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[Download] The "Bonus Sandwich" Page (For Increasing Sales Conversion Rate)

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Feb 06, 2013  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
The Bonus Sandwich Page Increasing Sales Conversion Rate 1

[cta-box] Hello everyone. My name is Clay Collins, and in this video, I’m going to be introducing you, for the very first time, to The Bonus Sandwich. And there on your screen is the Bonus Sandwich. All right, all right, this really isn’t the bonus sandwich. So actually, let me now, for real, introduce you to the bonus sandwich. So the bonus sandwich is a page that sits between your sales page and your check-out page. So let me show it to you. This, of course, is a sales page and this is the bonus sandwich page, and it has a countdown timer for a bonus that is offered when someone purchases within 14 hours of when this is posted. You might be seeing something completely different when you’re watching this video, but the point is that this bonus that is being offered is sandwiched between the sales page and the check-out page. That is why we call it the bonus sandwich. So just to drive this point home, let’s go over structurally where a bonus sandwich lies. So you’ve got your sales page, and then the sales page links to the bonus sandwich page that offers a bonus to folks you purchased for a limited time, and then the bonus sandwich page links to the check-out page. So now that you’ve seen the sandwich page, you understand conceptually where it lies within your sales process, let’s look at a specific bonus sandwich page. So here we are at one, and you can see some of the elements are a countdown timer. So a bonus is being offered on this page. In this case, I’m offering a 30-minute landing page consultation with me to folks who purchased the annual version of LeadPages. And there’s some interesting things going on here. First off, I’m telling people to contact Support after they purchased to redeem their offer. This means we don’t have to do anything on our back end in terms of tagging people differently when they purchased this. We don’t have to keep special track within our system and set up an autoresponder. We don’t have to set up a new page that gives people access to this bonus. We put the owner’s responsibility on the person purchasing to contact Support to redeem this offer, and then the support team can go and then confirm that they did purchase it within this window. But this takes a lot of maintenance work off of our end because we don’t have to set up a bunch of different pages or tags or autoresponders. We don’t have to change a lot in terms of our sales process other than adding this page to our system. Another aspect of this page is that, at the bottom here, you have two options. I’m interested in this offer or no thanks, I’m interested in LeadPages but not this bonus. And what’s interesting is that if you click either on I’m interested in this offer or no thanks, I’m interested in LeadPages but not this bonus, both of these take you to the same page, but the reason why we do this is because of the psychological principle of consistency and commitment. If someone clicks on I’m interested in this offer, then they have taken an action consistent with their interests, and they are more likely to follow through because they’ve indicated and sort of raised their hand, and said, and confirmed, and taken an action based on their interest in this offer. And of course, if they click on this, we made the language sort of a minimal still to the purchase. No thanks, I’m interested in LeadPages but not this bonus. So what kind of results can you expect to get with the bonus sandwich page? Well, in the past, we’ve seen as much as a 10X increase in conversions, but this isn’t typical. You can expect a 200% to 300% increase in conversions, of course. Even if you only got a 25% increase in conversions, it would still be well worth your while to do this. But the truth is that results vary depending on the quality of the bonus that you’re offering, the length of the deadline. Bonuses with shorter deadlines tend to create more action and more urgency and get people to actually take action on the purchase, and also, obviously, the quality of the copy that you write, and finally, the design of the page. You need a page that is designed from the ground up to create the desired action that you want folks to take. And of course, creating this kind of page and having access to this kind of page in your sales process means that you can make Groupon style offers without killing your email lists. So what I mean is that in Groupon - And this is a picture of a Groupon page – the magic combination that creates the sales that Groupon gets is this combination of a good deal plus a deadline. In other words, there is a great deal offered, and in this case, a 50% discount and a deadline by which someone needs to make a decision about whether or not they get that special deal, and when you have a bonus sandwich page, it allows you to kind of take this magic combination of a good deal and a deadline and offer it to your people, and you can do this… [0:05:00] …without directly emailing your list. In other words, you don’t have to necessarily go to your list and email them and tell them about this offer. This can simply be a page that not just people who are already interested in your product and nudges them to actually move through the sale and complete the sale. So again, this works because it uses the magic formula of good deal plus deadline. It also allows you to run special promotions without killing your email lists. Also, this works because it decreases shopping cart abandonment rate by nudging the sale to completion. So here’s some stats about shopping cart abandonment:

  • According to Coremetrics/IBM, in 2012, the shopping cart abandonment rate was around 61.85.
  • According to Digital River, a huge e-commerce platform, around 75% of people who added a product to their shopping cart did not complete the purchase.
  • And according to Listrak, around 76% of people did not complete their shopping cart transaction, so they would add something to their shopping cart, but then they would abandon that shopping cart without completing the purchase.

So the vast majority of people who click on Add To Cart for your product are not purchasing that product, and this bonus sandwich page reduces drastically the shopping cart abandonment percentage, again, by introducing the combination of good deal plus deadline. So for those interested, you can download the Photoshop file for the Bonus Sandwich below. It’s available free of charge for you to download and you can have your development team slice this up, turn this into HTML, and implement with your look and feel on your sites. And if you don’t have a design team or a development team and you just want to quickly create a Bonus Sandwich page yourself, just go to my.leadpages.net. If you are a LeadPages customer, go ahead and log in as a LeadPages customer and click on templates. Click on Special Offer with Countdown, and I’ll just show you how you can customize this. So I’m going to click on this logo, and let’s say we’re doing this for LeadPlayer. I’ll just click on LeadPlayer. I set the time. When this expires, let’s say I want this to expire right before midnight. Okay, and of course, I can change this picture easily, or you know, let’s say I want to give away, say LeadPlayer comes with a free toothbrush when you purchase today. And then here, oh, I’ll put in a picture of a toothbrush. Awesome, right? Okay, so I’m going to go ahead and save this to my pages, and of course, you can download this page and put it on your server. You can use our WordPress plug-in to add this to your WordPress site, or you can simply use the link that we immediately give you. This is actually a live page on the internet right now. Anyway, whether you prefer this kind of sandwich or this kind of sandwich, I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. Go ahead and download the PSD for this below. If you are a LeadPages customer, this template is available for you immediately right now so you can start implementing this in your business. If you’re not a LeadPages customer, you can download the PSD and play around with that, and perhaps implement that in your business as well. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Take care and have an amazing, amazing day. P.S. Check out our collection of high-converting, free landing page templates.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
The Bonus Sandwich Page Increasing Sales Conversion Rate 1
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