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Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from December 2016

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Jan 01, 2017  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
10 of the Best Landing Pages We Saw in December 2016

For observant marketers, every great landing page has something to teach. It might be something small, like a clever turn of phrase in the headline. Or it might be something larger—the kind of choice that expands your conception of what a landing page can do. Every month, we collect 10 landing pages worth learning from. As of last month, many of those lessons are backed up by objectively high conversion rates, too. In this post, I’ll be specifically calling out some of the lessons our last batch of the best landing pages of the year have to teach, and noting which ones turned up at the top of our highest-converting pages report. Of course, sometimes the best way to learn is by following closely in another marketer’s footsteps. To that end, we’re also giving away a bundle of four of the landing page templates you see in this post. Click below for your free template pack, which includes:

  • The Simple Webinar Registration Page
  • The Smart Product Sales Page
  • The Enter to Win Page
  • The Webinar 3.0 Page (with Two Hosts)

[cta-box] If you already use Leadpages, you can find and use these templates by searching the template library. If you don’t, you’ll need to do enough coding to modify the files for your business (or just hand them to whoever handles your website). Check out what this month’s top landing page creators have built below.

1. The Self Publishing Formula – Simple Webinar Registration Page

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What Stands Out: Webinar pages tend to be pretty utilitarian, but this Simple Webinar Registration Page from Mark Dawson is positively luminous. The background photo, beaming headshot, and translucent main content area combine to extend a warm invitation even before the call to action does. The headline is just as accessible, promising a very concrete goal: collecting 100 email subscribers in one month. Mark’s bullet points fill in extra details, and he further builds confidence by noting that “you won’t need to buy anything to put the lessons into practice.” The lesson here for other marketers: if you can, use your headline to make an extremely specific promise. A small but measurable benefit is often more compelling than a larger vague benefit. Click here to take a closer read.

2. Career Contessa – Custom Drag & Drop Page

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What Stands Out: I have to admit, I feel a little accused by the headline of this landing page. But I can’t deny that I’m pretty intrigued to learn what three steps Career Contessa has to offer me—they’re almost visible on the second sheet of the featured illustration. And besides, she handles the rest of the copy with enough good humor that the attention-grabbing tactic doesn’t come across as abrasive. There’s an impressive detail to notice at every turn of this page. I especially like the copy beneath the fun “victory symbol” icon, which promises that this system will let you “leave the office every day feeling confident you can skip thinking about work until tomorrow.” That’s a state of mind so appealing and tangible, anyone who worries about getting enough done is likely to opt in and resolve the mystery of these three powerful steps. The lesson: sometimes, it pays to sell the problem even more than the solution. Click here to check out this efficient page.

3. The Massimo Group – Custom Drag & Drop Page

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What Stands Out: This thank you page from commercial real estate consultants The Massimo Group takes on a lot of jobs without breaking a sweat. It manages to …

  • Handle lead magnet delivery right on the page by including a link to a Google Drive document
  • Clarify its services for two different groups of potential clients: successful but overwhelmed business owners, and business owners seeking to grow faster. Each gets their own video to help understand what The Massimo Group can do for them. (Next-level tip: if you use Center and its Wistia integration, you can even use a setup like this to add people who’ve just opted in to different email lists based on which video they watched.)
  • Book free consultations with a final call-to-action section

The lesson: if you’re only using your thank you page to say “thanks,” try adding content to move leads to the next stage. If you’re already doing that, consider: is there an opportunity to take things further and segment your list right there? Click here to chart a path toward this page.

4. SamCart – Blog Post Leadbox

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What Stands Out: All right, this isn’t technically a Leadpage. But, as users begin to create full-page opt-in forms with the drag-and-drop builder (and as we prepare to launch a dramatically expanded Leadbox builder), the lines have blurred enough for me to sneak in this Leadbox from SamCart with a clear conscience. This Leadbox’s power starts with the choices Samcart has made in the call-to-action graphic embedded in the blog post. It’s a study in strong adjective choices, promising to let you in on “market-savvy strategies, unconventional tactics, and gut-wrenching decisions.” That lets the Leadbox itself keep things simple. In fact, the graphic does most of the work here—and it’s a great one. The PDF symbol advises you to expect a professionally formatted report. Meanwhile, a stack of artfully rumpled notes suggests that you really are going to get the nitty gritty details that successful companies rarely share. The lesson: if you’re struggling to fit a lot of information inside your Leadbox, consider letting your call-to-action area pull more of the weight. Click here to launch this Leadbox.

5. Growth River – "The Lab Lead Magnet" Landing Page from Markeazy

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What Stands Out: The design savvy in this "Lab Lead Magnet" Landing Page starts with decisions made before the landing page was created. Notice how Growth River has used the colors and even the kinds of shapes in its logo to design the lead magnet PDF on display. Even if you’re no designer, this simple attention to consistency can communicate trust and authority. On this page, putting the infographic on display communicates the same thing, and so does the first-person body copy. Creator Richard Hawkes takes the time to tell us where he’s coming from and invites leads to reach out after they’ve read the PDF. The lesson: if you’re not sure how to illustrate your lead magnet or info product, why not simply include a partial screenshot? Click here to see how this page flows.

