[Download] A Thank You Page That Could Double or Triple Your Reach

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  May 20, 2015
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[cta-box] Today's video is all about the thank you page. In this video we'll go over why you could be creating a thank you page for every landing page you use, and how you can customize, and deploy them in a matter of minutes. Best of all, we are giving away this awesome new Social Share Thank You Page template. If you're a LeadPages customer, this template is already live at my.leadpages.net, and if you are not a LeadPages customer, I'm going to tell you how you can download the template for free, no strings attached. That's what you have to look forward to in this LeadPages template video. There are three goals for any thank you page you use: A. Your page should confirm the action. You don't want to leave your potential customer stranded and confused about whether or not their action was successful. B. You should take the opportunity to thank them for taking action. Good relationships are all about a healthy balance of give and take. C. Last but not least, the most overlooked function of a thank you page is to continue the conversation. There's no better time than right now to deepen your new found relationship. This potential customer has chosen to visit you, you've been able to engage them with something of interest, and they've agreed to identify themselves and share some personal information. We were taught in school that objects in motion tend to stay in motion and this couldn't be more true than at this moment. You want to continue, and expand the conversation you are having. The new Social Share Thank You Page gives you the opportunity to do just that. It prompts your visitors to invite others to share in their discovery. You've all seen this at work on Facebook and Twitter when people share and recommend products and positive experiences. A recommendation from a friend can be so powerful. In fact, LeadPager and first-time salon owner Kevin Raheja was generating two to three new leads for every one person that opted in just by using the Social Share Thank You Page. Like I said, you should be using a thank you page everywhere you are asking someone to take an action. With LeadPages, it's super easy. Inside of the LeadPages template editor, just click on an element to edit it. To add a new logo, just click on the logo, and add your own. To change the text, just click on it and type whatever you want. Luckily, this template comes with awesome copy from LeadPages' own copywriter, so it doesn't take much to modify it for your business. If you don't want to use an element or a section, just hover over the item, click on the gear, and select type. If you want to change any colors to match your brand, click on the Styles tab and slide any of the color pickers to a new color. Finally, I'll set up these social media share buttons. Just click on any of the buttons and type in the URL you want to share. Typically, this will be the page where they've taken the action. Once you're done customizing, just name the page, and then save the page. When you hit publish, you can see that you can publish the page to our servers, to WordPress, to Facebook as a Facebook tab, or you can download the files and put them on your own server. To make this page appear as a thank you page for one of your other pages just copy the URL, then edit the landing page you want to use this thank you page with. Then click on the button, and then click on thank you page, and then paste in the URL we just created here. As I mentioned earlier, if you are already a LeadPages customer, this template is ready for you to use at my.leadpages.net. If you are not a LeadPages customer and you'd like to use this template on your website, we are offering it for free. Just click below to download all the HTML, HCSS, Javascript, fonts and image files that you'll need to implement the page. It's yours free, and there's no catch or obligation to buy. But I can tell you you'll save a ton of time and hundreds or even thousands of dollars in implementation and deployment costs by using LeadPages. As a LeadPages customer, you'll be able to choose from a huge library of beautifully designed and proven effective templates that you can then customize within minutes without ever having to touch a line of code. If you are unsure what plan to go with, we recommend the Pro edition with an annual subscription, as it comes with a majority of the features we have, allows for split testing your LeadPages and LeadBoxes, and it's 40% less than paying monthly. All of our editions come with a 30-day guarantee, so join us at the pro level.