[Tutorial] How To Host Huge Google+ Hangouts

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Jun 25, 2013
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Important Note: This tutorial was donated by Andy Traub from the Take Permission Media Network. Check him out when you have a second. If you'd like to submit a tutorial that would benefit our community, please let me know in the comments below and we'll happily consider it. (Also, hat tip to Laura Betterly for giving me the idea to do G+ Hangouts with LeadPages in the first place). [leadplayer_vid id="51C918F0C3E81"] [cta-box] Hi my name is Andy Traub. This is a tutorial that will show you how you can have webinars with unlimited guests as well as automatic replays set up, opt-ins, everything that really you would need to operate a webinar, and it won’t cost you anything to run these webinars, an unlimited amount of them actually. So I’ve looked at different webinar systems and they have some great things about them. The thing I like the most about this is that it requires no software download for the participant whatsoever. You go to a link and that’s it, and you can keep that link hidden and have them register through an email, and then they are sent the link if you want if you want to get through email address, or you can simply just send us a link to your live webinar page so we’ll have a live Google Plus chat in it as well as a chat capability, live Google Plus video hangout, I should say, and then a chat below that, and then an opt-in box, so I’m going to show you how to do this, and it’s all based on a software called LeadPages. I want to really tell you the details step-by-step how you can set this up using LeadPages and Google Plus Hangouts. Here we are. Really, there’s three really components to this, maybe four with the chat. So the first is LeadPages. So once you sign up for LeadPages, at the top, you can see my page’s template support my account. You want to go to templates, and you’re going to just scroll down to live page, and you’re going to click use this template. Now if you have a WordPress site, and most people do nowadays, this incorporates with your WordPress site beautifully. So all you’re going to need to do to get this incorporated with your WordPress site is simply download the LeadPages. LeadPages plug in to your WordPress site and then all your LeadPages will show up in the side bar. I’ll show that in a little bit. So this is what you get. You get this sort of dummy page, and on the left side, you can see the different options. I’m not going to go through all of them, but I am going to go through most of them, and then, let’s just say we want to change the logo. So here you click on this. You see it hover. As I hover around this, look at to the left, and you can see under page content, logo link is underlined, right. Sort of click on that, and then these are all the different links that I can add. Alright, let’s just say I’m going to promote this Tribe Writers, alright, which is an online community my friend Jeff Goin started. So I’m going to promote Tribe Writers, and so I can put a little icon there. If I don’t have an icon, I can upload one right here under upload new image as well as making it a link. So I can make it a link and have it open in a new page or not open a new page, right, but for now, I’m not going to have a new link. And I’m going to hit okay, and then I’m going to go to this video. Either you can click here on the left or you can click here. Now what would you use this video for? Three things. Ready? And this is the bonus stuff I’m going to tell you, okay. This is the strategy of how to use this. First, you can embed a promo video right here. Upload it to Vimeo or YouTube, it doesn’t matter. I want to make the video 640 x 360, but make a little promo video for your upcoming call and put it in this window. Okay, and so I’m going to do that. I’ve got some code over here. I’m going to cut and paste. So copy, paste it right there, and hit okay. Now don’t freak out if it doesn’t show your video right there or the chat. The chat actually looks a little goofy too, but don’t freak out when it goes live. It will look good. So there’s the video. Let’s do the chat real quick, so I’m going to click on this chat area, and we want to embed some stuff here. So how to do the chat? We’re going to go to chat. Go to chattango.com, chattango.com to sign up free account – Excuse me – and then you’re going to start a new chat. And so I’ll just use this one, and here, you can, you know, customize what it looks like so and so forth, size with – I get rid of all the stuff around the corner, show title, owner’s message, and then you make the width 640 x 490. 