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Announcing LeadLinks™: This Year’s Biggest Update To LeadPages (So Far)

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Jan 17, 2014  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Announcing Leadlinks Get 100% Conversion Rates Every Time

The Importance Of 2 Step Opt-ins

Boost Webinar Attendance With This Webinar Registration Thank You Page


LeadLinks: A Quick Step-by-Step Guide

LeadLinks make it easier than ever before for your prospects to opt-in to your lists, sub-lists and webinars. Simply copy and paste a LeadLink into your broadcast emails, and your prospects can instantly register for your list, sub-list, or your webinar by only clicking your LeadLink. No need to opt-in, or give additional information. Once your prospect clicks your LeadLink to register, your prospect will be instantly added to the list or webinar that you've selected.

Here’s How It Works...

Step #1: Set-up your integrations: Select which email service provider that you will use to build your list with this LeadLink. Note: At this time, you can not use a LeadLink to build your list inside 1ShoppingCart, due to its terms of service. Step #2: Select the email service provider that you’re using to send this email. Note: The email service provider (ESP) you use to send out this email can be different from the ESP that you’re using to build your list. For example, you might use MailChimp to send out this email, but still use Infusionsoft to build your list. Note: If your integration service does NOT appear in the drop-down menu, you can still use a LeadLink to send out this email. Just replace [email] and [name] form fields with the appropriate format for your service. Step #3: Copy this LeadLink, and then paste it into your email. That’s it! You’re done. You’re ready to start using LeadLinks to boost your conversions on any list you create from now on. Important note: LeadLinks are especially helpful when affiliates mail their list about joining your webinars or list. To use this feature for affiliates: Simply create a LeadLink for your affiliate for the ESP they will use to broadcast your email. Keep in mind: Your affiliate’s ESP can be different than the ESP you’re using to build your list. Once your affiliate drops this unique LeadLink into their email, your affiliate’s prospects can sign-up for your webinar or other list with a single click. If you have any questions, our customer support team is standing by to help. Simply submit a support ticket, and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Don’t Have LeadLinks Yet?

