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[Free Course] Nurture Your Leads into Customers with the Email List Building Course (A $297 Value, Free)

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Jul 02, 2015  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Email List Building Course

I love this moment. The moment when, after weeks of hard work behind the scenes, I get to unveil something big: our newest LeadPages® free course. It’s called:

The Email List Building Course

I’ve created 9 video modules that will lead you through every step of creating an effective email marketing plan. Once you’ve finished the course, you’ll know exactly how to turn the leads you’re collecting into loyal customers through list-nurturing techniques. This course is designed to benefit three groups:

  • Established businesses who are doing little to no strategic email marketing,
  • New businesses who want to grow faster from the start, and
  • Experienced business owners who want a refresher on simple-yet-effective email list building.

If your business is at any of these points, I’d invite you to click the button below to go directly to the course page and get started right now—no opt-in necessary. Or you can read on for a look into each module.


Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Email List Building Course

Video 1: I’ll cover the very basics of list building, and discuss why it’s as necessary a strategy as ever. In fact, I’ll show you a revealing statistic that will have you questioning how many customers you’re losing out on because of poor long-term follow-up. You’ll learn how your email list should fit into your larger marketing plan and exactly what you can expect from the rest of the course. Video 2: Here’s where we get into some serious planning. I’ll tell you which four questions you need to answer for a sound list building strategy, and then how to use the answers to create a list-building mindmap. (I’ll even give you the mindmap so you don’t have to start from scratch.) Video 3: This module introduces you to the concept of the “traffic net:” the set of tools you’ll use to turn visitors (online or in-person) into email subscribers. I’ll show you exactly how to create the conversion mechanisms you need to do this. Video 4: In this video, I’ll break down the difference between two key types of emails—autoresponders and broadcast messages—and show you when you should be using each. I’ll also tell you which three segmented email lists you need to create first and share additional segmenting ideas. Video 5: This module welcomes a special guest: Chris Davis, Head of Marketing Automation at LeadPages®. Together, Chris and I will reveal the email marketing tactics that are working for us right now at LeadPages® and point out which ones you should be borrowing for your business. You may be surprised about the real truth behind marketing automation, according to Chris. Video 6: It’s time to start writing those emails! In this video, I’ll help you plan the first five emails you’ll send to your subscribers, from messaging to layout, to turn more of your subscribers into customers. Along the way, you’ll also learn how you can lower unsubscribes and refunds. Video 7: Here we’re going to talk about turning the relationships you’ve built via email into revenue. You’ll see exactly how to build a great sales page, and then integrate it with your payment system of choice. Video 8: Not all your lead nurturing has to happen in bulk. In this module, LeadPages® Vice President of Sales, Kyle Hale joins us to talk about personalized lead-nurturing strategies that are especially effective if you’re trying to land larger clients. Video 9: If you’ve been following along this far, you have an amazing initial list building strategy in place. In our final video, I’ll talk about where to go from here: the metrics you should analyze, the additional email clusters you should consider, and other techniques that can sustain a healthy, engaged list. Along with these 9 videos, I’m also making some extra resources available for you to download:

  • The PDF versions of all slides and transcripts, so you can easily follow along and take notes on your action items,
  • Audio-only versions of each module for listening on the go,
  • An Email List Building Mindmap to help you plan for your own business, and
  • My personal Email List Building Checklist, which breaks down every task you need to complete in order to create your own successful list building strategy.

Get started with this all-new course by clicking below:


I’m looking forward to learning what you think of this course! When you have time, I’d love it if you’d leave a comment or question over on the course page. To your list building success!

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Email List Building Course
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