Instant Download: The Most Profitable Landing Page In Internet History (IMHO)

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Sep 12, 2012
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[cta-box] Hello everyone, my name is Clay Collins, and in this episode of the Marketing Show, I’m going to be giving to you, handing over to you what I believe is the highest grossing and most profitable opt-in page or squeeze page in the history, the history of the internet. That’s what you have to look forward to in this episode of the Marketing Show. So in this episode of the Marketing Show, I’m going to 1) Give you a landing page template that is inspired by what Groupon has done, and is highly influenced by them; 2) I’m going to be showing you why it works and how it works; and 3) I’m going to be showing you how other people and how we have productively used this kind of landing page. That’s what you have to look forward to in the next few minutes. So this is what I believe to be the highest grossing and most profitable opt-in page or squeeze page on the internet, and what’s interesting about this is that they’re asking for information that they already have. If you go to the top here, you can see it says Minneapolis St. Paul. I’m in Minneapolis St. Paul, and it’s in fact, pre-populated with Minneapolis St. Paul, and when I click here to continue, it asked me to enter my email address. As you can see, it’s got some progress indicators here. This is what is called a two-step opt-in process. I call this a two-step opt-in process, and Groupon is one of the first companies to really pioneer the use of this. The reason why this works is because it’s very arming as opposed to disarming. It’s very arming to go to a page and see a big huge opt-in box and know that that’s exactly what they want you to do. They want you to give them information about you so that they can email you everyday. That’s basically what Groupon is doing. But if they can get you to take some kind of action initially, right, if they can get you to take an action of any kind and comply at a lower level, then they’re much more likely to get you to opt in here. So they’re looking for micro commitments they’ve been called. It’s also called the yes ladder, right. If someone can get you to take a small action and create that behavioral pattern, then it’s much more likely that you’ll take a larger action. So there’s a lot of psychology going on here, and this simply – In a lot of cases, this kind of tactic, this two-step opt-in process just converts better. We’ve seen AppSumo use this. Here’s an AppSumo giveaway page, and they’ve actually since taken this down because they’re not doing this contest anymore. But in this AppSumo giveaway page, again, another company entirely driven by email, step one is to answer this question. And so the question is who is giving away this MacBook Air, and it says AppSumo duh the president, I think, Batman, but they’re doing this because once they get you to submit that answer then they can ask for your email address, and you’re much more likely to opt in. We actually built a template that we actually gave away with AppSumo’s permission that’s based around this and a link to this below. But there’s lots of other instances of this. Here’s a landing page of ours where we are giving away a course on video marketing and we’re actually giving away some video marketing templates. And so, step one is answer the question who’s giving this stuff away. LeadPlayer™ duh… and if you click on one of these other things, it says ‘Your guess is wrong’ or if you click on ‘Select your answer,’ it tells you to select an answer, but if you click on ‘LeadPlayer™,’ now you see the opt-in box. So that’s another example of a two-step opt-in process. Here’s another example of a two-step opt-in process. This is uber. This is created by some of the original creators of Google voice, and they could have had a free sign-up form right here on the page, but check out what they do. Rather than showing you that and making it clear that they really just kind of want your information, they two-step it. So you click on ‘Free sign-up,’ and now, you get this, right? They want your email address and they want you to give them a password, and conversion rates are higher when you do this kind of thing. If you just had an opt-in box right here, not as many people would do this, but when you click on ‘Free sign-up’ and then you get this thing to appear, you’ve created a two-step process where the actual opt-in box is hidden one layer deep. Also, in episodes of the Marketing Show, let me show you what we do with our LeadPlayer™ tool. Clay: Hello everyone. I’m Clay Collins. James: I’m James Lepine. Clay: And in this episode of the Marketing Show, we’re going to talk about how to end your bs primadonna logo drama and create a logo in about what? 5 seconds? James: Yeah. Clay: About 5 seconds. That’s what you have to look forward to in this episode of the Marketing Show. Alright, so we tell people what they’re going to get in this episode of the Marketing Show, and then they enter their email address, and click on Play to continue watching. But they can just click on ‘Skip this step.’ So they don’t have to opt in, but we make this decision front and center, right? So this is another example of a two-step opt-in process. Here’s another example of a two-step marketing process, not necessarily a two-step opt-in process, but a two-step marketing process. In this LeadPlayer™ sales video, when I get to the part where I’m doing what’s called the call-to-action where I’m inviting people to join us if this product is right for them, at around that time in the video, this ‘Click here to buy LeadPlayer™’ button appears, right? So it doesn’t appear initially. We wait until we’re at that part of the video where I’m offering people LeadPlayer™, and that’s when the button appears, and this kind of thing can increase conversion rates by 200% in sales videos. Here’s another example of a two-step opt-in process. Right here, I ask people how often should we email you about new Marketing Show post, and the can choose every time we add new content or once per week, and let me just pick one of these, all right? So people answer one question, and then it brings them to the part of the website where they can opt in and participate. So we’re two-stepping it. Here’s another example. This is Gold Medal Bodies. Andy Fossett, my friend, creates this. And there could be an opt-in box here, but there isn’t. Instead, they replaced it with a button that says ‘Click here to join now,’ and when you click on that, this light box appears where you can opt in. People do this because it just converts better. So let’s just wrap this up and give you the template, but before I do that, I want to show you how it works. So we’re back now to this Groupon style opt-in page. And so what we created for you was something like this. Actually, not something like this. Actually, this. Here’s the template. And you can confirm your status. So if I were going to do this for the Marketing Show, I’d put the Marketing Show logo up here, and I’d say ‘Confirm your status.’ One, I’m a marketer or enjoy marketing, right? That’s my people. Two, I think marketers are scumbags. So if you click on that, it says ‘Your guess is wrong. Please try again.’ Third option, I’m just here to harass folks in the comments. That’s not what I mean. So if you click on that ‘Your guess is wrong. Please try again.’ Or if you just click on ‘Select your answer,’ just please select an answer for question number one. So I click on ‘I’m a marketer or enjoy marketing.’ And then you can opt in. So this is the landing page that we’re giving away. We have uncopyrighted it. All that I ask is that as a courtesy, you don’t have to do this, but it would be really, really wonderful if you would just leave this link in here where it says ‘Created by the Marketing Show.’ Also, I’d love it if you shared this page with anyone who you feel would benefit from this. There is no opt-in required, so you know, if you send people this way, I’m not going to shoot them on some list and blast them with a bunch of stuff. This is something that we’re providing because we think it’s a good thing to do, and we think that it is of service to you, and we hope it helps. Anyway, my name is Clay Collins. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for watching the Marketing Show. I appreciate you. I appreciate what you’re doing, and I look forward to talking to you next time. Have a wonderful beautiful day. Take care.