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Leadpages 2022 Year in Review

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Dec 22, 2022  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Leadpages 2022 Year in Review

Is it just us or did 2022 go by really quickly? Maybe that’s because so much good stuff happened, both for Leadpages and our users!

As you might expect, our team’s been super busy over the last 12 months. Not only did we work hard to make Leadpages an even more effective lead-generation platform, but we also found time to donate to important causes, spend time together, and add a few new members to our family.

Here are some of the highlights from 2022.

Our users continue to thrive

Leadpages 2022 Year in Review

Everything we do, we do for our users. So, we have to start this list with the amazing accomplishments of our community over the last year.

Leadpages users were on fire in 2022. Here are just a few stats to prove it:

  • 836,081 new assets created.
  • 1,097,996,519 page views.
  • 101,444,035 conversions.

Looks like we weren’t the only ones who were busy this year!

We also talked to some of our users and heard their stories. There were some pretty big wins, including:

The Leadpages community has proven that entrepreneurship is alive and well, and we can’t wait to see what you all achieve in 2023!

We gave back to our community

Leadpages 2022 Year in Review

In addition to fostering entrepreneurship, we’re also passionate about giving back and helping those in need. So, we were thrilled to be able to contribute to a number of charitable causes this year.

Leadpages 2022 Year in Review

We’re already looking for more ways that we can give back to our community in 2023. If you have any suggestions about causes, organizations, and businesses we should know about, please email us at support@leadpages.com.

We expanded our marketing toolkit

Every year we look for new ways to improve the Leadpages product. We’re constantly brainstorming new features and listening to feedback in order to build a platform that provides entrepreneurs with the tools they need to reach their goals.

Here are three changes we made this year:

You got a new image manager

We heard your feedback regarding our image manager, and this year we delivered some major improvements to make uploading and editing images easier than ever, including:

  • Image search.
  • Infinite scroll when browsing your image library.
  • Image size filters for favicons and social preview images.
  • Autosave when editing image metadata.

These new features drastically cut down the time it takes to add images to your pages, meaning you’ll spend less time uploading and more time building.

We gave you more ways to manage your leads

We recently launched an update to our Leads Library that gives you a few more options when managing your leads.

  • Delete Leads: Remove unwanted leads from your Leads Library (either temporarily or permanently).
  • Spam Detection: Quickly identify leads that are potentially spam. Consider deleting these leads if they appear suspicious.
  • Filter Leads: View all your leads, non-spam leads, spam leads, or deleted leads with a single click.

Try out these new features if you haven’t already and let us know what you think!

We gave you more control over your fonts

One final update that was just released is global font styles. Now you can change fonts, colors, sizes, and more across your entire page or site in a matter of seconds.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Update all your text with just a few clicks: Want to try a new font, color, or size? Adjust your global font settings to make changes to all your text in just a few clicks.
  • Create custom header and text styles: Apply global font styles to each text type (H1, H2, H3, and normal text) to find the perfect look for your page.
  • More global style options: Global font settings now include size, spacing, break margin, and bold and italic settings to give you more ways to customize the look of your text.
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We hope this cuts down the time it takes to build high-converting websites and landing pages!

We made it easier to get started with Leadpages

We’ve worked extremely hard to make Leadpages user-friendly for people of all experience levels. But we recognize that using a new piece of software is difficult no matter who you are. That’s why this year we started offering live onboarding and coaching.

Now when you start your Leadpages free trial, you can have a 1:1 onboarding call with one of our team members. Or you can join us for a group call with other entrepreneurs. We also offer coaching to existing customers who are looking to level up their marketing.

During these calls our team will help you:

  • Connect your integrations and domains.
  • Maximize the ROI on your Leadpages account.
  • Brainstorm solutions to any problems you’re having in your business.
  • Establish a custom action plan based on your unique business goals.

Book an onboarding session or coaching call today. Our team would love to connect with you!

