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Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from May–June 2016

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Jun 18, 2016  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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Sometimes, the most effective landing pages don’t look like much at all. I don’t mean they look bad. Far from it. Rather, there’s just not a lot to them at first glance. In fact, if you asked a visitor to recall what the page was like 30 minutes after opting in, they might not be able to tell you much about the design or contents—except for this: The offer on that page and why they wanted it. And when all’s said and done, that’s all that matters. In fact, you could argue that a good landing page is almost invisible. It transfers visitors from one point to another, and then it fades away. Many of the best landing pages we discovered this month are committed to simplicity. Pay close attention and you’ll discover plenty of thoughtful touches—but approach them as a customer instead of as a marketer, and your focus is likely to go straight to the call to action. The creators of this month’s best landing pages have started by choosing templates that give them only the elements they need. To help you try out some of their strategies on your own, we’ve put together a free pack of 9 landing page templates used in this post. That includes:

  • The Easy E-Book Sales Page
  • The New Basic Squeeze Page
  • The Social Proof Giveaway Page
  • The Free Course 2.0 Page
  • The Elegant Thank You Page
  • The Call to Action Page
  • The Web 3.0 Sales Letter
  • The Adwords/PPC 2.0 Landing Page
  • The Kirk Behrendt Dental Marketing Page

Download all 9 here: [cta-box] If you already use Leadpages, you can find these templates in the template library. (Hint: Use Control-F and enter the template name to go straight to the one you want.) If you don’t, you’ll need to do enough coding to modify the files for your business, or just hand them to whoever handles your website. Check out what this month’s top landing page creators have built below.

1. Gremln.com – Free Course 2.0 Page


What Stands Out: Social media becomes a different kind of beast for marketing teams working in highly regulated industries such as financial services. That means there’s a big opportunity for in-the-know companies to help businesses like this with their social media presence, and Gremln.com takes it with this beautiful short page. Because the company is filling a unique niche where its value is obvious, it doesn’t need to go overboard on this pared-down version of the Free Course 2.0 Page. Attractive photography and design, a strong headline, and three bullet points are enough to unpack what’s inside the catchily titled white paper, “How Loan Officers Can Turn Likes Into Loans With Social Media.”

2. Diane Halfman – Social Proof Giveaway Page

paper clutter solution

What Stands Out: Enemy of disorder Diane Halfman also takes a landing page template—in this case the Social Proof Giveaway Page—and cuts out everything that isn’t essential to get downloads for her ebook. That puts the focus on the polished image, Diane’s bio, and, especially, her excellent copy. Wisely, she doesn’t focus on the nuts and bolts of her organizing system quite yet. Instead, she goes for the emotions, evoking the frustrations of living among piles of paper with copy like "This e-book is for you if … You've ever had to pay a LATE fee on a BILL ... that was OVERDUE because you MISSED it in your pile of paperwork." Similarly, her bio doesn’t just frame her as an organizing pro—she’s an “expert in helping people gain clarity and freedom by living in their ultimate personal spaces, physically, mentally and spiritually.” One other neat trick on this page: Diane pulls her background color from the title of her ebook and her button color from the shirt she’s wearing on the cover. If you’re featuring any kind of info product on your page, try this method to make everything look extra pulled-together. Click here to check out this uncluttered page.

3. North Bay Outfitters – Call to Action Page


What Stands Out: Much as Gremln.com did above, this Call to Action Page from an outdoor shop in Ontario lets the context of its industry do a lot of the work. Personally, I don’t know anything about hornet lures or why Salmo’s are “insanely popular,” but the page’s audience of fishing enthusiasts will, and that’s what matters. Every part of this page is well calibrated, but I’m especially wowed by the design. Fishing lures have their own unusual visual appeal, which this page plays up in the header background and the feature bullets. Brand logos and a photo of the lures being handcrafted slide right into the clean design, adding depth and authority to the picture. Click here to take a closer look at this alluring page.

4. Òscar Pellus – Web 3.0 Sales Letter


What Stands Out: This Web 3.0 Sales Letter for a Spanish language course demonstrates that brevity, in itself, isn’t necessarily a virtue. Often, it’s a luxury, enabled by a product or offer that has few naturally occurring competitors. That isn’t most products. A person looking to learn Spanish online has hundreds of options these days, so it falls to Òscar Pellus to spell out what makes his course better than the rest. To my eye, he succeeds. There’s his approach—“Learn with your ears, not your eyes!”—his money-back guarantee, his product package, and a few testimonials from happy students. To seal the deal, he ends with a discount offer of the day, right above the final call-to-action button. Di "hola" a esta página aquí.

