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[Download] 10 Luminous Background Photos to Inspire More Opt-ins

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Jun 23, 2015  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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Effective landing-page images have a tough job. They need to capture attention. They need to combine professionalism with a bit of a creative edge. They need to both harmonize with your brand and make your page stand out from the competition. And they need to do all this without distracting visitors from your call to action. It’s a tall order, and unless you happen to be a pro photographer or designer, you may have a hard time finding background photos for your landing pages that fit the bill. To make things a little easier, our in-house graphic designer Kayla Sawtelle has created a brand new collection of 10 photos. [cta-box] These photos don't only look beautiful on their own, they’re formatted especially to serve as background images on your landing pages. Here’s a sneak preview: [video width="794" height="446" mp4="https://www.leadpages.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Image-pack_v01_1-1.mp4" loop=on autoplay=on controls=false][/video]
You’ll notice indoor and outdoor scenes, warm and cool colors, photos that focus on human experience and photos without a person in sight—and, we’re hoping, something that clicks with your business. The set includes images made specially for tech- or food-and-drink-oriented enterprises, but the majority are simply meant to inspire site visitors to take action in any context. By inspiring action, I’m not just referring to the sense of possibility inherent in these photos’ impressive vistas. Kayla had a couple of other themes in mind when she created this collection. (If you think you can spot them already, run down to the comments and take a guess right now. No cheating!) First, when you select one of these photos as your background image using one of our landing-page templates, you’ll often notice that something neat happens: your eye is naturally drawn to a text box or a call-to-action button. That’s no accident. A photographer’s lens, the strong lines of a close-up keyboard, and a curving road are all different but effective ways to guide visitors exactly where you want them to go. These elements slice diagonally across the page, conveying dynamic energy while maintaining a single focal point. Not every photo in the collection contains a strong diagonal component. Some replace it with tons of atmosphere. In many cases, Kayla says, “I chose images that I felt were visually interesting without being distracting, like the coffee cup image and the field image. These images really gave off a warm, comfortable vibe. They gave an overall mood to the page but yet did not distract from the main purpose of the page.”

How to Use These Images

You can use either of these design strategies with these images anytime you create a landing page, but today we’re making it extra easy for you. When you download, you’ll also get a special design guide. It’ll show you:

  1. Suggested templates that’ll make the most of each photo’s features
  2. Suggested color schemes that complement the colors in the photo, complete with hex codes so you can replicate them exactly on your landing page

You can use these images anywhere without restriction, but if you’re a LeadPages® member, it’ll be especially easy to start using them to enhance your landing pages within minutes. After you’ve downloaded the image pack and selected a template inside LeadPages®, click on the “Background Image” selector and select “Upload New Picture.” Then, just choose the photo you want from your computer.


Next step: to change any element of your page to the colors listed in the design guide, just click on the “Styles” tab and type in the hex code for the color you want next to any element you choose. And that’s it! [cta-box] Which of these images is your favorite? Do you look for any other important features when choosing photos for your landing pages? Tell us in the comments!

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Giveaway 1920x1080
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