[Download] A Pricing Page Design That Helps Customers Decide to Buy

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Jun 30, 2015
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Transcript: We've got a great new template for you: the Tiered Pricing Page. This pricing page design allows you to price-anchor your products or services and tap into the purchasing behaviors of your customers. This template does that by making use of several proven psychological factors. First, this page recommends a plan. When offering several pricing options, you need to help your future customer make a decision. Otherwise you run the risk of them getting confused and making no decision, and abandoning the purchase altogether. According to Conversion XL, highlighting the middle plan is the best option—people typically prefer to take the middle of the road on the first purchase. Taking this a step further, we found that when you place the plan you most want people to purchase next to a higher-priced option, it immediately makes the plan seem much more reasonable and affordable because the visitor has some context to compare the value of the plan to. For example, a $599-per-month plan on its own may sound expensive. But when you put it next to a plan that costs $2,000 a month, it becomes much more reasonable. The reason this works is because pricing is relative. What may be expensive for one person can be cheap for another. This page allows you to price-anchor your product to the more expensive version, making the middle-of-the-road version the best deal. Let's look at how easy this template is to customize and use for any type of business. Here we've customized it for several different types of products and services. Here's an example of a pricing page for a video production services company. This one's for consulting services. And finally, here's another for a piece of design software. The best part is, we created all these pages in under 10 minutes. It's that easy. To change any text, just click and type. To change any images, just select a new one. Then just paste in links to your shopping cart here, on each of the buttons. We suggest split testing this page against your current pricing page. We think you'll find that this template—specially designed with purchasing behaviors in mind—will have a positive impact on your revenue. There are two ways you can get this template. You can download the HTML, CSS, Javascript, and image files by clicking on the button below. It's free, and there are no strings attached. But you'll need to be a coder or hire a coder in order to customize this template to use on your site. The second way is to sign up for a Leadpages account. Then you'll have immediate access to this template and over 100 more, right inside of Leadpages. You'll be able to customize and publish any template without ever having to touch a line of code, so you'll save a ton of time and money. We recommend the Pro Annual edition, as it comes with the majority of the features our customers need, and it's 39% less than paying monthly. Join us at the Pro level today.