The Lead Generation Podcast is back!

Leadpages 2022 Year in Review

We’re always looking for ways to educate and inspire our audience. Unfortunately, there’s only so much we can include in a video, social media post, or even a blog article. That’s why we decided to relaunch The Lead Generation Podcast.

With 15 new episodes released (and more on the way), the newest season has been chock-full of inspirational stories, marketing insights, and lead-generation tips.

Some of the guests who have joined us include:

Want to make sure you don’t miss an episode? Subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, or Amazon. Or click here to get email notifications when new episodes are released.

Our team continued to grow

In order to keep bringing our users new and exciting innovations, we need to hire the right people. This year, we continued to grow our family by adding 17 new team members.

Please welcome, Ryan Schnabel (Cloud Engineer), Ryan Truax (Senior Director, Marketing), Aaron Zanotto (Full Stack Developer), Noah Jeffrey (Senior Software Engineer), Payton Gabriel (Senior Designer), Trevor Zawalich (Software Engineer II), Kim Jones (Technical Support Specialist), Kyle Teeter (Software Engineer II), John Zabanal (Technical Support Specialist), Amanda Ferguson (Customer Onboarding Specialist), Evan McNeely (Software Developer II), Louis Gray (Technical Support Specialist), Lydia Hamilton (Customer Onboarding Specialist), Chris Yuyitung (Technical Support Specialist), Cole Harvey (Technical Support Specialist), and Katherine Patrick (Technical Support Specialist).

We also welcomed back Erik Komo, who left us for a short time before returning as our Product Owner.

Interested in joining our team? We’re always looking for new and talented people. Check out our current job postings for more information.

We found time to have some fun

Here at Leadpages, we’re all about building a people-first culture. We work hard, but we also make time to play hard too.

With COVID restrictions lifting we were able to enjoy more in-person experiences, leading to stronger team bonds and some amazing collaboration. This included a lot of shared meals, some organized team-building activities, two Hackathons, and plenty of impromptu gatherings after work.

We were even able to travel internationally, with a few of our Canadian team members coming to Minneapolis and some of our American crew making their way to Victoria, BC.

Leadpages 2022 Year in Review

All this resulted in our time on Zoom being down drastically in 2022. Don’t get us wrong, tools like Zoom and Slack are great for staying connected. But it was really nice to have more face-to-face conversations this year and we look forward to doing even more of that in 2023.

We connected with passionate entrepreneurs around the country

It wasn’t just our teammates we got to see in person. We also spoke with Leadpages users and aspiring entrepreneurs at a variety of marketing events, including:

  • MnSearch Summit
  • Accelerate 180
  • Confidence Activated
  • ICF Midwest Coaches Conference
  • Pitch a Founder
  • Stack’d

After a couple years of strictly virtual events, we were so excited to visit our users in person again—and these events didn’t disappoint. The enthusiasm for both Leadpages and entrepreneurship was invigorating, and we can’t wait to get back on the road again in 2023.

Leadpages 2022 Year in Review

We’re always looking for new events to attend, so if you’re hosting an event this year, or have a suggestion, let us know.

We offered new training programs to help you grow your business

Leadpages isn’t just about providing tools and software. We also want to teach you the skills and knowledge you need to be successful.

This year, in addition to our weekly Conversion Coaching sessions, we also held two training camps for both new and experienced Leadpages users. These camps included:

  • Group training sessions.
  • Interactive small group coaching.
  • Exclusive Slack channels to connect with coaches and peers.
  • Bonus content and templates to help students reach their goals.

These camps were a huge success and we’ll definitely be looking to do more training like this in 2023.

Happy holidays from Leadpages!

We hope you enjoyed 2022 as much as we did. Whether you increased your revenue, collected some new leads, or simply published your first page, be proud of what you accomplished and dream big for 2023!

From everyone at Leadpages, have an amazing holiday season and a happy New Year!

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Leadpages 2022 Year in Review
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