[Free Download] Increase Conversions with This Smart Sales Page Template

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Feb 05, 2015
540x304 Smart Sales Fb

[cta-box] Video Transcript: For the past few years, we’ve been consistently releasing landing page templates for both our blog readers to download and for our customers to use inside of LeadPages. There are nearly 100 high converting landing pages you get access to when you join LeadPages and there are over 100 more premium templates available in our template marketplace at the time of filming this video, and that number is growing daily. So why do we release so many different templates? Because we know that you need the flexibility to create the landing pages that are just as unique as your business. That’s why we offer a wide variety of templates that you could easily customize to match your business’ needs and style. For example, this page by default is designed to generate interest in a real estate property and capture the interested parties’ contact information. But it can be easily customized to effectively capture webinar registrations. This page is built to offer a coupon in exchange for an email address. By default it comes designed for a restaurant but it can easily be customized to give away a coupon for a free chiropractic adjustment. The best part is I can do all these customizations just by clicking, typing and replacing a few images. Let me show you how using this new template called the smart product sales page. This personal sales page is not only beautifully laid it, it’s also effective for selling whatever product or service you’re offering. By default, the page is designed as a book sales page with sections that point out what people will learn for your book and its benefits, a section to introduce the author and several opportunities to purchase throughout the page. One section builds on another so by the time someone gets to the bottom of the page, the value-in offer have been established and the only thing left for your visitors to do is purchase the book. Now let’s say you’re a personal trainer, you can easily customize this page to sell personal training sessions. If you’re a consultant, you can use this page to sell consulting services. If you’re a dentist, you can use this page to sell a teeth cleaning at a reduced rate. The options for customizing this page are endless and customizing it is super easy. Let’s look at what you need to know to customize any LeadPage. One, to change any text, just click on it and start typing. Two to change an image just click on the image and select a new one from your image bank. Three if you want to use an element or a whole section, just click on the gear icon and select hide. Four, if you would like to change colors, to match your branding, simply click on the styles tab then drag the color picker to whatever colors you would like to use. Five to embed a video just click on this video icon here and paste an embed code from any video service like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and so on. Six, to link to your shopping cart, simply click the button and paste the link here. If you want this button to trigger a LeadBox instead, click the show opt-in form box and then click on click here to edit the opt-in form. Now just choose , which email service provider you would like to integrate the page with and which list to add them to. You can collect multiple form fields such as name, dropdowns or radio buttons. Finally change the images to match your branding or hide them if you don’t need them. Now just continue customizing until you’re happy with how the page looks. Then name the page and then save the page and you’re done. You can also quickly preview how this page will look on other devices from right inside the builder. Click on the tablet button to see a preview of how the page will look on a tablet and clicking on the phone will show you how it will look on a phone. As soon as we hit publish, LeadPages gives us a link we can immediately use. This is hosted on LeadPages super-fast servers. You can also publish to WordPress, to Facebook as a Facebook tab or you can download to the files and put them on your own server. If you’re a LeadPages customer, this smart product sales page is ready for you to use right now at my.LeadPages.net. If you’re not a LeadPages customer you can download the files below but you will need to be a coder or hire a coder to modify the HTML, integrate the page with your autoresponder and publish the page. We found this can take weeks or months and hundreds of dollars to implement. If you’re a LeadPages customer, you can publish unlimited pages and do all the customizations within minutes without ever having to touch a line of code. Just head to LeadPages.net and click the button below the video to get LeadPages. If you’re unsure , which plan to go with, we recommend the Pro Annual plan as it comes with the majority of the features we have, allow for split testing your LeadPages and LeadBoxes and is 40% cheaper than paying monthly. All of our plans come with a 30-day guarantee so join us at the pro level today.