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Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from May 2017

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Jun 01, 2017  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
10 of the Best Landing Pages We Saw in May 2017

While I was sorting through the contenders for this month’s landing page roundup, one design theme kept popping out at me: high contrast. Black backgrounds with white headlines. Luscious photo images that seem to hover in 3D atop an earth-toned base. Neon call-to-action buttons. If your landing page is feeling a little bland, take a hint from these marketers and consider turning up the contrast. Even better, take that principle beyond color choices. Because the strongest landing pages don’t just use contrast within the page. They create high contrast between their offer and the competition—through copy, through images, through sharp-focus details. Looking for the right design to make your offer pop? As a special bonus, we’re also giving away free copies of four of the page templates in these posts, so you can edit them and host them on your site. Click below for your free template pack, which includes:

  • Home Value Opt-in Page
  • Easy Ebook Sales Page
  • Book Sales Page
  • Simple Webinar Registration Page

[cta-box] If you already use Leadpages, you can find and use these templates by searching the template library. If you don’t, you’ll need to do enough coding to modify the files for your business (or hand them over to your developer). Read on to see how this month’s best landing pages make the businesses they represent stand out.

1. Plenty Vegan – Drag & Drop Parent Blog Sales Page

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What Stands Out: This sales page from Plenty Vegan makes adopting a vegan diet look as simple and delicious as the bowl of tomatoes in the header image. Spring-green CTA buttons lead visitors down the page and through a variety of compelling content types. It can be tough to find great imagery when you’re offering a digital product like access to an online community, but Plenty Vegan makes clever use of icons and illustrations to supplement the text. I especially like the large graphic in the second section, which calls out the plan components at a glance and even adds a bit of humor with its call to “eat well, save the planet & keep your friends.” Click here to take in this crisp sales page.

2. Instant Teleseminar – General Opt-in Page 2 Drag & Drop Template

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What Stands Out: This high-converting page from Instant Teleseminar rests on an inspired lead magnet. The company makes webinar software for coaches and speakers, so they reach out with a guide that brings that audience even deeper into their target market. The page is just a couple of screens long, but almost every line adds concrete value or speaks directly to a pain point. A 5-step plan with 134 sentence prompts automatically seems like a meaty resource, and a few specifics on the guide’s recommendations build intrigue. The page also makes it safe for visitors to admit they might need help with this subject: “Most coaches don't know how to create an effective signature talk,” it reassures them. Click here for some instant inspiration.

3. Jon Acuff – Home Value Opt-in Page

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Top-converting landing page[/caption] What Stands Out: The screenshot doesn’t quite do justice to Jon Acuff’s use of the Home Value Opt-in Page (click through below to see it live). It’s got the focus of a classic squeeze page with all the storytelling power of a good blog post. The beautiful ski-slope background image sets the stage for the story Jon tells about his weekday-ski-trip-compatible entrepreneurship philosophy. If it connects with you, you’re likely to be interested in Jon’s other thoughts and sign up for his email list when you reach the end of the page. Elevate your marketing with inspiration from this page.

4. Oren J. Sofer – Periscope 5-Day Challenge Drag & Drop Page

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Top-converting landing page[/caption] What Stands Out: This webinar page plucks its primary shades of blue and green from the colors in hero image and headshots, and the effect is luminous. Even stock photos can look fresh and purposeful when they’re handled like this. Visitors get all the essential details they need right up front. If they keep reading, they’ll find progressively more detailed information on the presenters and content. Most businesses speak to a mix of careful researchers and more impulsive visitors, and this approach engages both groups. The webinar on this page is over, but you can see its creator’s website here.

5. Rebecca Thompson – Easy Ebook Sales Page


What Stands Out: Rebecca Thompson uses this Easy Ebook Sales Page to compell prospects to make an immediate decision: purchase her resource guide now or miss out on a great offer. Her copy and styling communicate urgency without sacrificing the polish you’d expect from a campaign consultant. Part of the polish comes from Rebecca’s sophisticated use of color. Her ebook cover image uses the same accent hues as the rest of the page, making for a natural transition from landing page to product. Check out the rest of Rebecca’s website here.

