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Creative Landing Page Examples to Fuel Your 2019 Lead Generation

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Jun 27, 2018  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Best Landing Page Examples Leadpages

10 Creative Landing Page Examples
to Fuel Your 2019 Lead Generation

Building landing pages is one of the top five challenges faced by marketers and business owners. It can be overwhelming to organize and code the page, create the copy, incorporate the visuals, and ultimately create a site that will convert. Even though most small business marketers understand that having at least 10 landing pages can produce 55% more leads, they’re not sure how to quickly and effectively construct their landing pages and crank out the content.

But - we don’t think it has to be hard. In fact, we think it should be outrageously easy.

In this article, we’ll explore 10 of the best (surprisingly simple) and highly effective landing page examples. We'll also deconstruct what they do well so that you can improve your leads, conversions, and profits in a snap.

What is a landing page?

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In the world of small business marketing online, a landing page is typically a standalone web page that exists for the purpose of collecting leads or supporting an advertising campaign.


Essentially, a landing page is where a web visitor “lands” after clicking on a digital advertisement such as a Facebook ad or Google AdWords campaign.

Ads and landing pages work together to (1) capture leads and (2) to drive web traffic deeper into the sales funnel.

Now it’s time to go through some of our favorite landing page examples. Our marketing team has pulled together six of the most irresistible landing pages to give you some actionable tips so you can incorporate this landing page inspiration in your own business marketing strategy.

Searching for a sample landing page to get your creativity flowing? You've come to the right place! Let's dive into this landing page roundup.

Top 10 Best Landing Page Examples
to inspire your 2019 Digital Marketing

Landing Page Example #1 :
Downloadable Guide Landing Page by Jasmine Star

Landing page example lead magnet download

This is one of the more elegant squeeze page examples we came across because within a concise format it makes an excellent sales pitch for a freebie lead magnet offer (in this case: a downloadable productivity planner). Jasmine includes some entertaining sales copy in the landing page itself and kicks off the pitch with a promising headline that 'life is about to get a whole lot easier.' Who doesn't want to hear that?

What does this landing page do well?

  • Single Call to Action: Rather than splintering her traffic between multiple buttons, hyperlinks, and navigational menus, Jasmine showcases a single call to action button with some clever (and inviting) copy: "Heck yes! Send me my free planner!"
  • Leadbox Pop-Up: A click on the link triggers a pop-up to appear on-screen, which contains the necessary form fields required to access her downloadable offer.
  • Minimal Form Fields: By keeping the number of form fields down to the bare minimum (name and email address) Jasmine removes barriers to entry and gives her visitors the smoothest possible path to conversion.

Landing Page Example #2:
Giveaway Landing Page by Career Contessa

Giveaway landing page example

Career Contessa hit a home run with her simple, elegant content architecture and page design. She's kept her sales copy to a minimum but has still hit all the major points of:

  • Compelling value proposition
  • Single call to action
  • Supporting social proof

Landing Page Example #3:
Online Masterclass (Webinar Training Event)

Landing page example for online event

Here you can see a unique landing page that showcases an online training event that consists of four different webinars. The landing page template showcases the complete event and highlights each of the individual speakers and their classes.

What does this landing page do well?

  • Call to action: On the registration design itself, you can see a bright blue call to action, “reserve my spot.” Clicking this button would trigger a pop-up Leadbox on the screen to collect viewer information for registration. This allows for fast and simplified registration, minimizing the friction for a more seamless conversion.
  • Benefits-Driven: The primary copy on this landing page design is the bold header “6 decades of practice in 4 hours.” Registrants can expect to receive 62 years of experience in four short webinars. This page encourages you to register for their webinar by proving knowledge and credibility.
  • Credibility: It can be challenging to build trust among strangers across the internet. The format of this landing page showcases the profiles of all their instructors, including a headshot, job title, and longer-form bio further down on the page.

Landing Page Example #4:
404 Opt-In Page by Milewalk

404 error landing page example

How much do you hate a dead end? That’s exactly what a 404 error feels like.

Broken or misdirected links are bothersome and are often displayed as ‘404 errors.’ If a consumer comes upon a 404 error page, they’re likely to click away (bounce) and not return to your site. Not only does this bounce rate damage your site’s search engine rankings, it also irritates the traffic you’re trying so hard to attract. People feel they wasted their time by hitting a dead end, which instantly drops their engagement with your content and brand. Big bummer.

Milewalk’s landing page transforms that dead end into a new pathway. It utilizes the current traffic on your site to effectively and seamlessly convert leads. This is especially important if the 404 page is from an expired promotion or product. Why? Because essentially someone came knocking on your door for content and you’re leaving them out in the cold! The visitor is showing interest in an old product, so you want to use a landing page to optimize on their current attention.

Don’t waste a lead that has come to your website. Learn how to skyrocket the value of your leads here.

What does this landing page do well?

  • Call to action: This Milewalk smart landing page is clean and simple. It apologizes that the offer isn’t available, but then provides two opportunities for web traffic to be redirected to fresh, engaging content. The repeated call to action encourages the visitor to click through to the next step of the sales funnel without navigating away from the page. Brilliant.
  • Urgency: By showing that the previous product has expired, they’re actually boosting the urgency of this new product. They’re telling the consumer to take action now so they don’t miss out again.

Landing Page Example #5:
Lead Magnet Landing Page by Local Milk

lead magnet landing page

This simple landing page by Beth Kirby at Local Milk is elegant, simple, and highly effective. She includes a clear headline, straight-forward body copy that touches on her audiences' pain points, and a Leadbox pop-up form that triggers to collect the necessary opt-in information.

