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How Brandi Went From a New Entrepreneur to Teaching 27,000 Students in Just 4 Years

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Apr 06, 2023  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
How Brandi built her business with Leadpages

Brandi Mahon is the founder of Stamp Me Some Love, a blog, academy, and online shop that helps crafters live their most creative life.

After spending many years as an interpreter for the deaf, Brandi was ready for a change. So she embraced her love of crafting and began teaching people how they could bring their projects to life. After finding success with her business, she also began educating crafters on content creation so they could build their own businesses.

Conversion rates as high as 87% | 27,325 leads all-time

Today, Brandi holds multiple virtual summits and boot camps each year with some of the leading creators in the crafting space. Her blog and courses have become a valuable resource for both hobbyists and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Brandi’s story

As someone who’s been self-employed since her mid-twenties, Brandi’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

For many years, her primary source of income was interpreting for the deaf. She also spent some time as a real estate agent, and it was during this period that she discovered online marketing. Looking to grow her client base, she started a blog where she talked about the housing market. While she enjoyed the process, her posts were going mostly unnoticed.

Then one summer Brandi suffered a series of mishaps while on an RV trip to Colorado. Looking to share her story, she decided to blog about it. And to her surprise, the post blew up. She started receiving messages about how much people enjoyed reading about her adventure and it made her realize just how much potential there was in blogging—if you had the right topic.

Starting her business

While Brandi was passionate about her work as an interpreter, it was a physical job that often required her to stand in one place for eight or more hours a day. She began to realize she couldn’t do it forever, so she started looking into other career paths.

What she wanted was an online business that gave her the flexibility to set her own hours and travel as she pleased.

Brandi always had a love of crafting, and this led to her becoming a distributor for Stampin’ Up. It began as just a hobby, but she quickly found success and started holding her own classes.

And that’s when she realized she finally had the perfect topic for a blog: crafting. She created her own website called Stamp Me Some Love in 2019 and set about building her brand and audience.

How Brandi built her business with Leadpages

A new level of success

In addition to her blog, Brandi started holding online classes to bring even more value to her audience. These one-off sessions and group lessons proved to be popular, but she still wasn’t reaching as many people as she wanted to.

Then she had an idea. What if she could bring together the best creators in the crafting space for a virtual summit? That way she could not only leverage her own audience, but also the audience of others and expose her brand to a whole new group of people.

Brandi took a chance and reached out to others in her industry. She soon had a strong line-up of speakers and started promoting her first summit in 2021. The event was a massive success, generating thousands of registrations and massively growing her audience.

She’s continued to build on that momentum, and her most recent summit attracted over 27,000 people.

Helping other entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur for so long, Brandi knew how life-changing starting your own business could be—and she wanted to help others achieve that same goal.

So, in addition to her crafting workshops, she also started teaching crafters how to create their own content and build that into a profitable business. She recently launched her Craft Biz in a Box Bootcamp, which outlines her three-step process for building your own craft content business.

How Brandi built her business with Leadpages

Through her summits and content bundles, Brandi regularly promotes other content creators to her audience to help grow their brands and build the community.

“I love crafting and I love teaching people how to build businesses, so this seemed like a perfect fit for me.”


As Brandi started learning from other bloggers and marketers about monetization, she quickly realized that she needed a landing page builder.

While she knew how to create great content and courses, she was new to the world of opt-in pages and sales pages. So, she wanted a solution that provided premade templates that already had conversion best practices built right in.

She was also aware of how important page load speeds were to conversion rates, so she needed a solution that was fast, even when handling large amounts of traffic.

Finally, Brandi had to integrate her email marketing platform with her landing pages so all that her opt-ins went directly to her email list.

How Leadpages helped

Conversion-optimized templates

All of Leadpages’ templates are designed with conversions in mind and include lead capture forms, CTA buttons, and pre-written copy to base your own text on. This means Brandi just has to upload her images and tweak the copy to create high-converting landing pages.

“The pages are pretty much built if you use the templates. In the beginning, I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I just used the templates that were there and they worked great.”

Industry-leading page load speeds

Landing pages built with Leadpages load 2.4 seconds faster than the industry average. So Brandi can rest assured that her landing pages will always load quickly, even when she’s driving large amounts of traffic.

Seamless integrations

Leadpages integrates with all the most popular marketing tools, including email marketing platforms, CRMs, analytics providers, and more. Brandi was able to quickly and easily connect her email service provider with her Leadpages account so she could start building her email list.

How Brandi built her business with Leadpages


Conversion rates as high as 87%

Brandi’s recent Jumpstart Your Creative Life Bundle converted at an astounding 87%, largely due to her high-value offer and perfectly optimized landing pages.

Over 27,000 leads

Since joining Leadpages in 2020, Brandi has generated an incredible amount of leads. This is a testament to her high-performing opt-in pages, the amount of traffic she’s able to bring in, and the quality of her content.

How Brandi uses Leadpages

Landing pages

All of Brandi’s opt-in pages, thank you pages, and sales pages are built using Leadpages. The no-code Drag & Drop Builder makes it easy for her to customize the look of her pages in a matter of hours.


Brandi also uses pop-ups to call attention to her special offers and to drive traffic from her blog to her opt-in pages.

How Brandi built her business with Leadpages

What’s next for Brandi?

With the success of her virtual summits, Brandi plans to increase the number of events she holds per year from two to three. Her primary goal is to keep growing and scaling her business so she can reach as many crafters and entrepreneurs as possible.

We look forward to seeing what’s next for Brandi and her business!

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
How Brandi built her business with Leadpages
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