640, 490, and that changes the code up here. And you can change the color scheme by going here. I’d like to change the font to 12 for easier to read, and then, I did not have the sounds on by default. Please turn that off. It’s annoying. Right there. Okay. And we’ll do that. And this is your embed code right here. You just have to copy it and you can past it in that window. I’ve got some other code I’ve already copied so I’m going to take that and copy it. We’re going to go back over to LeadPages, and again, we’re going to click on this chat area and just embed the code. Now it’ll give you little tips here. Make it 640 x 490. [0:05:00] Alright, so make sure you tweak that and then click okay. Now when I first did this, that’s what happened. It went away. I was like hello. What’s going on? It won’t show on the creation page, but I promise, it will show on a live page. So if get nervous, you can click Save to My Pages, and this is a test LeadPage, and then you can go back and edit it. I’d like to save real quick just so I’ll have it. All my progress saved. So far, we’ve changed the logo, done the video, and we put in the chat. Alright, it’s invisible, but I promise it’s there. So you can change its headline. So any questions for Clay? Clay is the founder of this. So that’s the default. Any questions for Andy? Hit okay, and we can go up here and change this text, stuff here. If it’s in bold, it will be yellow so I’m going to bold simply dummy. Let’s see it changes to yellow text underneath that. Honestly, you can put whatever you like. Bold. Just not put it in yellow. Just bold it, but you can put some links in here too and sort of link. Say – Alright, where you can do an email address. You know, open it in new tabs, so and so forth. We’ll just open a new tab, and there you go. So people can click there and open up on a new tab. Your host. You can either have your host or a featured guest. Type in their name. As you can see, I’m clicking here on the right. These are changing on the left. And then if you want the person’s picture, I’ll put my picture there. And so there it is right there, okay? So what is this stuff down here? So this would be a great way for you to link to your product opt-in email list. Whatever you’d like to do today as bonus. You can change the text there. Add to cart. You can change that there as well, have a link. I would encourage you to have an open and a new window. So click yes, open a new window, and then, below, you got this timer if you want to have a, you know, more of a sense of urgency, if you knew how to have that hidden or turned on. The tricky thing about the timer is where do you change the timer? Well, that’s up here in dynamic controls, I believe. Yeah, count it on timer. So you have to figure this out which I think is a little confusing, but maybe I’m not that smart. So this is where you can tweak the time that ends the timer right here. So again, that’s where you can change under dynamic controls. You can change the timer or you can leave it out. So if you don’t want to leave it out, click on it there, and then make it hidden, and there it is. It’s gone. And then some texts underneath here. You can change the text below for the opt-in. you’re going to have a link to a league of information. Alright, so I’m going to say this is done at this point, except I want to change one more thing. Style settings. We can change the color on these. So as you can see here, we can make it, you know, radically different, okay. And then this cover is a hover color so we’ve got the account on text button color all hover. So let’s just make it change. I know it’s ugly, but bear with me. So as you can see, as you hover over, it will change, right. So those are different things you can change there, SEO settings, track and code. I’ll let you play with those. Alright, that’s what you need to set it up. So we’re going to click Save. Now this is a live page that you have a link to, alright, but what I would encourage you to do is put it on your WordPress site. So in order to put it on your WordPress site, what you’re going to do is you’re going to go to your dashboard and go to LeadPages after you’ve installed that plug-in, and then you’re going to click add new. Now we save that one under LeadPages test or something like that, I believe, and you can do – And these are different options you have for LeadPages. I’ll let them explain it, but you want to choose normal page, and then you want to choose test LeadPage, and then it’s going to give a URL test LeadPages. Test LeadPage. So it will show that LeadPage. So now we’re going to go to takepermission.com/testLeadPage, testLeadPage, and it will go to that LeadPage. You can create a pretty link if you want to track the links and so forth, but this is the video link. This is the chat. You can see your opt-in over here. It’s live. It’s ready to go. Now how do you get Google Plus in there? That’s the, I think, sort of the tricky part. Here’s a quick tip on that. If you go to Google Plus, go out to Home. Hangout’s on there. You need to and you should start your Hangout half hour, an hour before you actually start the event because it will give you your embed code as soon as you start the Google Hangout even if it’s not on air, okay, because [0:10:00] you start your Hangout and then have to click this broadcast button. So let me just show you how to do this. We’re going to start your Hangout on air, and you have to go to Google Plus then Hangout’s on air. Okay, it can’t be a prior one. It’s got to be a public one. So I’ve got this. I’m just going to call this testing LeadPages, and you can add any one to the Hangout if you’d like, but I’m going to start it on air. It’s not broadcasting publicly yet. So there I am, and then so it’s preparing the broadcast, but right here, this is awesome embed. Take this embed code right here, alright, copy it, and then you’re going to go over here to LeadPages, and you’re going to edit your LeadPage page. So once you have that promo video there, once it’s time for the live video, you’re going to go and you’re going to take to Google Plus embed code, Google Hangout, and you’re going to put it here. So we’re going to go from promo video to Google Plus Hangout, right, and remember, you want this just to be 640 x 360, so it’s embed the code 640 width x 360 