Conversion Clinic: Clay Picks A Fight With A Squeeze Page (Part 2)

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Jun 01, 2012
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[Note #1: I want to thank everyone who commented on the previous post and contributed to the discussion, including: Nick RogueAndy FogartyDavid FreyMarshall SontagPatrick Dickey, Becky DeGrossa, Tara GentileDr. Shannon ReeceDike Drummond MD, Luis Font, Johnny Vasquez]. [Note #2: Here's a link to the post I mention in the video about Features vs. Benefits vs. Outcomes vs. Transformations]. Hello everyone, my name is Clay Collins, and in this episode of the Marketing Show, we are going to look at a landing page, and I’m going to give you 4 solid tips for increasing the conversion rates of your landing pages. So today, we’re going to look at this landing page. This is the landing page of Dr. Melanie who’s giving away a minimalist guide to supplements. Subhead is would you like to swallow fewer vitamins and feel better too. So what are the 4 tips that I have there? Actually, there’s going to be 4 to 5 tips. Well, conversion tip number 1 is sell the transformation, not the e-book, okay. So you know, what’s important to remember is nobody is out actually looking to take supplements for the sake of supplements. They are looking for a specific outcome or transformation in their life. They want to lose weight. They want to have more energy. They want to have better skin. They want to be in better prenatal health. There’s something specific that people want. No one is out there actually looking for a generic guide to supplements, right. They are looking to accomplish something specific in their life, right. So in the past, there’s actually a past episode of the Marketing Show about features, benefits, outcomes and transformations, and anyone who’s watching this episode should watch that when I link to it below. But she isn’t really talking about outcomes or transformations here. She is, you know, a little bit down the road reduce your risk of the 3 dominant types of cancer, reduce your risk of a heart attack, reduce bloating and cramping. You know, there’s a bunch of different things here, but this isn’t laser focused on generating a specific outcome for people. So I suggest that Dr. Melanie craft this around something specific. Weight loss, having more energy, better prenatal care, whatever it is, this needs to be designed around that, right, giving you the top 3 supplements for elevating your energy. I would love to have that. Even though it seems like I’m energetic now I don’t have as much energy as I would like to have, and if someone said here are the top 3 supplements that men should take to elevate their energy to have more sustained energy throughout the day, you know, get these 3 supplements. In fact, here’s a shopping list. It’s one page. You can download on the other end. They include links to Amazon. You can order them and have them, you know, at your doorstep in 2 to 3 As. That is something that I would opt into now, and everyone is looking for something, you know, specific when it comes to health, and she needs to be addressing those things specifically. So that’s tip number one is sell the outcome or sell the transformation. Don’t sell the e-book. Conversion tip number 2 is put your opt-in box above the fold. So many people make this mistake, and they bury their opt-in box at the bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom in the last possible place on their page, and this is one of those time tested over and over and over again studies that you need to have the action that you want people taking above the fold that needs to be visible in your browser without any scrolling. And by the way, screens are getting smaller and smaller and smaller, more people have, you know, tiny 13-inch laptops or they’re on iPhones or they’re on iPads, and that means that the action that you want people to take needs to be near the top, which means you need to quickly and efficiently explain the benefits and get folks to opt in. Now you can still have it below the fold at the bottom of the page as well, right. People who read everything on a page are highly qualified, but that opt-in box needs to be above the fold, and it can be below the fold as well, but at the very least, it needs to be above the fold, and you’ll notice here that she has hers, you know, buried kind of close to the bottom. It says 100% satisfaction guaranteed. It’s – You know, I don’t know what this is really doing. You know, it’s a free product so I don’t know how she can guarantee satisfaction on a free product. But this box needs to be really kind of like underneath here – That’s where I would put this is underneath the picture of the product. Conversion tip number 3 is have the word ‘Download’ or ‘Free Instant Access’ on the opt-in button. So let’s mossy on over and look at her opt-in button. It says, ‘Join Us’ and that really isn’t going to convert as high as other like proven things. So one of the highest converting phrases for opt-in buttons is the phrase, ‘free instant access’ or ‘free instant download.’ So that’s what I would have on the button text. Also, there’ll be a higher opt-in rate if instead of the words e-mail address here, it actually said like you at domain dot com or something to that effect. That is, you know, what we found. Also, you know, if you want to just stick with e-mail address, I would actually put a command, right. So instead of e-mail address here, I might also experiment with the phrase, ‘Enter your e-mail address’ because you’re actually telling them what to do. It’s an imperative. So that is tip number 3. Conversion tip number 4 is make your bribe shorter and more actionable. Look, the truth is that information is something that keeps people from the outcome that they want. The more information you provide the more work someone has to do in order to get that outcome that they are desperately seeking. And until you’ve sold someone on your expertise, until they are absolutely convinced that you are the authority and that you know what you’re doing, longer bribes in general, right, longer videos, bigger books, right. This looks like it’s a stacked of books, or at least, it looks like, you know, it’s a paperback that’s pretty thick, right. Longer bribes like this aren’t as appealing as a quick checklist with all the things you need to be doing or a shopping list. One of the highest converting bribes we ever did was a download of all the tools that we used to run our online business, right. It’s a quick checklist. It’s a quick list of everything that, all the tools, the technologies, the web servers, you know, the software and things that we use to run our business. People want to download. They want to look at it, and they want to grab the 3 or 4 things that they want to use and be done with it. So what I would do here is if I were her I would focus on that outcome that she wants to give people. So let’s say it’s more energy since that’s something that I’m personally interested in. Let’s say more energy for men. What I would do is instead of providing a big book like this, I would say download a one-page shopping list with the top 