4 Easy Split Testing Ideas You Can Implement Today

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As marketers, it seems we often hear the words you should always be split testing your website. This opinion is popular for a reason. Split testing allows you to completely optimize your marketing funnel over time. Now that sounds good in theory but what if you don’t really know what to split test? It can be a little daunting to figure out.

So in this video, I want to give you four specific splits tests you can implement right away. We’ll start with a split test you can implement in about ten seconds. That would be split testing the button text on your opt-in page. If you’re giving away a lead magnet in exchange for someone’s email address, you can use a variety of button texts on your opt-in page. Typically we see things like get instant access, yes I want the free report, give me the free report, etc. These examples can and do work but their effectiveness can vary from industry to industry and audience to audience. Now we recommend you also try download now for your button text because we’ve found that it too can perform very well across multiple industries.

While free instant access conveys value and speed, download now is clear and concrete. It tells your prospects exactly how to receive your lead magnet and win. It describes the action they’ll be taking with their click. The split test will allow you to see , which button text copy is more effective in your industry. To implement the split test, find the opt-in page you’d like to test the button text on and click edit. Click on AB test and then click okay. Then select create test from original. Once the page is created, click on the gear icon and then click edit. Then change the text to download now. Click done and then save the page. That’s it. The split test is now set up and live online.

We went over this button text split test first because it shows how simple it is to get a split test up and running in seconds within LeadPages. One thing to know however is that split tests with less noticeable changes like this one can take time to run and to determine a winner of your page isn’t getting a lot of traffic everyday. The next three examples are more noticeable changes that have a more dramatic effect on your visitor’s experience. Typically you’ll be able to measure these more quickly because more noticeable changes can often lead to a bigger impact on your conversion rate.

Let’s take a look at a LeadBox. We’ve consistently seen that having an image on the LeadBox increases conversions over a LeadBox with no image. So leave the default image on the LeadBox. But there are some instances where having this conversion driving progress bar at the top might not be as important to you as having your own branding on the LeadBox. For example if you were posting this LeadBox in a guest post in someone else’s blog, you may want to have your own logo here. So let’s split test this.

In the LeadBox’ section of LeadPages, find the LeadBox that you’d like to split test and select edit. Once in a LeadBoxes builder, select AB test original then select add new variation and select , which LeadBox you’d like to make a split test of in this case the original. Once the LeadBox is created, click on the image of the progress bar at the top and select your logo from the image bank or upload it. Once it’s done uploading, select okay. Now save the LeadBox and that’s it your LeadBox is now set up and spit testing the two images.

The next split test you can implement will be split testing your background image. All LeadPages templates come with amazing graphics and stock background images. However sometimes conversions can increase when your LeadPages have a feel similar to your main website or existing branding. This helps maintain consistency across all of your pages. As the visitors exposed to your website if they find themselves on an opt-in page that looks completely different than a page they were just on, it can be jarring and make them not want to opt-in , which of course is not what we want. So let’s take this opt-in page and split test the different background image that closely matches the look and feel of this real estate website. Once in the page you’d like to split test a different background on, click on AB test and click okay then select create test from original. Once the page is created, click on the background image and select an image from your image bank or upload a new one.

Once the image is added to the page, click save and now the split test is set up and live. Now you can see this version more closely matches the home page of our website, which can in my cases increase conversions. I saved the split test that can often have the biggest impact on our conversions for last and that’s split testing a headline on your opt-in page. In reviewing thousands of LeadPages customer’s landing pages, we had a great opportunity to see what’s working well and what isn’t. A lot of times, we see headlines that can be improved by refocusing the message on specific results someone would get from what you’re giving away.

So in order to help you with the split test, I’d like to give you a formulate to use to come up with your new headline. The formula for writing a great lead magnet headline is to tell them what they’ll get specifically, what those things will specifically do for them and finally follow these things with a counterintuitive or curiosity boosting statement.

A couple of really good examples of headlines you can mimic would be if you’re a dentist buyer’s guide, the top five electric toothbrushes of this year including the one that I use if you’re a life coach app guide, the top four iPhone apps for increasing your productivity including the one that I use every day. Or if you’re a fitness expert the only three pieces of exercise equipment you need in your home. Hint: They all weigh less than five pounds. Now that we know the structure let’s go into our LeadPage and split test the new headline following this formula.

Click on AB test and then click okay. Then select create test from original and once the page is created, click the headline and type in your new headline and then save the page. That’s it, the split test is now set up and live online. One thing to keep in mind when split testing is to only change one element per split test so you’re able to pinpoint what change made the most impact. In other words if you split test these four things on one page, you’d have no idea what caused the increase or decrease in conversions because there could be four possible reasons. So implement one test, get the results then implement the other and so on. You’ll want to run your split test until enough visitors have come to the page for the split testing software to declare a winner. We recommend that you let the test run until a winner has been declared with at least 95% confidence.

Before you go, we put together a PDF with three more ideas for you to split test based on real split tests run by LeadPages users. One of the tests in this PDF boosted the user’s conversion rate by over 200% so you want to check this out. Just click the button bellow this video to get your copy now.

If you’re not a LeadPages customer and you’d like to easily implement the split test on your pages, go to www.LeadPages.net and join us at the enterprise or pro levels. If you’re unsure , which plan to go with we recommend the pro annual plan as it offers the majority of the features we have, comes with one free sub-account and is 40% cheaper than paying monthly.

I’m Jeff Wenberg let’s get these tests implements, lickety split.