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How to Create Better AI Images—Our Prompt Guide for Image Generator

By Dave Firnstahl  |  Published Jul 26, 2023  |  Updated Jul 26, 2023
Dave Firnstahl
By Dave Firnstahl

A proven product leader, Dave is passionate about developing innovative solutions for entrepreneurs.

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As you’ve probably heard by now, our AI Engine recently received a massive upgrade with Image Generator. With this new tool, you can instantly generate professional images for your entire website or landing pages.

Don’t worry if you haven’t used an AI tool before—it’s super easy. Just remember, what you get out of it has a lot to do with what you put into them. In other words, the better your prompts, the better your results.

With that said, here are six tips to keep in mind when using Image Generator:

  • Be specific
  • Give your color preferences
  • Consider lighting
  • Provide framing instructions
  • Include an art style
  • Don’t be too specific

Let’s dive deeper into each of these to help create the best images possible.

Be specific

Let’s say you want a picture of a car. Awesome, we can definitely make that happen. However, if your prompt is simply “car” then you might end up with something like this:

Image generator example for the prompt "car"

Our Image Generator can work some serious magic, but it requires some direction from you. In this case, it needs a few questions answered like:

  • What type of car?
  • Is the car parked or moving?
  • What’s in the background?

Try to envision your ideal image in your head and describe all the details as best you can.

For example, your prompt could be “a sports car driving through the city” which would yield a result like this:

Image generator prompt example.

Give your color preferences

It’s likely that your brand, website, or landing page has a specific color palette. If you want your image to fit into that color scheme, or just have specific colors in mind for your image, make sure to include those in your prompt. This could be the color of the objects themselves, the background, or even the overall hue of the image.

For example, we could adjust our first example prompt to say “a yellow sports car driving through the city” to get this:

Image Generator example for a prompt that includes color preferences.

Consider lighting

What time of day is the image set in? Is it artificial or natural light? These changes to your lighting can also have a big impact on the image.

With this in mind, let’s keep iterating on our prompt by changing it to “a yellow sports car driving through the city during sunset.” When we do, we get this:

Image Generator example for a prompt that includes lighting.

What type of framing do you want?

As you’ve probably noticed, all of the images we’ve generated so far have been fairly close up. But what if we wanted a wider angle? This is what photographers call “framing” and it’s something to think about when constructing your prompt.

If we want something a little more zoomed out we could change our prompt to “a far away image of a yellow sports car driving through the city at sunset.”

Image Generator example for a prompt that includes framing.

Include an art style

If you want to add yet another layer to your image you can also include an art style in your prompt. Some examples of styles are:

  • Watercolors
  • Postmodern
  • Minimalism
  • Impressionism

Let’s give this a try with our prompt and change it to “a far away image of a yellow sports car driving through the city at sunset in an impressionist style.” When we do, we get this:

Image Generator example for a prompt that includes an art style.

Don’t be too specific

Okay, we get it, we’re contradicting ourselves a bit here. All we’re saying is don’t go overboard with the details.

As you’ve seen, so far our prompts have all yielded pretty good results. But taking it to the next level and asking for a picture of a “dog in a top hat driving a yellow sports car through the city that’s being chased by an alien spaceship during sunset” might lead to mixed results, like this:

Image Generator example for a prompt that includes too many details.

Image Generator won’t know what to focus on and you could end up with a very busy image that doesn’t really embody your desired message. You’ll also probably receive images that are increasingly unrealistic.

So, when writing your prompts try to stick to four or five key details and let Image Generator take care of the rest.

Take Image Generator for a spin

Log in to your Leadpages account to try out Image Generator and test these tips for yourself.

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Dave Firnstahl
By Dave Firnstahl

A proven product leader with over ten years in the tech industry, Dave is passionate about developing cutting-edge technology that makes life easier for entrepreneurs and marketers. With extensive experience developing long-term product visions and roadmaps, he’s adept at developing new concepts and successfully bringing them to market.

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