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Calendly + Leadpages: Book a Time or Schedule an Appointment Right on Your Site or Landing Page

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Sep 18, 2018  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Leadpages integrates with Calendly

Save time and seamlessly schedule online appointments with Leadpages’ new Calendly Widget.

Simply grab your Calendly link and publish your availability directly to your landing page or include it in a pop-up lightbox. From one-on-one consultations to private sales calls, use Calendly to grow your email list, keep in touch with your community, and keep away from back-and-forth emails.

As one of the most popular online scheduling apps available today, thousands of busy small business owners and marketers use Calendly every day to take some of the headaches out of back and forth emails.

Now, with the new Leadpages Calendly widget, it’s easy to make a date, set a time, book an appointment, connect with your community, and schedule your visitors at the peak of their interest without ever taking them away from your site or pointing them towards a second browser tab.

Simply grab the Calendly link associated with your personal schedule and drop it directly into the widget when you add it to your landing page or thank you page. Use it to schedule a sales demo, offer a free consultation as a lead magnet, or make a date with your highest-quality leads or customers as they progress through your marketing funnel.

Why are we crazy for Calendly?

Sleekly designed and easy-to-use, it’s no mystery why more than 2 million people use Calendly every month and have made it the leading online scheduling app. So, when Leadpages customers let us know that they’d love to have more landing page scheduling tools, Calendly was at the very top of our list. New to Calendly? Not a problem. You can get with Calendly for free.

Use the Leadpages' Calendly Widget to easily connect with your community

For growing businesses and crazy-busy professionals, the Calendly widget makes it easy to keep in touch with your community, improve your marketing funnel, and cut down on the administration time it takes to find a meeting time that works for both parties.

By embedding your schedule directly on your landing page or thank-you page, you can easily prompt your web visitors to book an available time with you right then and there—when they’re most interested in your offer and most likely to convert.

Already the Leadpages Calendly widget has been used in dozens of different applications to support a variety of lead generation and customer-engagement campaigns.

Here are just a few ideas to help get you started:

Grow your Email List by Offering a Free Consultation

Professional service providers—from life coaches to fitness trainers, financial planners to interior decorators—know that free consultations work wonders when it comes to growing an email list and pre-qualifying leads. Simply offer a free consultation as a lead magnet and invite registrants to book a time directly on the thank you page.

1 - offer a free consultation

Pro Tip: Save Your Free Consultation for a Retargeting Campaign

Offering personal consultations is an excellent way to meaningfully connect with clients, showcase your ability to provide value, and convert leads into customers. The problem is—who has time for all that? By reserving your 1:1 consultations for retargeting audiences or existing leads (rather than cold traffic), not only will you enjoy a higher conversion rate but you’ll also focus your time on audiences who are most likely to pay you at the end of the day

Connect With Your Community With Streamlined Appointment Scheduling

The Calendly Widget is a wonderful way to eliminate administrative headaches (and reduce the need to hire a virtual assistant). Simply embed your Calendly page on a landing page and share it with the key members of your community who need to book one-on-one time with you.

You might use it to:

  • Discuss partnership opportunities with adjacent businesses
  • Chat with a guest blogger or podcast guest to nail down the details of your campaign or collaboration
  • Interview a customer for a potential case study
  • Check-in with a third-party vendor, freelancer, or contractor

The possibilities are endless and the time-savings are magnificent.

Not to mention that by offering an online scheduling tool embedded beautifully on your branded landing page, you win major credibility points right off the bat.

Sell Your Product by Scheduling Virtual Demos

Selling an app, software platform, or digital tool? Offer a virtual walkthrough to showcase exactly what makes your offer so unique and invite prospects to get their questions answered at the end.

schedule virtual demos

Want to use private or small-group demos as part of your marketing funnel?

Check out our Namastream case study to learn how one savvy entrepreneur simplified her lead generation efforts to focus on driving demos and personally connecting with her leads early in the customer journey.

Book an in-person meeting

Are you a services professional that caters to customers within your local area? If so, the Calendly widget is a wonderful way to book in-person meetings with prospective clients or leads, as well as existing customers.

Schedule an in-person meeting with Leadpages & Calendly

This tool is particularly handy for independent real estate agents, who can practically automate their scheduling. Whether it’s an in-person home tour, appraisal, or private showing, you can invite interested parties to book a time online and avoid ever getting on the email merry-go-round.

Try these ideal landing page templates for the Calendly Widget

The Calendly widget can easily be used on any Leadpages landing page, but we’ve put together a few new template designs to help you hit the ground running.

Calendly-Friendly Leadpages Templates

Here’s how to embed Calendly right on your landing pages:

Calendly makes it easy for you to find the right time and Leadpages makes it easy to find the right place to share your availability. Depending on the type of audience and campaign you’re crafting, you’ll find lots of flexibility for how you can deploy this feature.

Showcase your scheduling page in one of three ways: embedded directly on the page, or as a pop-up that triggers from the click of a button or hyperlink text.

Let’s show you how that’s done:

Embed your full scheduling page directly on the page.

Locate the new Calendly widget from the widget sidebar within the Leadpages builder. Simply drag and drop it onto the page, paste your Calendly link directly into the widget, and voila! You’re good to go.

Screen%2520recording%25202018 09 10%2520at%252009.26%2520am

Trigger your scheduling page pop-up from the click of a button.

When booking time is the primary call to action on a page, set your button action to display your Calendly page within a pop-up (sometimes referred to as a lightbox). Simply hover over the button you’d like to enable, select ‘Add Click Event,’ and ‘Open a Calendly pop-up’ in the drop-down menu. Paste in your Calendly link and you’re all set!

Screen%2520recording%25202018 09 10%2520at%252009.36%2520am

Trigger your scheduling page pop-up from a hyperlink on the page.

Want to keep your availability present but a little less prominent? Include it as a text hyperlink. Simply highlight the text you’d like to use as an anchor, and select the link icon, then choose ‘Open a Calendly Pop-up’ from the drop-down menu. Paste in your Calendly link and you’re all set!

Screen%2520recording%25202018 09 10%2520at%252009.42%2520am

Want to see how sleek your scheduling page looks across mobile devices?

Your Calendly Widget is mobile responsive and will adjust to display beautifully across different tablets and smartphones. Inside the Leadpages builder, select ‘preview’ and take a peek at what your audience will see when they land on your page.

Integrate Calendly with your marketing toolbox

Want to go even further? Accelerate your sales even more by connecting your Calendly with 1000+ other apps via Zapier

Here’s just a taste of what’s possible:

    • Get Automated Notification When Someone Schedules an Appointment
      Use the Leadpages Calendly Widget and set up a Calendly + Slack Zap to send your team a slack message every time an invitee schedules a meeting with you in Calendly
    • Add Subscribers to an Email List When They Book a Time
      Use the Leadpages Calendly Widget and set up a Calendly + MailChimp Zap to automatically add new Calendly invitees to your email marketing platform as a subscriber to stay in touch with them.
    • Create Zoom meetings from new Calendly events
      Use the Leadpages Calendly Widget and set up a Calendly + Zoom Zap to automatically create a Zoom meeting for each new event and (by setting up a second step to your Zap) you can send the Join URL to the invitee by email or any other medium you'd like.

Ready to connect with your community and eliminate the scheduling runaround?

The Calendly Widget awaits!

04 Use Leadpages Calendly Scheduling@2x

Ready to Self-schedule your free consultations?

Easily offer and schedule consultations and appointments from any web page or pop-up. Try Leadpages + Calendly free today.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Leadpages integrates with Calendly
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