4 supplements that a man needs to be taking on a daily basis in order to double their energy level. That’s what I would say. I wouldn’t talk about minimalist guide. I wouldn’t talk about, you know, this is an overarching guide to supplements that I have to break through. I would talk about one page download, Amazon links that you can use or other links that you can use to purchase and immediately have access to the top 3 to 4 supplements that every man should be taking on a daily basis to double their energy level, or you know, drastically increase their income level or something like that. That’s what I would do. The shorter the bribe the better. This isn’t intimidating, right. This doesn’t look like a minimalist guide to supplements. This looks like a whole bunch of pages, right. It looks like the opposite of minimalism. I don’t want to, in most cases, know why I should be taking those supplements. I just want the outcome. When most people come to me for marketing advice, a lot of times, they don’t really care about the deep theory behind why things work. They just want a better conversion rate. They just want like more sales in their business, right, and when it comes to supplements, unless someone is a supplement geek, in which case, they’re probably not her target customer anyway, they just want to know the things to take, right. And incidentally in my life – I’m not a doctor I can’t give medical advice – but taking zinc has increased my energy level. Taking kelp has increased my energy level and taking a good solid multivi – I don’t know what it was, but like there are things that I’ve done because I actually downloaded something like this in the past that have really helped me, and she needs to either create a bunch of bribes for those different segments that individually targets people looking for weight loss, energy, you know, whatever, or she needs to just focus on one, but she shouldn’t combine all these things in one guide, but make this short, make it one-page long, make it a shopping list, make it incredibly actionable. Conversion tip number 5 is use a video or a picture of your shopping list. So not everyone is good on video, not everyone has the equipment to make it happen, not everyone is actually going to be an asset to their landing page using video. It’s just the truth. A video doesn’t always convert better. That’s not a universal truth when it comes to landing pages. When it comes to sales videos, often, there’s a consistent bump. When it comes to different forms of marketing, video almost across the board is better, but when it comes to landing pages, right, where you’re getting people to come to a site, they’re probably going to be there for a very short period of time, make a split second decision about whether or not something is what they want. If your video isn’t going to absolutely hook someone, it’s not always the best idea to have video on a landing page. It varies dramatically, you know, by type of video copywriting still. So in a lot of cases, if you don’t have the wherewithal, and you know, just a setup to create a good video and you can’t create a compelling video, then I recommend that she create a picture of the shopping list. Let’s say we’re going with the shopping list. And here’s what I recommend that she does. I recommend that she have a picture here of the shopping list and that she make it small enough so that people can almost see what’s written on it, but not actually be able to read it. And that actually drives conversion rates through the roof when people can see something almost, but they can’t actually read it. It makes people very curious about what’s actually on it and they’ll opt in just so they can see the damn words on the page. And so, I would either, for her, use the blur effect in Photoshop or have someone on Fiver. It’s for $5 like blur a photo of the shopping list or make it small enough, right, and it probably will be when it’s on this page that people can barely not make out what’s written on the words. They should not be able to see the words, but they – You know, it should be like close enough so that maybe they almost can so that they can speculate about what’s on the shopping list. The final bonus tip is this. Check out the landing pages at We personally tend to for our long-existing bribes and products that have been around for a while, we will have pages professionally made, and we’ll have them professionally like encoded CSS and things like that, but when you’re just testing out a landing page concept, you don’t always have the time to do that, so what I recommend that Melanie do is check out So here we are on, and I recommend that folks go to landing pages. And of course, you can sort by rating or a number of sale. So let’s click on rating, and I’ll show you actually some of the landing pages here. You know, there’s a bunch of them. Not all of them are going to be relevant to everyone, but let’s find a couple that look pretty good. So I looked through that list. I found a couple that I like. One is list a landing page. It cost a whopping $8. Let’s check out a live preview of this site. So here we are, and you know, this lighter is just for people who are previewing it, but this is an out-of-the-box landing page, and again, it’s $8. It looks pretty good. I’m not sure that I would recommend this one for Melanie, but let’s take a look at another one. This one is the Qloud landing page spelled with a Q instead of a C, and as you can see here, it’s a nice little landing page template. How much is this one. Let’s go see. It’s $8, right, and I really like this one a lot actually. There’s a little room for video here. You can highlight some of the benefits over here. You can have some testimonials and there’s some information here. I guess there isn’t an opt-in box, but my point is there are a lot of great template for landing pages. At, they typically cost around $8, but between $8 and $13, and it’s a wonderful, wonderful resource. Anyway, that concludes today’s Marketing Show. Again, the tips are sell the transformation, not the e-book; put your opt-in box above the fold; download or free instant access should be the text on the opt-in button; you should make your bribe shorter and more actionable, something that people believe they can instantly drive value from without having to just go through a bunch of material and video and text. Number 5, use a video or a picture of your shopping list or whatever you’re providing. If it’s a MindMap, something that’s quickly actionable, use a video of you or a picture of your product; and the bonus tip is check out the landing pages at Anyway, if you would like your material reviewed, please leave a comment below with your URL. Just a shout-out to some of the people who have left their URLs in the past, I will get to you. There is a slight preference for customers, of course, because I can give them a little bit of extra value and protect my people. Anyway, thank you so much for watching. I hope you’ve enjoyed this. If you have any clarifying questions, please leave those in the comments. Anyway, my name is Clay Collins. Thank you so much for watching the Marketing Show and I’ll talk to you next time. Take care.