6. Fitness Boxx – Custom Drag & Drop Page


What Stands Out: Most people use Leadpages as a landing page builder, but there’s nothing stopping you from using it to build any other kind of page your business needs—like this punchy careers page from Fitness Boxx. The gym uses the conversion-boosting elements of a typical Leadpage to get more qualified trainers to contact them. They even use a Leadbox to build their database of potential applicants. Fitness Boxx has styled the page so that it feels just like the other pages on their website, so there’s no friction when someone clicks through from their navigation bar. Real-life photos of staff and clients give a sense of what it’s like to work here, adding interest to sections on the company’s core values and culture. Click here to open up this compelling page.

7. Polly Conner & Rachel Tiemeyer – Book Sales Page


What Stands Out: This Book Sales Page kicks off with an appetizing image of Polly Conner and Rachel Tiemeyer’s cookbook, but the page does more than inspire Amazon orders. The authors use their copy and imagery to persuasively claim that freezer cooking isn’t just a technique, but a lifestyle that can deepen readers’ relationships with their loved ones. If that’s not enough, Polly and Rachel throw in some extras. Fun graphics offer pre-order bonuses, including a three-pack that fits neatly with the authors’ invitation to share the freezer cooking gospel with friends. They even thoughtfully include buttons for customers who’ve already ordered to get these extra incentives, warding off any customer service complaints. Take a look at this cool page here.

8. Goalie Coaches – Free Ebook Page Drag & Drop Template


What Stands Out: With its bold color scheme, high-value lead magnet, and to-the-point copy, this page certainly looks like it ought to convert well. And, happily, we have confirmation that it does: “This landing page has given me an 82.3% conversion rate on just over 1,000 visits,” reported Tyler from Goalie Coaches. This page is just one part of a marketing strategy that includes ample use of social media. Tyler says that 98% of his email list came from Instagram followers he sent to his landing pages. And on the flip side, he uses his landing pages to get more followers on other platforms. Once someone opts into this landing page, they’ll see the following thank-you page:

Goalie Ty

“It seems to be working, as I went from 100 to about 900 YouTube subscribers in the past week,” Tyler wrote when he shared the pages last month. It’s a powerful lesson: rather than trying to be everywhere at once, find one or two channels that really work for you and fine-tune your funnel from there. Click here to work out this page’s secrets.

9. Erin Acton – Custom Drag & Drop Page


What Stands Out: How do you overwhelm sales page visitors with value—but not overwhelm them with information? Business coach Erin Acton has found a smart solution. After an intro video, she begins to alternate color-contrasting sections: first a look at one of the program steps, then a testimonial from a past program participant. Repeat until visitors are excited to click the buy button at the bottom. For readers who prefer to skim, Erin also breaks down her package components swiftly at the bottom of the page. She makes good use of Leadpages’ built-in icon library to maintain visual interest. Click here to see this well-balanced page.

10. Dr. Jessica Higgins – Simple Webinar Registration Page


What Stands Out: Dr. Jessica Higgins uses this Simple Webinar Registration Page as a sort of preview of the emotional state she wants to create for her clients. Photos of relaxed, happy couples fill the page. While the material could feel heavy, the airy design keeps things light. Also nice: the way Dr. Higgins bookends the page with quick reminders of her credentials. The logo graphic at the top notes that she’s been doing this work since 1997, and there’s a bio at the bottom that keeps her audience at the center: “With Jessica’s assistance, couples and individuals transform pain and struggle into deep love, connection, and vitality,” she writes. Click here to connect with this page.

Need Some More Inspiration?

If you’d like to try some of the techniques from this roundup, you can grab four of the landing page templates listed in this roundup for free. Click below to download the entire pack: [cta-box] If you’re already a Leadpages member, these templates (plus the drag-and-drop only templates shown in the post) are ready and waiting for you in your account—just use the search bar to look for the template names listed in the post. If you’re not a Leadpages member, you will need to do a little coding or hand the files over to your web developer in order to customize these pages and publish them to your website.

What Have You Created Lately?

To all of the marketers and entrepreneurs featured in this month’s roundup, thanks for your great work! Before you go, I’d love to hear about your landing pages, whether they’re works in progress or have been released into the wild. If you’ve got a landing page you’d like to share, please add the link and some information about the page and why you’re excited about it to the comments section below. Perhaps your landing page will end up in a future roundup!

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
10 of the Best Landing Pages We Saw in May 2017
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