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Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from February 2017

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Mar 03, 2017  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
10 of the Best Landing Pages We Found in February 2017

If someone offers you a free food sample in the grocery store, do you spend 10 minutes reading the package and talking to the sample distributor before emptying the little paper cup into your mouth? Or does it go more like this? “Hi! Want to try our new super-mega-power-food protein bar? It’s got goji berries and electrolytes!” “Hm, sounds interesting. Sure!” But this doesn’t work so well: “Hi! Want to buy a car? Four wheels, leather seats, runs great!” “Hm, sounds interesting! Sure, here’s my credit card!” Sometimes I hear people ask: how long should the ideal landing page be? And the answer’s about the same online as it is in real life … The length of a good pitch depends on what you’re offering. The best landing pages aren't short or long. They're perfectly proportioned to the level of commitment you’re asking for. Just want an email address in exchange for a free PDF guide? A single screen might do it. Need someone to sign up for a webinar? That’s an hour or two of your prospects’ time, so you might want to go a little longer. Selling a $2,000 mega-package with 14 different parts to it? Yeah, you’ll need to work harder. And so will your landing page. The creators of the best landing pages we found this month seem to know exactly long their pitch should run in order to convert visitors. As you look through their pages, take note of which templates they’re using for different kinds of offers. Long or short? Minimalistic or content-rich? If you’re not a Leadpages member yourself, you can still borrow some of these high-converting templates for your own offers. We’re giving away free copies of four of the page templates in these posts, so you can edit them and host them on your site. Click below for your free template pack, which includes:

  • The Smart Product Sales Page
  • The Simple Report Squeeze Page
  • The Free Consultation Page
  • The “Our Services” Opt-in Page

[cta-box] If you already use Leadpages, you can find and use these templates by searching the template library. If you don’t, you’ll need to do enough coding to modify the files for your business. Check out what this month’s top landing page creators have built below.

1. Claire Diaz Ortiz – Periscope 5-Day Challenge Drag & Drop Template

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What Stands Out: Claire Diaz Ortiz’s 5-Day Challenge Page was one of the highest-converting Leadpages last month, and I suspect a lot of its power lies in the way she’s framed her offer. When you break it down, she’s offering to send you 5 consecutive emails about taming your inbox—but doesn’t it sound so much more compelling when she calls it a 5-day challenge, sets a start date, and drives up the urgency with a countdown timer? With those features in place, Claire doesn’t actually need to add a lot of extra content. Three subsections break down the benefits and structure of the challenge. The template’s default images work perfectly with the content, cutting down creation time. In fact, it’d be easy for Claire to relaunch this page in minutes any time she wants to run a new challenge Click here and challenge yourself to borrow a technique from this high-converting page.

2. Willow Creek Association – Custom Drag & Drop Landing Page

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What Stands Out: This hyper-polished page was created to deliver a special bonus for past attendees of Willow Creek’s Global Leadership summit: an early look at 2017’s speakers. (If you’re wondering: the news is out on their main site by this point, so no spoilers here.) The whole page conveys that this is truly a “world-class” event, and a couple of clever extra features make it all the more engaging. First, check out the location map on the right. Equipped with a search bar image, it looks like it could be interactive, inviting you to click. And while you can’t zero in on a specific location right on the landing page, you can on the linked page—at which point you’re one step closer to actually attending. Then, check out what happens when you click on the speakers:

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Willow Creek has taken full advantage of the new drag-and-drop Leadboxes to create lightboxes showcasing the speakers’ bios. And while there’s no opt-in form, each popup does include a call to action to visit the ticket page. Click to sneak a peek at this highly interactive landing page.

3. Emma Walton Hamilton – Smart Product Sales Page

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What Stands Out: Maybe you’re not an aspiring children’s-book author like Emma Walton Hamilton, but you can still take inspiration from her Just Write for Kids page—it’s a great example to follow if you need to just make a great sales page. It’s brimming with enthusiasm and authority at every turn. I especially like the mix of proof points Emma scatters throughout the page. “Imagine having a #1 New York Times bestselling children's book author as your guide…” is the compelling subhead introducing her main credentials (and a very fun fact: she’s the daughter of Julie Andrews). But there’s also a compelling testimonial from a librarian and past student, and a price comparison section demonstrating the potential savings of this approach. FAQ and member login links get visitors where they need to go without distracting from the main content. Click here to let this page tell you its story.

4. SOS Marketing – Simple Report Squeeze Page

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What Stands Out: The creator of this page shared her success with this Simple Report Squeeze Page in the Leadpages Facebook community, and it’s easy to see why it’s getting results when you analyze the structure:

  1. Direct address to the target audience: real estate agents who want to promote their brand on Facebook
  2. Compelling summary of the lead magnet (it’s free, it’s quantifiable, there’s a defined benefit)
  3. Subhead addressing a pain point: the time and frustration of thinking up your own posts and ads
  4. Numbered list of extra benefits
  5. Preview of the lead magnet
  6. Value-reinforcing call to action

It’s a formula for short-form success that anyone can pull off, as long as they have a clear audience and a good lead magnet in mind.

