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Announcing: The Easiest Way to Get Conversion Marketing Certified (Self-Paced Program Now Open!)

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Feb 24, 2016  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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[cta-box] UPDATE: The Conversion Marketing Certification program is now open for self-paced learning, including immediate access to all course videos, lessons, materials, exercises, and more. Get all the details and enroll today. I have a major announcement for you. If you want to position yourself as a highly qualified marketing expert, so you can grow your business and become an in-demand consultant to other businesses in your community, then this announcement may be for you. The Leadpages team just reopened its certification program. We recruited top certification instructors—and leading experts in conversion-focused marketing—to create this first-class program for you. I’m thrilled to announce that our Leadpages Certification program is already in full swing. The first class sold out quickly, so I want to invite you to claim your spot in the program ASAP. But first, what’s in it for you? By registering for this program, you will. . . 1) Get certified as a leading conversion expert. When you complete this certification, you’ll be instantly recognized as a leading authority in all forms of conversion marketing (including proven Leadpages strategies). 2) Become a recognized expert to our 40,000+ Leadpages customers (and our 200,000 followers). Once you complete this certification, we’ll recommend you as a certified conversion expert on our LeadPages website. We’ll publish your business profile in our new Leadpages Marketing Expert Directory, where our 40,000+ customers (and 200,000 followers) can easily find out who you are and what services you offer. 3) Get access to new clients who want to work with the best. With our endorsement, you can expect to attract new clients who are looking to work with the top conversion experts in the industry. Click below to get all the details and claim your spot: [cta-box]

What Exactly Is Leadpages Certification?

We have created this new program from the ground up to be the premiere certification program in all forms of conversion marketing. The course is designed around eight 90-minute video lessons. Many students go through one lesson a week, but with our new self-paced option, you can move as quickly or as slowly as your schedule allows. In each lesson, we bring in top conversion experts to teach you a different aspect of conversion marketing. That includes:

  • Week 1: Your Target Audience and How to Reach Them: You’ll get an in-depth look at exactly who your target audience is and how to reach your ideal customer in all your marketing from now on.
  • Week 2: Paid, Earned, Owned and Shared Traffic: You’ll hear from the leading experts on how to drive valuable traffic that delivers the results you want in shared, paid, owned, and PR-driven traffic.
  • Week 3: Proven Copywriting Strategies That Really Work: You’ll hear how to convert new web visitors into leads with proven copywriting techniques that demand your visitors’ attention (and inspire them to take action).
  • Week 4: The Irresistible Call to Action: You’ll discover how to craft the most irresistible calls to action for all your landing pages, websites, lead-generation forms and more.
  • Week 5: How Lead Nurturing + Marketing Automation = Sales: You’ll get the exact lead nurturing techniques that can turn your new leads into customers overnight (and how to automate this process to continuously drive more sales).
  • Week 6: The Perfect Pricing, Sales, and Checkout Pages: You’ll see how to test and then perfect each stage of your checkout process to give you the most sales and stop customers from abandoning your cart.
  • Week 7: How to Turn Existing Customers into Lifetime Customers: You’ll see the onboarding sequence that immediately delights and educates your customers from day 1 (and how to use this first good experience to create lifetime customers).
  • Week 8: Cross-sells, Referral Programs, and More Ways to Drive Sales: In our final class, you’ll discover the best proven techniques for selling additional products to your customers with cross-sells, referral programs and more.

That’s just a glimpse at what you can expect from the 90-minute sessions.

Weekly Assignments: To take full advantage of everything you’re learning, you’ll also get weekly assignments so you can immediately implement each conversion technique. Each of these homework assignments can be used as real-world marketing assets for you and your clients. This means you can instantly starting testing these new marketing assets—and start paying for your certification in marketing results alone. 1-on-1 Feedback: We’re bringing in our top conversion experts to give you 1-on-1 feedback on each assignment—so you get the guidance you need to get better, faster results. As part of the Certification Program, you’ll also get a business planner and additional extra resources to ensure your success. Certification Exam: To officially get certified as a Leadpages expert, we’ll give you an open-book test that you can take any time (and as many times as necessary) to complete your certification. That’s the final step.

Even Better: What Happens After You’re Certified

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect after you’re certified: You’ll Be Recognized as a Leadpages Certified Expert: After you complete your exam, you’ll be in the ideal position to take on new marketing clients. To help you get clients, we’ll list you as a LeadPages expert from the day you get your certification. You’ll Immediately Be Added to Our Conversion Certified Directory: As we mentioned, we’ll add your profile to our Leadpages Certified Expert Directory on our public website, so you can instantly start marketing yourself and your services to our clients and followers. You Can Market Yourself (and Your Business) as Conversion Marketing Certified: You can use this certification to credentialize yourself, and gain even more credibility as a marketing consultant, business partner, writer, speaker, and expert in your space. You Can Add Your New Certification to Your Site, LinkedIn Page, Blog, Etc.: We’ll give you an exclusive badge you can post on your website, blog, or LinkedIn page to establish yourself as a certified authority in LeadPages and conversion principles, to set yourself apart from the other experts in your industry. [cta-box]

Okay, So What’s It Cost?

The cost of the full LeadPages Certification program is $1,995. For this, you get everything we mentioned above. You get all class materials, homework assignments, access to live office hours calls, and your certification exam. Then once you’re certified, you'll be formally recognized as a "Leadpages Certified Conversion Expert" on our site. We’ll add your profile to our Leadpages Certified Expert Directory so we can instantly refer you (and your services) to our 40,000+ users. It’s worth noting that adding your name to our Leadpages Certified Expert Directory could pay for your certification many times over with the new clients you can expect to attract. In fact, even one new consulting client can easily cover the cost of certification. We also offer payment plans and discounts for teams, if you'd like to certify multiple members of your team at once.

What Kind of Guarantee Can You Give Me?

We want you to get the absolute maximum value out of this certification training, so we’re giving you a twofold guarantee. First, we’re giving you the standard 30-day money-back guarantee. We invite you to join the Certification Program. Check out what we have to offer. If you’re not absolutely, 100% thrilled with this new Certification Program within 30 days, just let us know and we’ll issue you a refund—and we’ll go ahead and fill your spot with another marketer. That’s our first guarantee. Second, we also guarantee that once you pay for certification, you will walk away as a certified expert. No matter how long it takes you to pass the exam, we will give you the guidance you need to help you prepare. We will work with you one on one until you pass the certification exam to ensure that you get all the full benefits of being fully Conversion Marketing Certified. That’s our guarantee.

We're Only Accepting 100 Marketers into the Next Program

Given the 1-on-1 personal attention that we’re giving to each marketer in this program, we are only accepting 100 people into the next class for this Certification program. The Spring Class already sold out, so we expect this next class to sell out quickly too. If you’re interested, I’d encourage you to sign up below and claim your spot. [cta-box] If you have questions, I'd love to answer them in the comments below.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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