height, and there you go. So we’re going to save the page and go over here. Right now, this is a promo. Okay. But if we reload the page, there we go. This is the Hangout. Now there’s nothing going on with the Google Hangout right now, but let me show you what this will look like. Trend live. What does it look like once it’s actually archived? But you can see here what it’ll look like live. Someone will come in, they’ll click play, and you’ll see a Google Hangout live on air here, and then they’ll chat below that. So let’s make sure I got this, yup. That, that – Oh, I need to show you how to sort of broadcast. I’m not going to do this. I’m not going to actually start the broadcast, but you’re going to click Start Broadcast, and then it will show up on your LeadPage. Another quick tip on your Google Hangout, do make sure to go over here to View More Apps, get the Hangout Google box, and on the Hangout toolbox, they’ve got some really cool settings and I really encourage you to include this, but over here, and I’m just going to go over to the pre-saved here, or the pre-set here, but you can do a name and then a title, Smarty Pants, and then, you can have that turned on, so there we go. Name and title. And then you can change the color if you’d like. You have to turn off to change this, so turn it off, and then go. So there we go. And then if you want to display a clock, turn on or off. See the clock up here in the corner? How’s your video? And then mirror, you’re on video too. If you don’t click that, you see this, which makes me feel like I’m insane. And then you can save these presets, so I want to give this one a name, so I’ll call it Smarty. Oh, it’s Smarty Pants. Isn’t that ironic that I misspelled Smarty Pants? There we go. So if you want to save this one then just click Save. And now when you go back, you can just click on those instead of redoing it every time, okay. So you’re going to start the broadcast, and then people are going to go over to the LeadPage page, and they’re going to hit play, and they’re going to be able to watch it. Now I will tell you that there is a few second delay between the actual hangout and what you’re seeing on LeadPages, so again, here’s a tip, a nuance, but this would be really helpful is close your Google Hangout unless you’re the one moderating it, and mute the hangout. You don’t want to be hearing the hangout and then hearing a few second delay on the LeadPage. So have the LeadPage open, you know, maybe do one of these, you know, where you’ve got, you know, sort of a half and half. Okay. So you’ve got half and half. Have the LeadPage over here on the left, and then on the right, you’re going to have the Google Hangout because as people are talking, you want to click and switch in between them. And so, I’m going to just show you a sample of that. Alright, so here, I’ll play this for a second. So Adam’s talking and I clicked on him. There we go. I clicked on him, and then you can see him. [0:15:00] He’s got his name there and everything. So as the Google Hangout originator/creator whatever producer, you’re going to click on people’s pictures in order to change them. So I think that’s everything. I think I’ve showed you everything including LeadPages. It’s on the LeadPages plug-in creating the LeadPage, getting the chat moved over, getting the Google Plus Hangout moved over. Yeah, building the page. Yeah, I think that’s pretty much it. The only other nuance maybe – Oh, after this is done, and this is the great thing about – This is the great thing about this Google Hangout is after your Google Hangout is done, it automatically uploads it to YouTube. You might have just to tweak that in, but I’m pretty sure it automatically uploads it to YouTube, and then you can go into YouTube and you can edit it, and it will play here as a replay. So I didn’t do anything to put this video here after I’ve put my – So I’m better at the Google Plus Hangout. We had our hangout. And then, it just – I went to YouTube and I actually tweaked a little bit at the beginning, but I didn’t have to put the code in twice. So you put your Google Plus Hangout code in once, and then it will upload to YouTube, and then the replay will be in fuller window. So you essentially can have an ongoing webinar replay available at this URL. So I think that’s everything. The only other sort of nuance, sort of strategy is you could use – This is an opt-in with a click-to-order button. It could be an opt-in. You can all set the countdown to a specific offer that expires at a certain time. That won’t trigger anything. You have to manually, you know, turn off the offer. The offer doesn’t change when your clock changes on the LeadPages, but I hope that’s been helpful. It’s really everything that I could teach you about how to go from this idea of geez, how do I have like a free unlimited free webinar because you can have unlimited number of people on the chat as well as watching the Google Hangout. So really, I think pretty darn powerful. I appreciate that folks at LeadPages putting this tool together, and I hope that this has been a really thorough and specific detailed tutorial to show you exactly how to do this if you wanted to do it, and if you have any questions, leave a comment below this post or on the video over at takepermission.com, and you can sign up for LeadPages. It’s now free. You might even consider it pricey, but again, I think it pays for itself very quickly because it just saves you a ton of time and it’s a great tool. [0:17:45] End of Audio