes, blog posts—or really any “best of” work that your readers would find useful.

To create this swipe file, make sure to compile documents you already have so you can pull this together quickly. Follow the same process as above. Once you have all of the content selected, convert it to a PDF and protect that “golden content” with a lead form of some type!

Estimated time to create: 30 min.

6. Deliver analytics to left-brainers

Some people love numbers. Sharing real-world results or how to conduct analysis on something can give readers extra value.

Naturally, you should not share confidential numbers or proprietary company data. However, content other than that works great to give away: Excel documents, graphs, marketing results, split-test numbers, results from experiments, or schedules.

Once selected, PDF them, add a quick intro to give readers a heads up on what they’re about to download, then add a lead form to your website on appropriate webpages.

Estimated time to create: 30 min.

7. Give away parts of your product or service

Whenever you give away a lead magnet to grow your email list, it’s important to remember that your goal is to eventually sell your product or service.

Ideally, your lead magnet should help pre-sell whatever product or service you will eventually ask your subscriber to buy. 

What better way to lead subscribers to a sale than by giving away a part of your product?

For an author, this might be a chapter of your book. For a graphic designer, it might be a website template. For a business consultant, that might be the first module of your online course. For a real estate agent, that might be a quick list of properties.

The point is this: if you give away a piece of your product, you’re giving your readers taste of the full-access premium service so they can experience firsthand what you have to offer.

iving away a chapter of your book? Link your free chapter PDF to a sales page where your subscribers can buy your whole book, like this Book Sales Page.

Giving away a chapter of your book? Link your free chapter to a sales page where your subscribers can buy your whole book, like this Leadpages Book Sales Page.

When giving away free premium content, be sure to add a call-to-action link to your lead magnet that directs to where your subscribers can either 1) buy your product or 2) buy your other products. 

Estimated time to create: 10 min.

8. Procure a list

Pull together a list of just about anything related to your business. Here’s a quick list of potential lists you can create…

  • Email subject lines
  • Best (and worst) _______
  • Must-read/watch/view things
  • Favorite _______
  • Inspirational _____
  • Pro tips for your industry
  • Strategies to perform ____________
  • Uses for your product or service
  • Questions to ask before you _________

You can use a list to educate your customers about your product or service.

You can give away a PDF document of just about any list as a lead magnet. Once you have the list jotted down, use Canva, an online graphic design tool to easily create a well-put-together list.

Estimated time to create: 20 to 30 min., depending on the length of the list

9. Give away how-to’s or recipes

If you are chef, restaurateur, trainer, yoga instructor, gym owner, food blogger, health writer, dietitian, dentist or any other kind of health professional, you might give away an actual recipe as your lead magnet.

Founder of IHeartUmami.com ChihYu Smith offers her cookbook as a lead magnet.

However, a “recipe” can be for more than just-food. No matter what industry you’re in, you can produce a recipe for any result that your readers want. This would be a quick list of how to do something well (how to carve a wood canoe or how to export Facebook data, for example). Give away trade secrets on the process of something. Keep your clients happy, and showcase your knowledge in a given area.

Keep in mind: you can turn your own experience into a case study and step-by-step “recipe” for other people who want to replicate your results, too!

Estimated time to create: 10 – 30 min.

10. Give Away Your Own Personal Routine

We all have routines. If you find a routine that your potential customers will find valuable, you can give it away as a PDF document of your routine as a lead magnet.

These “routines” might include habits, regimens, schedules, productivity hacks, plays from your business playbook, calendars, and other shortcuts!

For example, if you are mechanic, your personal shortcut might include the “fastest way to change your own oil” or “fastest way to check your engine” etc. 

Estimated time to create: 30 min.

11. Turn content into an infographic

People love infographics because they are a visual-friendly way to show a lot of data in one area. Have you seen them? If not, do a quick search on Pinterest and you’ll see hundreds.

Even if you’re not a designer, you can still turn your best content into infographics with the right apps. Once you’ve selected the right topic to transform into an infographic, use tools like Venngage to quickly create free infographics from pre-built templates. Simply think about a complex topic you could distill simply with a visual, and you’ll be on your way to success.

Estimated time to create: 30 min.

12. Give away presentations

If you or your company has given presentations in the past, then odds are you have a couple of slide decks, PowerPoints, or keynote presentations lurking on your company shared drives.

You could set up an SMS Text Campaign in Leadpages to deliver slides to your audience during a presentation.

Assuming you have the right to your particular presentation, you can easily give away that slide deck as a lead magnet. (If you hosted the event, you likely have the right to use it. If you sponsored an event or were a guest speaker, you may need to ask permission.)

Slides are digestible content that can successfully be shared as a downloadable. For this tip, try using an Alert Bar on your site to notify readers.

Estimated time to create: 20 min.

13. Top FAQs

As a business owner, you likely know what questions your customers will ask. So, pull together your list of top-10 frequently asked questions and turn it into a PDF with your answers!

Remember: the best FAQs handle all the objections that your clients may have when they’re considering buying your particular product or service. Make sure you address these objections in your FAQ, so you can respond to these concerns.

Estimated time to create: 20 min.

14. Give Away a Valuable Video Clip

If you have created any videos in the past, you can give away your “best of” video content as a lead magnet.

That could include 10-minute or 20-minute clips from your past recorded webinars, a clip from a conference presentation, or video blog content.

woman creating a Video Clip lead magnet

You can give away the downloadable videos or links to your video clips. If you decide to give away a video link, it’s best to post the video on an S3 server where you can share the link publicly.

If you already know how to edit videos, you can cut a clip out of an existing video fairly quickly. If you’re not a video editor, you may want to hire an editor on a freelance site like Fiverr. Try Screenflow where you can easily edit existing video footage and record new videos from your laptop screen or camera.

Estimated time to create: 20 min.

15. Your top resources or tools

Ready to hear the perfect lead magnet?

A resource guide is simply a list of your favorite tools, apps, or resources that you’d like to recommend to your clients.

To create this lead magnet, write out a list of your top websites, tools, or apps you use in your business. Make sure to include links to all these sites. Then PDF the document, add a lead form and wait for the leads to flow.

Pro Tip: This list of resources should guide your customers to want your product or service. So ideally, your final recommended resource should be your company or business website.

Estimated time to create: 30 min.

What freebie option is your favorite?

As mentioned above, if you’re using Leadpages, you can use our lead magnets to drive new subscribers when a new person opts in for your list. That cuts out the need for additional technology.

How to create unique content is something that often pondered by business owners, yet not always acted upon. Use the tips above to master the art of high-value lead magnets in no time.

Before you go, we’d love to hear: Which lead magnet idea is your favorite? What are you looking to test out first? Tell us in the comments!