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7 Steps to Building an Instagram Landing Page

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Aug 03, 2022  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
7 Steps to Building an Instagram Landing Page

Ready to launch a new set of Instagram ads? Social media ads are a great way to collect new leads and reach a larger audience, but you can’t leave your conversion rate in the hands of a social post and caption.

There’s just not enough space to convince most leads to take action. You need to double down on your funnel by building an Instagram landing page for each set of ads.

We’re here to answer all your questions about what Instagram landing pages are, when to use them, and how to create one that converts. Plus, we’ll send you off with some examples of effective landing pages to inspire your own.

What is an Instagram landing page?

An Instagram landing page is a standalone webpage designed to promote a product, service, or offer. A visitor is taken to this landing page after clicking a promotional link or ad on Instagram.

Like a regular landing page, it uses persuasive content like testimonials, videos, and call-to-action buttons to guide a visitor to convert. But, because Instagram traffic is primarily mobile, it’s critical that your Instagram landing page is mobile-responsive and optimized for your audience.

What’s the difference between a regular landing page and an Instagram landing page?

A landing page is typically used as a landing spot for web users that click on a search or display ad. An Instagram landing page is linked to from Instagram, usually through a paid ad placement—but a landing page link could also be used in an Instagram bio to drive traffic to a featured offer.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re creating your first Instagram landing page:

  • Mobile-responsiveness: We might be repeating ourselves here, but this is an important one—make sure your Instagram landing page is fully optimized for mobile use. While a regular landing page might get an even split between mobile and desktop traffic, visitors to an Instagram landing page will be primarily mobile.
  • Consistency: Your landing page should have the same look and feel as your ad. This is especially important for Instagram ads because users will be taken into a browser view—so a landing page that looks nothing like the ad could be confusing or potentially raise red flags with your lead.
  • Keep it short: Designing an Instagram landing page for a mobile-first experience means being mindful of how much your user has to scroll to get vital information about your offer. Try to keep page length to a minimum and avoid big chunks of text.
  • Invest in visuals: Instagram is a visual content app, so it’s likely that imagery of your offer or product is what grabbed the attention of your lead. To maintain that interest, make sure your Instagram landing page has plenty of visual elements. As a bonus, visual elements are great for a mobile experience.
  • Remember your audience: Your Instagram audience might be different from your typical customer. Don’t expect the same content to work for your Instagram leads as it does on your regular landing pages. It’s worth doing some market research specifically into your ad audience before launching your page.
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Do I need a landing page for Instagram?

If you’re investing in a paid Instagram campaign, it’s worth your time to create a dedicated landing page for your featured product or service. An ad might get eyes on your offer, but a landing page is what seals the deal.

So, if you feel ready for sales, it’s time to build a landing page. You should also consider optimizing your Instagram for organic lead generation.

Pros and Cons of an Instagram Landing Page

Building a specialized, conversion-driven page makes your sales funnel more robust and will significantly increase your chances of landing a customer. But it does require an extra investment of your time and resources. So, is it worth it to increase your ROI in the long run?


  • Instagram ads help you capture interest, but limited space and content mean you aren’t able to include all the details of your offer. A landing page gives you more real estate to pull in a lead.
  • Everything about a landing page is tailored to maximize conversions on that particular offer—there aren’t any distractions, like unrelated content or links to other webpages.
  • An independent landing page means you don’t need to make changes to your website.
  • It’s harder to track the performance of ads if they link to your homepage. Unlike your homepage, your landing page will only have one source of traffic: your ads.


  • It takes extra time and resources to create an Instagram landing page, rather than simply linking to an existing page on your website.
  • Creating a full page of hyper-focused content can be challenging and might slow down the rollout of your campaign.

Overall, an Instagram landing page is a good investment, especially if it doesn’t take long to build. Luckily, no-code landing page builders like Leadpages make creating, managing, and monitoring your new page quick and easy. The Drag & Drop Builder is user-friendly, even if you don’t know anything about web design, eliminating any worries about your landing page straining resources.

How do you create an Instagram landing page?

Building an Instagram landing page is easier than you think. You don’t need to hire a developer or learn how to code to deploy a fully customized, high-converting landing page. With the right landing page builder, all you have to worry about is selecting the right content that will reel in your leads.

1. Choose a landing page builder

If you’re not an experienced web developer, then a landing page builder is the best way to create your landing page.

Many platforms have templates for you to choose from so you don’t have to start from scratch. For example, Leadpages has over 200 professionally-designed landing page templates, meaning creating a new page is as easy as adding in your text and images with the Drag & Drop Builder and hitting “Publish.”

7 Steps to Building an Instagram Landing Page

When you’re happy with your page you can publish it to a free Leadpages subdomain or connect it to a custom domain that you own. Then, simply copy the link and add it to your new set of Instagram ads.

2. Find your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

A unique selling proposition (USP) is one specific aspect or benefit that makes your business, product, or service stand out from the competition.