5. Leah McDermott – Free Consultation Page

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What Stands Out: A clever program name and a soothing, earth-toned color palette hold together this lovely Free Consultation Page from educator Leah McDermott. It’s aimed primarily at principals or other school administrators but does a good job of reaching multiple stakeholders (such as individual teachers) throughout the page. I’d particularly recommend clicking through to read Leah’s bio. It’s concise, professional, and understated, yet full of evidence that she’s qualified to build a truly unique workshop like this one. Click here to explore this naturally beautiful landing page.

6. Dallas Travers – Custom Drag & Drop Page

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What Stands Out: In her landing page copy, acting educator Dallas Travers delivers a repeated one-two punch of direct questions and inspiring imperatives. She keeps her primary copy, her main graphic, and an opt-in form above the fold to ensure visitors can respond ASAP. It’s no wonder this page made the highest-converting list this month. Anyone who’d like to learn a little more can scroll down to the second half of the page, where Dallas has taken a much more interesting alternative to a typical headshot. She invites you to learn more about her background, but the focus isn’t really on her. It’s on the “too many actors” she calls out in the beginning—the ones who need a major change in their professional lives. Click here and book it over to this sharp page.

7. Bach Performance – Custom Drag & Drop Page

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What Stands Out: This page is long enough that I’m not including the entire screenshot here (click through below to see it live), and yet somehow it sticks to the minimalistic spirit of the Minimalist Muscle program: stripped-down color scheme, simple content sections, and quick, readable copy. If you’re not sure how to organize a lot of content for your course or package deal, try Eric Bach’s strategy of tying together several short sentences that start the same way. It’s time … Do you want to … You need a program that … It builds real momentum, carrying us through to other kinds of content such as testimonials and illustrations of the course info. He even uses his copy to build suspense: midway down the page, he regains focus with: “I want to tell you an embarrassing story, but first …” Click here to check out this lean and powerful page.

8. Sharon Salzberg – “Our Services” Opt-in Page

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What Stands Out: Can “committing to sit” bring radiant happiness? This “Our Services” Opt-in Page from spiritual writer and educator Sharon Salzberg makes you believe it. Right from the start, the background image sets the tone with color, light, and a book-cover image at a kicky angle. Among other lovely design choices, this landing page is a study in the power of font choice. The cursive-style headlines make everything feel so much warmer and more personal, as do the color choices and fun icons. In a word, it makes you happy. Click to meditate on this peaceful page.

9. The Dabblist – Live Event Page


What Stands Out: Does it ever make sense to not place your call-to-action button near the top of your page? It might when you’re trying to do what The Dabblist Collective is doing here: create a whimsical, low-pressure space to recall old childhood dreams. Once visitors are in the right frame of mind, then it makes sense to present the next step. This is a long page—the monthly membership it promotes is a sizable commitment—but strong design elements keep it from feeling scattered. Circular frames hold images ranging from photos to illustrations to testimonial headshots. There’s plenty of whimsy, but also plenty of practical detail that recognizes its audience’s busy lives. I especially like the FAQ: “I don’t have time to even get myself to a manicure once a month. Will this even work for me?

10. Jason Dorsey – Vibrant Sales Page Premium Template

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What Stands Out: Of course, most of the time it makes sense to take a much more direct approach on your landing pages—especially B2B pages that managers and leaders may be viewing in the only 15 minutes they have free from meetings all day. This Vibrant Sales Page from Jason Dorsey is corporate-appropriate but still direct and engaging—the best of both worlds. A video with a message from Jason auto-plays when visitors arrive. It appears to be a webinar follow-up page, and in the video Jason cleverly frames it as a way to distribute information he didn’t have time to cover during the event. Check out the whole thing to see an excellent sales page in action, and note the fun directional photo of Jason pointing toward the CTA button. It’s much more attention-getting than a generic arrow graphic could ever be. Click here to bridge the gap between this page and you.

Need Some More Inspiration?

If you’d like to try some of the techniques from this roundup, you can grab four of the landing page templates listed in this roundup for free. Click below to download the entire pack: [cta-box] If you’re already a Leadpages member, these templates are ready and waiting for you in your account—just use the search bar to look for the template names listed in the post. If you’re not a Leadpages member, you will need to do a little coding or hand the files over to your web developer in order to customize these pages and publish them on your website.

What Have You Created Lately?

To all of the marketers and entrepreneurs featured in this month’s roundup, thanks for your great work! Before you go, I’d love to hear about your landing pages, whether they work in progress or have been released into the wild. If you’ve got a landing page you’d like to share, please add the link and some information about the page and why you’re excited about it to the comments section below. Perhaps your landing page will end up in a future roundup!

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
10 of the Best Landing Pages We Found in February 2017
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