Free Trial Landing Page Examples: Generate More Conversions by Following These Tips

By Bob Sparkins  |  Published Nov 02, 2023  |  Updated Nov 02, 2023
Bob Sparkins
By Bob Sparkins

A marketer with 17 years of experience, Bob has taught over 1,000 webinars and spoken at over 50 events.

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A free trial is a great way to introduce potential customers to your brand. Assuming your product or service lives up to its promises, you’ll likely convert a good number of trials into paying customers. Of course, in order to promote your offer you’ll need a high-converting free trial landing page. Here are a few examples you can learn from, plus some best practices to keep in mind when building your page.

Nutrition free trial landing page example

Nutrition free trial landing page example

What we like

Sometimes simple is better. This landing page just offers a title, an image, a description, and some reviews—and it works. In just a short paragraph, visitors understand what they’re getting and the benefits. Plus, there’s no worry about someone losing interest and not finishing the page. Everything users need to know is right in the hero section.

The CTA button is also bright yellow which contrasts with the blue and white color scheme (while not looking out of place). This ensures that as soon as someone lands on the page their eyes are drawn to the button.

Music production free trial landing page example

Free Trial Landing Page Example Music Production
Music free trial landing page example

What we like

One of the first questions people will ask when they land on your free trial landing page is “what do I get?” Just because something is free doesn’t mean they’ll automatically go for it. You need to show how much value your free trial provides if you want to generate conversions. This page does a great job of that by listing out all the features and benefits in their “What You Get” section.

There are also plenty of reviews from former students which helps establish social proof. Remember, if you’re the only one who’s promoting your offer people might become suspicious. By providing testimonials, visitors to this page can rest assured that their peers recommend the program as well which makes them feel a lot better about signing up.

Fitness free trial landing page example

Free Trial Landing Page Example Fitness
Fitness free trial landing page example

What we like

One thing to remember when you’re building your free trial landing page is that you don’t just want people to sign up—you want them to sign up right now. Someone might leave your page with the intention of signing up later, but life has a habit of getting in the way and more often than not they’ll forget about you and never come back. One way to prevent this is to use a countdown timer to let them know this is a limited-time offer like this landing page does. A timer creates a sense of urgency and lets visitors know they should sign up right away, otherwise, they’ll miss out.

If you’re in a competitive space (like the fitness industry) it’s also important to differentiate yourself from the competition. Why should someone choose your business when there are so many other options? That’s why this page includes a “How We’re Different” section. It does a good job of showing the value, plus a few features they offer that their competitors don’t.

College free trial landing page example

College free trial landing page copy

What we like

As we’ve all heard, attention spans on the internet are dwindling, so it’s no surprise that adding a video to your landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%. Not everyone has the time or patience to read all the text on your page, so providing a video gives them an easy way to quickly understand your offer. This page includes a video in the hero section that summarizes the program being offered which is perfect for those who aren’t keen on reading.

We also recommend getting creative with your call to action (CTA) button text. Standard phrases like “Sign Up” and “Buy Now” work fine, but any time you can add a little personality it’s a plus. This example uses their program name “GeT” in their CTA (GeT Started Now). It’s subtle but effective, and a little playful.

Flying school free trial landing page

Flying school free trial landing page example

What we like

We already talked about the importance of social proof. You can provide submitted testimonials with headshots like the previous example, or you can take the approach of this free trial landing page and grab your reviews straight from social media. While both tactics work, the reviews and pictures on this page come off as a little more authentic, so it’s definitely something to consider if you receive a lot of feedback on your social channels.

If you’re teaching a course or are the primary face of your business, it’s also a good idea to introduce yourself. This page has a “Meet Your Instructor” section, which details his story and credentials. It gives visitors confidence that the person they’re learning from knows what they’re talking about and is qualified to teach the material.

Homesteading free trial landing page example

Homesteading free trial landing page

What we like

Your headline is usually the first impression people will have of your landing page so you need to make it count. This page does a great job of hitting visitors with a benefit-rich headline that basically sums up everything they need to know about the offer. It’s a little on the long side, but when done right even lengthy headlines like this can be very effective.

This landing page also provides another example of social proof. It includes the logos of all the publications and media sources they’ve been featured in. While not as powerful as a testimonial, when you can say you’ve been mentioned by sources like Homes & Gardens and USA Today you’re bound to earn a lot of trust and respect from your audience.

Coaching free trial landing page example

Coaching free trial landing page example

What we like

Don’t be afraid of too much whitespace. In fact, when it comes to design, less is usually more. Too many colors and graphics can be distracting, leaving visitors unsure of where to look. However, this free trial landing page certainly doesn’t have this problem. Its clean and minimalist design is easy on the eyes and keeps users focused on what’s important.

Sticking with design, if you head over the this company’s website (, the design and branding are virtually identical. This is important, as it can be jarring for visitors to arrive on your page if it looks completely different from your other marketing materials. They’re bound to wonder “Am I in the right place?” By ensuring your branding is consistent, you’ll provide a better user experience as potential customers travel through your sales funnel.

Free trial landing page best practices

Ready to build your own free trial landing page? Follow the tips below to maximize your conversions.

Start with a strong headline

A good headline can be the difference between someone signing up for your free trial or clicking away to one of your competitors.

