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How Kelly Roach Turned a One-Woman Show into a 55-Person Team (and a Multi-Million Dollar Business)

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Dec 01, 2021  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Learn how Kelly Roach used Leadpages to build a multi-million dollar business.

Discover how Leadpages helped Kelly build her business, brand, and a massive list of leads.

Kelly Roach and her team are the brains and brawn behind Unstoppable Entrepreneur—a coaching organization that helps entrepreneurs reach their goals sooner. She’s been a Leadpages user since 2013 and has built more than 400 landing pages, accumulated 100K+ leads, grown her company to 55 people (and counting) , and hosts the well-attended Game Changer conference every year.

Read on to learn how Kelly and her team are using Leadpages to generate these impressive results, grow their business, and help their clients grow theirs.

100K+ Lifetime Leads | $100K+ Event Revenue | Conversion Rate Range of 22-75%

Kelly’s Story

Kelly’s official title is owner and CEO of Unstoppable Entrepreneur. But, that doesn’t adequately encompass everything she does. She’s a renowned business coach, prolific podcaster, best-selling author, successful growth strategist, and sought-after motivational speaker, to name just a few of her strong suits.

She earned her stripes in the business world as an entry-level sales rep, eventually being promoted to regional and senior vice president at a Fortune 500 company within just eight years. Prior to those accomplishments, she spent time as a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Her organization, Unstoppable Entrepreneur, helps five and six-figure businesses (and the people behind them) become seven and eight-figure ones through an intensive twelve-month program that includes accountability coaching to keep participants on track to reach those goals.

Kelly is also the creator of the popular Game Changer Conference; an event with past speakers like Gary Vaynerchuck, covering topics from marketing and sales, to wealth creation, leadership, and relationship building.

Unstoppable Entrepreneur has been using Leadpages since 2013. With a team of over 55 employees, they’ve created more than 400 landing pages, filling their funnel with quality leads and moving them into their flagship program.

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Like many growing businesses, Unstoppable Entrepreneur’s challenges were directly correlated to its success. As Kelly’s audience and reputation for delivering results grew, so did the need to scale her team and their marketing efforts.

Initially, Kelly’s growing team tried a number of different tools. But, they found it difficult to publish landing pages quickly, or determine how well those pages would convert from the outset.

Ease-of-use was an ongoing issue, too—landing pages were either being built from scratch (and taking forever to publish) or from a template that didn’t necessarily suit the needs of the project. The simplicity and speed they needed just weren’t there.

Finally, the team ran into issues being able to connect to, or work alongside, many of the apps they were using for marketing. They required a tool that would allow them to work efficiently rather than wasting time switching between incongruent tools and platforms.

How Leadpages Helped

Getting pages online fast

Leadpages’ selection of user-friendly templates made it easy to spin up pages quickly. Whether the page was needed to entice cold traffic to download a new lead magnet, turn a warm lead into a client with a special offer, or simply invite them to an exclusive group on a thank-you page, Kelly’s team was able to pick a template, make a few quick edits with the Drag & Drop Builder, and publish the page in a fraction of the time.

Learn how Kelly Roach used Leadpages to build a multi-million dollar business.

Starting on the right foot

From the template selection page, the team at Unstoppable Entrepreneur was able to quickly find the right template with the ability to filter by the newest, most popular, and even highest-converting templates. So they knew their landing page was going to be effective before they even started building it.

Making changes and updates easily

Discovering what works and what doesn’t is a part of the marketing process. If a new landing page wasn’t getting the traction they expected, Leadpages’ ease-of-use meant the team could pivot and make quick changes or even start over again, without the need to reinvent the wheel.

Working with other important tools

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur marketing team uses a myriad of tools every day. But Leadpages’ large selection of both native and non-native integrations made it easy for them to connect the tools and platforms they use most.

Enabling collaboration

The learning curve that comes with so many of the other website and landing page building platforms usually means that there are only one or two people within an organization that can use it—often a designer and/or an engineer. Leadpages made it easy for the whole team—even the non-technical ones—to get into the platform, build pages, make edits, and publish.

“We’re now big enough that we have multiple teams in the account and Leadpages makes that collaboration process way easier.”

The Results

100,000+ lifetime leads

Since becoming a Leadpages customer in 2013, Kelly and her team have generated more than 100,000 leads through Leadpages landing pages and websites—most of which are still paying clients and engaged with her content.

Industry-annihilating conversion rates

With more than 400 pages built for different purposes since 2013, the Unstoppable Entrepreneur team has seen a huge range in conversion rates. But with the ability to create pages and make changes quickly, the team has been able to iterate and improve on pages to push those rates quite high—often ranging from 22-75%.

Learn how Kelly Roach used Leadpages to build a multi-million dollar business.

$100K+ in event revenue

After announcing the Game Changer 2021 conference to both current clients and leads in January of 2021, the event landing pages helped sell more than $100,000 in tickets.

“Every lead we’ve ever earned has come through Leadpages”
Learn how Kelly Roach used Leadpages to build a multi-million dollar business.

How the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Team Uses Leadpages


Having built more than 400 landing pages since 2013, The Unstoppable Entrepreneur team knows their way around the Leadpages template library. With more than 220 templates to choose from, they’ve built pretty much every type of landing page in existence, from squeeze pages and pop-ups to long-form sales and everything in-between.

The ability to sort by conversion rate, age of the template, and popularity—as well as filter by page and business type—eliminates analysis paralysis and makes it easy for them to hone in on the kind of page they need quickly.

Learn how Kelly Roach used Leadpages to build a multi-million dollar business.

Drag & Drop Builder

Getting a developer to work on a landing page can be a huge time (and money) sink with quickly diminishing returns. The Leadpages Drag & Drop Builder makes it easy for anyone on the Unstoppable Entrepreneur team to build pages and make changes—no dev help required. Their designer will quickly build a page, add or delete sections as needed, then the copywriter will add the written content and publish it.

Tracking & analytics

To ensure that their efforts are paying off, Kelly’s paid media team can easily log in and see all the important metrics—traffic, clicks, conversions, and even revenue—at a glance and in real-time. They can also paste third-party integrations, like Google Analytics, to get a more in-depth understanding of campaign success.

“It’s really about the ease-of-use. I can put something into the header for tracking purposes in just seconds.”


There is more to the Kelly Roach brand than Unstoppable Entrepreneur. She also offers premium 1:1 coaching services through Kelly Roach Coaching, as well as hosting the Game Changer Conference. So her team uses the sub-accounts available to them as add-ons through their Leadpages Pro plan, allowing them to build landing pages and pop-ups for all of these entities.

Kelly’s Not Done Yet

In less than a decade, Kelly has grown her business from a single proprietor to one with 55 (and counting) employees. She’s won more than 100,000 engaged leads, and provided the leadership required to transform a large portion of them into bonafide clients along the way. We’re thrilled that Leadpages provided Kelly and her team with a simple, easy-to-use platform that allowed them to achieve these results and we can’t wait to see where she goes from here.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Learn how Kelly Roach used Leadpages to build a multi-million dollar business.
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