[Template Download] Get Face to Face with Clients Faster Using This Free Consultation Page

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Sep 09, 2015
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[cta-box] Transcript: One of the primary challenges for any business is getting new customers. This is especially true for service-based businesses—it can be difficult trying to generate new leads online when your services take place face to face. A personal trainer is a great example of this kind of business model. Giving away a free consultation in order to start a conversation with new prospects is a great technique for building a customer base. The reason this free consultation works so well is because the prospective customer is raising their hand saying, "I want to know more, please tell me." Which allows you to demonstrate the type of value and quality they'll be getting should they decide to sign up for your service. The team at LeadPages is excited to release this newest addition to our template library. Take a look at the new Free Consultation Page. Tai Goodwin, a marketing coach and training manager at Leadpages, found success in her own coaching business by offering free consultations. Tai notes, “A free consultation is a great context for inviting people to become your clients. Serious leads sign up for your free consultations with an understanding that they are approaching a business and you’ll be offering your services to them for a fee.” This gives you a welcome opportunity to share what you do and offer your services to a receptive individual. This means that you can expect quality leads to connect with your business this way, and hopefully turn many of them into paying customers. With a clean design, bold text, and professional layout, the page helps build credibility for any brand or service, right out of the box. The testimonial section acts as an additional step to help your visitors sign up for a consultation. Entrepreneur magazine recently noted that testimonials are effective for several reasons: they help build trust, they aren’t too "salesy," and they overcome skepticism. Now let’s look at how easy this template is to customize and use. We’ve customized it here for a tree trimming service, and here it’s set up for a gym. The best part is we customized all of these pages in just minutes. It’s that easy. To change any text, just click and type. To change an image just select a new one. If you want to change the colors to match your branding you can do that here. Now, there are two ways you can get this template: you can download the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and image files by sharing and clicking on the button below. [cta-box] It's free and there no strings attached. But you'll need to be a coder or hire a coder in order to customize the template to use on your site. The second way is to sign up for a Leadpages account. Then you'll have immediate access to this template and over 100 more inside Leadpages. You'll be able to customize and publish any template without ever having to touch a line of code—so you’ll save a ton of time and money. We recommend the Pro Annual edition, as it comes with the majority of the features our customers need and is 39% less than paying monthly. Join us at the Pro level today!