5. Ascend Fitness – Elegant Thank You Page

Run Clinic 2016 Thank you

What Stands Out: This Elegant Thank You Page from Tanja Shaw of Ascend Fitness shows how simple signing up students for a class can be. After opting in with their information (step 1), they’re routed to this page for payment options. Tanja provides her number for students who’d like to pay over the phone, while everyone else can click the “Secure my spot!” button and head directly to PayPal. A page like this injects personality into what could be a dull signup process in other hands. Tanja herself looks out at her soon-to-be running students, and the headline casually lets visitors know just where they are in the process by telling them they’re “all set … almost.”

6. Walden Labs – Adwords/PPC 2.0 Landing Page


What Stands Out: Some survivalist and self-reliance resources take a grim, apocalyptic tone, but this Adwords/PPC 2.0 Landing Page from Walden Labs makes fending for oneself seem downright delicious with photos of apple trees and herbs. People who opt into this page are signing up for a long-term relationship with the site, and Walden Labs demonstrates that it’s worth it with several different kinds of content. The page’s creators clearly recognize that when you have a lot of ground to cover, it’s better to go for the illuminating detail than the broad summary. The sample topics are specific and intriguing—everything from plants that thrive in dry climates to the best kinds of edible mushrooms to grow. The page also connects with a larger community of homesteaders by citing its inspirations and some of the experts whose advice appears on the site.

7. The Dave Bulava Group – Kirk Behrendt Dental Marketing Page

147 Crestwood Dr.

What Stands Out: The Dave Bulava Group takes the Kirk Behrendt Dental Marketing Page template and repurposes it as an excellent real-estate listing page. At every turn, home shoppers have the opportunity to dial the phone number or click the call-to-action button to schedule a showing, whether they’re impressed by the price, the neighborhood views available in the cool Google Street View embed, or the interior photos. This might be a relatively average ranch home, but a page like this gives room for its unique features to shine. It also gives the real estate agency space to add their own personal touches, such as this friendly signoff: “We’d love to show you around the place and help you dream about where you’ll put your most precious possessions.”

8. PlusThis – Easy E-Book Sales Page


What Stands Out: This Easy E-Book Page from Infusionsoft add-on software PlusThis leads with sheer heft, promising 200 pages of campaign walkthroughs from major marketers. Wisely, it doesn’t attempt to give a detailed look at the contents. Instead, it lets intrigue complete the sketch suggested by a quartet of highlight bullets. Is the value proposition strong enough? I’d guess so—but should PlusThis end up wanting to optimize, a framework this simple will make it easy to test different messaging. Click here to walk through this elegant page.

9. Michael Carbone – New Basic Squeeze Page

Webinar Course

What Stands Out: The simplest page in this month’s roundup might be the most visually striking. Marketer Michael Carbone uses the New Basic Squeeze Page’s full-screen background image space to bring his central claim—that he’s able to use webinars to support his life of travel—to life. This basic page contains just enough specificity to make visitors want to learn about hosting webinars here rather than anywhere else. The parenthetical “I made $2,350 USD on 1 webinar while backpacking across Australia” works in tandem with the image to make the results of the course seem both authentic and nearly irresistible, if you’re in Michael’s target market.

10. Knightsbridge Trading Academy – Custom Drag & Drop Landing Page

Financial Freedom Thanks

What Stands Out: Knightsbridge Trading Academy puts Leadpages’ new drag-and-drop page builder through its paces on this confirmation page tied to a financial seminar in Krakow. After confirming that the visitor’s registration was successful, this page helps them actually get there and get in by including a map, event information, and even a QR code that’ll come in handy if they choose the link to print this page as a ticket. A quick company bio and navigation menu appear at the bottom, affirming that visitors are in the right place and giving them options to explore more of what the academy offers. And although this is primarily a thank-you page, there is an extra marketing component: the call-to-action button invites attendees to invite a friend to join them.

Need Some More Inspiration?

If you’d like to try some of the landing page techniques in this roundup, we’re making it easy by giving away nearly every template listed in this roundup. Click below for a free pack of 9 high-converting landing page templates designed to make your marketing simpler and more powerful: [cta-box] If you’re already a Leadpages member, these templates are ready and waiting for you in your account—just look for the template names listed in the post. If you’re not a Leadpages member, you will need to do a little coding or hand the files over to your web developer in order to customize these pages and publish them to your website.

What Have You Created Lately?

To all of the marketers and entrepreneurs featured in this month’s roundup, thanks for your great work! Before you go, I’d love to hear about your landing pages, whether they’re works in progress or have been released into the wild. If you’ve got a landing page you’d like to share, please add the link and some information about the page and why you’re excited about it to the comments section below. Perhaps your landing page will end up in a future roundup!

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Blog 1200x627
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