The good news is, you probably already have a USP if you created a set of Instagram ads before building a landing page. You’ve pinpointed what makes your product special and have created an offer that will entice Instagram users to click on your link.

But for your landing page, you may need to reformulate your USP into a headline, subheadings, and supporting copy—especially if it was previously just a caption or communicated through the visual used in your ad.

Your USP should be evident throughout your landing page, but your headline is its most important appearance. Focus on what potential customers need and want, spark their curiosity, and wrap that into a succinct selling point.

3. Tailor your page content

Because a landing page is a standalone webpage, you can remove all distractions and focus on a single conversion goal. Don’t worry about a navigation menu, or linking out to numerous different pages—only provide the information your leads need to make a decision on this specific offer.

Lay out the biggest benefits and features either in short statements, bulleted lists, graphics, or even video. The most effective content is easy to understand and tailored to a specific audience.

4. Select impactful imagery

Instagram is a photo and video content app, which means it’s highly likely that visitors to your landing page clicked on your ad because the image caught their eye.

From a hero image to other imagery, graphics, or videos throughout the page, make the visual experience feel cohesive and as purposeful as the copy you include. Your imagery could be the biggest sales factor on your page, so investing time and resources into professional photography is well worth it.

7 Steps to Building an Instagram Landing Page

Just be mindful of clutter. Your page design should still be clean and focused—too many visual elements could make your landing page frustrating to scroll through.

5. Add CTA Buttons to your Instagram landing page

Your call to action (CTA) usually appears as a button your visitor can click to finalize the conversion—guiding them towards purchasing a product, opting in, or signing up.

A CTA button should appear at least once on your page (we usually recommend more than once, so your potential customer doesn’t have to scroll to take action).

Your button should clearly state the action you want prospects to take (for example, “Buy Now,” “Sign Me Up,” or “Join the Waitlist”. Whatever it is, button text should be clear, short, and specific.

6. Include Social Proof

Like with a regular landing page, including social proof in the form of testimonials, reviews, or awards can help earn the trust of your leads and be a very powerful sales tool.

Social proof could be the last nudge your lead needs to click that CTA. Including evidence that others have tried and liked your product or service can reassure incoming leads if they’re unfamiliar with your brand.

7 Steps to Building an Instagram Landing Page

7. Prioritize mobile experience

This is the most important difference between a regular landing page and an Instagram landing page: most of the visitors to your Instagram landing page will be on a mobile device.

Every element should be mobile responsive and your page design should be mindful of how far a lead has to scroll to get all the information.

Here are some tips to help you create a page with a great mobile experience:

  • Avoid using background images that contain essential elements like text, as these images may get cut off when it scales to fit a mobile screen.
  • Be concise with all your copy and logical with your design, a user doesn't want to scroll through big chunks of text or large images.
  • Device-specific display options allow you to show or hide sections of your page based on what kind of device a visitor is using. In the Leadpages builder, you can use this feature to create a custom section for mobile visitors to ensure content presents exactly how you want it to.
  • When scaling down from desktop to mobile, a page will stack content vertically. If your content or images are appearing in the wrong order, it means your page is not stacking correctly—this is something you’ll have to manually adjust in your landing page builder.
  • Test it! Before you launch your landing page, open it on different devices, in different browsers, and check for problems (like incorrect stacking).
7 Steps to Building an Instagram Landing Page

All pages built with Leadpages are mobile responsive, so you don’t have to worry about getting stacking right or scaling your images correctly. If you need more information on stacking or optimization, check out this Leadpages guide on how to optimize for mobile.

3 Examples of an Instagram Landing Page

The Content Planner

7 Steps to Building an Instagram Landing Page

Right away, this landing page offers a clear value statement, letting their potential leads know what they will gain from the webinar. The CTA is short and snappy but uses persuasive language that stands out and has more urgency than just “Sign Up.” Placing brand logos at the bottom of the hero banner is a quick way to include social proof.

Cloud Campaign

7 Steps to Building an Instagram Landing Page

The high-contrast CTA button makes it clear what action the lead is supposed to take next. We also like how this page has focused on targeting marketers who are currently using a different platform. Finally, Cloud Campaign makes it easy to see a quick comparison to their competitors while not overwhelming the page with information.


7 Steps to Building an Instagram Landing Page

SemRush launched an Instagram ad to increase registration for an upcoming webinar. This landing page communicates all the vital information at the top, being clear and to the point. It also uses a background image that won’t get distorted when scaling between screen sizes. Both of these choices make this design optimized for mobile.

Build an Instagram landing page today

There are many ways to create an Instagram landing page, but the easiest is to use a landing page builder like Leadpages. With Leadpages, all you need to do is choose a template and use the Drag & Drop Builder to customize your content.

You can launch a landing page for your Instagram ads in just a few hours, even without any experience with coding or web design.

Try Leadpages free for 14 days and discover why over 30,000 small businesses trust Leadpages for their landing pages.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
7 Steps to Building an Instagram Landing Page
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