6. Ana Cuder Educational Technology – Smart Product Sales Page

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What Stands Out: I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Smart Product Sales Page template turns up time and time again in our list of the highest-converting pages. This example from the Brazilian English teacher Ana Cuder shows why. Ana makes excellent choices throughout (her straightforward copy, a unique color palette, those fun icons), but she doesn’t stray too far from the template's strong structure. This approach creates conversion results you can count on—and lets you move on to the next piece of your marketing swiftly, too. The lesson: when in doubt, take a high-performing template, add an image and your copy, and update the colors to your brand colors—and send the page out into the world. It often doesn’t pay to overcomplicate things. Clique aqui para ver esta página.

7. CelluBlue – Enter to Win Page

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What Stands Out: Aesthetics matter more in some industries than in others. People in those industries sometimes wonder: can I really get the right look with a landing page template, or do I have to get something custom-coded? This Enter to Win Page page from a French health-and-beauty brand gives a chipper answer to that question: mais oui! They’ve started with a delightful background photo and added a detail-rich branded product photo below the logo. With the CTA button and footer decked out in brand colors, this page is polished from head to bare toe. The lesson: if you have designers on your team, in many cases they’ll be able to work within a landing page template just as skillfully as they could from a blank slate. Click here to jump over to this contest page.

8. Dr. Keesha – Webinar 3.0 Page (with Two Hosts)

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What Stands Out: This Webinar 3.0 Page from integrative health coach Dr. Keesha is peppy and engaging, communicating a sense of energy that reinforces her promises of improving your health. The headline is heavy on intrigue, and so are the bullets. They’re both specific and casual, mentioning “how this one thing from your past can F you up forever” and “what healthy habit 69% of you aren't doing that would actually make your life much juicier.” Dr. Keesha handles all this with a light touch; she doesn’t come off as a fearmonger. Her sunny headshot suggests that everything will be fine once you have the information in the webinar. The lesson: if you’re struggling with a webinar headline, find the most unique claim you’re making or the least-known fact you’ll be sharing—and play up the element of the unexpected like Dr. Keesha does.

9. Sean Croxton – Coming Soon Page (from Pat Flynn)

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What Stands Out: Sean Croxton’s message (“Just. Eat. Real. Food.”) is simple, and so is his extremely high-converting landing page. His cookbook’s philosophy is so succinct, all that’s really left to do is quantify what’s inside. The 19 experts, 133 pages, and 63 recipes add up to a lead magnet with tons of perceived value. The lesson: when you’re giving away a free download that people would obviously pay money for, often the best thing you can do is make your landing page as simple and easy to submit as possible. Extra bells and whistles can be distractions along the shortest path to conversion. JSTP (just see this page) here.

10. For the Love of Cookies – Modern Ebook Sales Page

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What Stands Out: Leadpages UX designer Staci Carpenter whipped up this Modern Ebook Sales Page for her sister-in-law’s cookie business, and it looks good enough to eat. For the Love of Cookies is a new venture, and fortunately, no complex ecommerce platform is required. Customers simply select their desired cookie package from the array (very easy to create with the drag-and-drop builder’s rows and columns), and up pops a lovely Leadbox order form.

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From there, the company can automatically the order information by email and follow up one on one to collect payment—a simple and workable solution while they’re starting out. I also like the flow of this page. After the product section, the copy and the countdown timer begin to nudge you to make a decision and order your cookies ASAP, snagging wafflers before they leave the page. The lesson: there’s lots to admire here, but the easiest win might be remembering to drop a countdown timer on any seasonal offer you’re promoting. When there’s a genuine deadline, use it to your advantage! Click here to explore this sweet page.

Need Some More Inspiration?

If you’d like to implement some of the lessons in this roundup, you can grab four of the landing page templates listed in this roundup for free. Click below to download the entire pack: [cta-box] If you’re already a Leadpages member, these templates are ready and waiting for you in your account and the Marketplace—just use the search bar to look for the template names listed in the post. If you’re not a Leadpages member, you will need to do a little coding or hand the files over to your web developer in order to customize these pages and publish them to your website.

What Have You Created Lately?

To all of the marketers and entrepreneurs featured in this month’s roundup, thanks for your great work! Before you go, I’d love to hear about your landing pages, whether they’re works in progress or have been released into the wild. If you’ve got a landing page you’d like to share, please add the link and some information about the page and why you’re excited about it to the comments section below. Perhaps your landing page will end up in a future roundup!

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
10 of the Best Landing Pages We Saw in December 2016
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