If you’re a pro LeadPages member, you already have access to LeadLinks. You can jump into the members area and create your first LeadLink right now. However, if you’re not already a pro LeadPages member, you will need to upgrade to “pro” status before you can start using LeadLinks. You can upgrade your LeadPages account right now in minutes. Simply login to your LeadPages account, and click on “my account” in the upper right hand corner. Then click on “billing” and go to the “change subscription tab.” From that tab, you can choose either the Pro monthly or Pro annual option to instantly upgrade your account. Again, have questions? Our customer support team would love to help you out. ________________________________________________________ Before LeadPages came on to the scene, most people were using a one-step opt-in process, well one-step opt-in process is like this where you just have an opt-in right on the page and it’s only one step. We found on average you could increase relative conversion by 30% by going from a one-step opt-in process to a two-step opt-in process. Now it’s a two-step opt-in process because this is step 1 by clicking on this button and then step 2 is submitting your information. I’ll link to some videos below explaining why two-step opt-ins are so effective. The two-step opt-in is why LeadBoxes opt-ins and many of our templates outperform a standard one-step opt-in. What I’m about to show you got us close to a 100% conversion rate. It’s the zero step opt-in process. Without further ado, let me introduce LeadLinks to you. LeadLinks allows you to create a landing page that converts at 100% every time by not actually having a landing page at all. Making it as easy as possible for people to opt-in to your list, your sublist or to register for a webinar is the key to increasing your opt-ins and registrations. If they can for instance register for an upcoming webinar by clicking one link in an email you send them and they’re instantly registered without having to fill in details, the likelihood that they’ll register is much greater than if they have to click the link in the email, go to a standard webinar registration page and enter in a bunch of information. People tend to not like opting for something else when they’ve already opted in once so basically you get one shot to do everything. LeadLinks maximizes that one shot. As I said earlier the easier it is for people to do something the more people will do it. LeadLinks now allows you to create an opt-in or a registration link that you can email to your list which allows them to opt-in to your other list, your sublist or register for a webinar by simply clicking one link that’s it. No typing in detail just click the link and you’re done. Let’s look at how to set up a LeadLink for my next mailing. In LeadPages, click on LeadLinks at the top then select to create new LeadLink. Here, you’ll see all the directions for setting up your LeadLinks in case you need to refer to them later. Step 1, you’ll need to create the email that you’ll be sending to your list. For this example, I’m going to mail about an upcoming webinar, however LeadLinks works for more than just webinars. This is just the example that I’ll be using in this video. Step 2, I’ll need to select the email service providers that I’ll be using to both send out my email and to build my list. We need to select the integration we want to use to build our list and which list we want people added to. Since this will be for a webinar, I’ll select to integrate to GoToWebinar, that way when someone clicks my link they’re automatically registered for my webinar and they’re added to my list. Now select an email service provider that you’ll use to send out the email from this dropdown and LeadLinks will automatically populate the link with the right variables. For example if I choose the icon tag it will show these variables or if I select get response it shows these variables. If the email service provider you or your affiliates are using to send out the email aren’t in this list, just replace the email and the name form fields with the appropriate format for the service you want to use. So when someone clicks on this link it not only adds them to a sublist, it registers them for a webinar and it delivers a lead magnet. The email service provider you use to send out this email can be different from the email service provider you’re using to build your list. So an affiliate could use MailChimp to send out this email while I’m using get response to build my list. Now this is where LeadLinks is different from other platforms. There’s lots of marketing automation programs that allow you to create one click opt-ins if you’re mailing your own list but we’re the only servers we know of that allows you to create these automated links when someone else is sending the email to their own list yet when someone clicks the link, they’re added to your list. An example of this will be if you’re doing an affiliate webinar. I do need to note that due to their terms of service, you can’t use LeadLinks to add people to a 1ShoppingCart list. However, you can create a link with LeadLinks and mail that link to your list using 1ShoppingCart. So if your affiliates use 1ShoppingCart, they can mail out your link, but that link can’t be used to add people to a 1ShoppingCart list. Also, I want to point out that you do need to state in your email that all they need to do is click the link to sign up. You don’t want to be fooling people into signing up for things. You need to point out that when they click the link they’re automatically signed up. That way everything is on up and up and they’re aware of what’s going on. Now something really cool with LeadLinks is you can send an email after someone opts in on this LeadLink. So for this example, if I were sending a webinar workbook, I could turn this on, add my file to be sent out and now when someone opts-in they’ll not only be registered for my webinar and added to my list they’ll also be sent this webinar workbook I just selected. Step 3 is to create a thank you page that your attendees see once they register. Since I’m using a webinar for my example, I’m going to use this webinar registration page I created as my thank you page. This page is built to increase webinar attendance and this page is awesome. So if you’d like more information about it, I’ll place a link below this video so you can check it out. So I’ll add the URL of this page to my LeadLink then I’ll name the LeadLink and save the LeadLink. Now step 4 is to copy the code in your email. So I’ll get this code right here and then I’ll copy it and paste it into my email. Now when this email is sent out, I’ll click on this LeadLink. I’m registered for my webinar, add it to the list I’m building. I sent my webinar workbook and I’m taken into this webinar thank you page all with one click of a LeadLink. Let’s talk about a couple of situations that LeadLinks are great for. Number 1 when you’re doing an internal webinar and you want your list to be on it, number 2 when you’re doing a promotion and you want to separate people into a sublist that’s just related to that promotion or launch and number 3 when an affiliate is mailing for one of your webinars. LeadLinks is an extremely powerful tool that’s seen incredible conversion rates. LeadLinks is available to pro members right now. To get LeadLinks if you’re a LeadPages standard member, you’ll need to upgrade from standard to pro. To upgrade, first log into LeadPages, go to my account then click billing. Select change subscription and then join LeadPages pro at either the monthly level or the annual level. I recommend the annual level because you save 40% off the monthly rate. Then click here to upgrade to LeadPages pro annual. Confirm you want to upgrade and that’s it, your account is now upgraded and you can use LeadLinks. This is a huge release and we’re really excited to have you start using it. I’m Jeff Wenberg. Godspeed to you and your conversions.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Announcing Leadlinks Get 100% Conversion Rates Every Time
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