There are a few different approaches you can take with your headline:

  • Benefit-driven: A proven strategy is to focus on the primary benefit your trial provides. Something like “Boost Your Sales With High-Converting Landing Pages” or “Triple Your Customers in Just 1 Month” is sure to get people to get people’s attention.
  • Highlight the pain point: Conversely, you can use your headline to highlight the main problem your audience is facing, and how your free trial can fix it. An example would be “Stop Losing Money on Marketing With This Proven Sales System.”
  • Say what you’re best at: Is there one thing your product or service does better than anyone else? Find your niche and then make it known in your headline. It could be something like “The Ultimate Email List Building System.”

Because your headline is so important, consider creating a few different variants and split-testing them to see which one drives the most conversions.

free trial landing page headline split test example

Use the right images

Your imagery is just as important as your copy when it comes to driving conversions. Avoid using generic stock photos and come up with some unique images that really sell your product or service.

The best images show the benefits of your offer. This could be photos of specific product features or of someone using and enjoying your services.

Free trial landing page images

Also, don’t be afraid of using images of yourself, especially if you’re a service provider and the face of your business. If people are going to be working with you they’ll want to get to know you, and a picture of your smiling face is a great start.

Preview your product or service

A free trial might be free, but it’s still a bit of a commitment. So, you’ll want to show prospective customers what they can expect from your product or service. You can do this through images or videos.

Are you selling a digital product? Take some screenshots inside the product to show off the various features. You can also provide a video demonstration that walks people through the entire product.

If you’re offering a service, include a bio that talks about your credentials and experience. Or film a video where you introduce yourself and your services so people have an idea of what it will be like to work with you.

Show the value

What’s included in your free trial that makes it worthwhile? Make sure to list out all the features and benefits. The more you can include the better, as it will heighten the value. Try including a section that discusses three or four key benefits, then have a feature list with everything someone gets when they sign up for your trial.

Show The Value Free Trial Pages

You can also attach dollar values to certain features. People may only have access to these tools for a few weeks, but there’s still value to that, and if you tell them how much it usually costs they’ll feel like they’re getting a deal.

Make it clear there’s no risk

One of the biggest selling features of a free trial is that it’s risk-free. Someone can test out your product or service, and if they don’t like it they can walk away without paying a cent. Simply stating it’s a “free trial” might not be enough to make that clear, so be sure to hammer that point home in your copy.

If you require a credit card to sign up, clearly state that people won’t be charged if they opt out before their trial is over.

Include reviews and other forms of social proof

Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes. You land on a page where someone says they have the answer to your biggest problem. They say they’re product is great and you should sign up for a trial (and eventually become a customer). The thing is, they’re talking about their product. Of course they’re going to say it’s the best.

This is why it’s so important to include reviews. People want to hear from actual customers to get another perspective and ensure you’re not the only one who vouches for your product. A good way to gather reviews is to simply ask for them once someone has been a customer of yours for a little while. Assuming you’re delivering value they’ll probably be happy to give you a testimonial.

Reviews And Social Proof Free Trial Pages
Free trial landing page reviews

You can also include other forms of social proof on your page, such as logos of publications you’ve been featured in, a list of clients you’ve worked with, or social likes and followers.

Finish with a strong call to action

The best way to get someone to sign up for your free trial is to ask them. Tell them the action you want them to take and ask them to perform that action right now.

This is called a call to action (CTA). It’s a simple direct phrase that appears on your sign-up button. Some good examples of free trial CTAs are:

  • Sign Up Now
  • Try it Free
  • Get Your Free Trial
  • Start Your Free Trial Today

You’ll also want to use the last section of your landing page to reiterate your call to action. This is your final pitch, so you can do a bit of a hard sell and ask them one more time to sign up.

Free trial landing page templates

Building a free trial landing page is easier than you think. Get started with one of these templates to have your page up in running in as little as 30 minutes.

Life coach template

Free Trial Landing Page Template Life Coach
Life coach free trial landing page template

This free trial landing page template has everything you need, including sections for features and benefits, testimonials, and a bio for you or your business.

Fitness template

Fitness free trial landing page template

This is a simple but effective template that’s perfect for offers that don’t require a lot of explanation. Be sure to choose a captivating image to draw visitors in.

App template

Free Trial Landing Page Template App
App free trial landing page template

Ideal for apps and other subscription services, this template offers plenty of space for features, benefits, and product screenshots. There’s also a countdown time at the end for limited-time offers.

Content audit template

Free Trial Landing Page Template Content Audit
Content audit free trial landing page template

Do you run a service-based business? Then this template is for you. There are sections to highlight your services, introduce people on your team, and include testimonials.

Build your free trial landing page today

Leadpages’ Landing Page Builder is designed for professional marketers and beginners alike. Simply choose a template, customize it with the Drag & Drop Builder, and publish your page with just a few clicks.

Try Leadpages free for 14 days and launch your free trial landing page today.

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Bob Sparkins
By Bob Sparkins

A former high school history teacher turned entrepreneur and marketer, Bob has educated business owners worldwide on how to leverage digital marketing to grow their brands. He’s taught over 1,000 webinars, participated in over 200 podcast episodes, and taken the stage at over 50 business conferences and events.

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