Email Marketing: All That Sizzles Is Not Spam

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Mar 13, 2013
Email Marketing Best Practices

Unfortunately, legitimate email marketing (from well-meaning businesses) is all too often indistinguishable from spam . . . when best practices aren't adhered to. Getting a voluntary opt-in is a bare minimum requirement. So what differentiates the assorted Rolex and male enhancement spam from your best-intentioned (and permission-based) email marketing campaigns? Besides a basic understanding of the English language and spell-check, it’s actually a pretty fine line—but a very discernible one if you pay attention to one simple thing: the customer’s preference. In this infographic, we’ll compare the attributes of spam and legitimate email marketing. We'll illustrate how spam is an offensive intrusion, while the other is a welcome interaction (with high business ROI). And we'll show you how to know which category your campaigns fall into.

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