Landing Page Example #6:
Modern Webinar Page by Lewis Howes

best landing page example

This landing page is made specifically for a live event, meaning it’s time-restricted and will expire. Too frequently, business marketers don’t realize that they should be creating a landing page for every product, event, or promotion that they host, even (and especially) if it’s time sensitive.

Unfortunately, only 48% of marketers use a new landing page for each campaign. If you want to see major marketing success, try creating specific landing pages whenever you host a new launch, event, or opt-in opportunity.

What does this landing page do well?

  • Compelling headline: The headline of this landing page encourages and pushes visitors forward to sign up for the event. In fact, the headline is the primary sales driver on this page. The name of the event is bolded, followed by the subtitle that carries the weight of the copy. It says exactly what you’ll get out of the event-- accelerate your business and have your dream life-- if you simply click on the orange button to sign up.
  • Urgency: This landing page uses a countdown timer to boost urgency. Visitors see exactly how much time they have to make a decision before the deal is lost forever.
  • Social proof: There are two testimonials underneath the “about” section. This proof is reiterated in the section that shows Lewis Howes’ credibility in the wider industry as well.
  • Call to action: The call to action button is at the top (above the fold) and bottom of the page to ensure that consumers have quick and easy access to sign up. We also love how the call to action button is the same color and phrasing in both spots, making it easily recognizable in order to attract clicks.

Landing Page Example #7:
eBook Landing Page by Flywheel Free eBook

Flywheel Landing page example

This squeeze page design promotes Flywheel’s free eBook, deliverable in exchange for a visitor’s email addresses. It focuses on grabbing email addresses and subscribers from prospective traffic, but it does so in a non-obtrusive way by giving away something valuable in exchange.

What does this landing page do well?

  • Call to action: When you look at the page, the green “download” call to action button is visually striking. It contrasts well with the blues on the page, so it instantly draws the eye. This call to action is reiterated at the end, encouraging visitors to enter their information directly on the landing page’s opt-in form to remove any friction with the registration process.
  • Benefit: The first section of this sales page discusses the overview of the book. It tells the consumer exactly what value they’ll get from downloading the file. The second section dives deeper into descriptions of the chapters to further demonstrate the promised benefits from this eBook. This is direct and straightforward, which removes any consumer confusion or hesitancy.
  • Social proof: Although this page is tight and succinct, it includes two key testimonials from designers who have used Flywheel’s eBook. This section shows the credibility and authority of the company as well as the value of the book itself.

Landing Page Example #8:
Live Event Registration Landing Page by Heroic Public Speaking

landing page example

This longer-form landing page pairs content with graphics in a powerful way. From the photograph of the two presenters to the in-depth description of the course, it encourages consumers to make the purchase—even if it’s their very first touchpoint with the brand.

What does this landing page do well?

  • Benefit: The main content of this landing page focuses on the benefit the visitor will receive by signing up for this event. This is especially useful if the visitor isn’t already sold by the time they reach the landing page. It also highlights specific and measurable results that visitors can expect to receive from the live training.
  • Call to action: After selling the visitor on the benefits, this page has an extended call to action with their “How It Works” section. This brings visitors through the three steps that lead to the next part of the sales funnel. Rather than merely listing the steps, the page presents compelling and personable copy with related images that keep the visitor engaged. This clarifies exactly what the visitor’s journey will look like to reach their end result.

It’s important to note that there aren’t multiple calls to action on the same landing page. There is a single call to action with several steps. In most cases, you want each landing page to have its own singular call to action to ensure clarity for your visitors.

Landing Page Example #9 :
eBook Landing Page by Mairo Vergara

Landing page example downloadable lead magnet

Even if you don't speak Portuguese, it's easy to fall in love with the playful design and subtle interactivity of this landing page. Here, Mairo presents a smart landing page to offer a freebie eBook to his prospective leads with an invitation to learn English using his unique approach. What we love about this landing page is that he has provided a visual mockup of his digital product and has illustrated what a visitor could expect to find within the pages of his product. He includes a single call to action (above the fold and at the bottom of the page) and weaves together his long-form landing page from top to bottom with beautiful and inviting aesthetics. When it comes to landing page design examples, this one is hard to beat.

Landing Page Example #10 :
Webinar Landing Page by Martha Beck

Martha Beck landing page example

Martha Beck's free webinar landing page is doing so many things right. She's chosen an eye-catching color scheme, included a countdown timer to add a sense of urgency, included a bulleted list of the content she'll cover, and clearly invites her traffic to save their (free) spot in her webinar.

What makes a good landing page?

Let’s do a quick landing page roundup summary and highlight some of the key takeaway points that you can apply to your own lead generation campaigns.

Strong Benefit Statements

Every landing page needs to focus on what the visitor will get in exchange for their time, money, or contact information. This should be the first thing that the visitor sees on all of your landing pages. It shows how you propose to address and solve the visitor’s pain point with your particular product, service, or event.

If your landing page demonstrates a direct solution to the consumer’s problem with a clear-cut value proposition, the lead will be more likely to convert.

Powerful Social Proof

A landing page is about selling your visitor on your brand (while staying focused on solving your visitor’s problem). In just one webpage, you want to showcase all of the great qualities about your product or service. Seeing others’ reviews and experiences triggers an emotional response that can encourage the prospective visitor to take the next step in your sales funnel.

This “social proof” aspect can include social media, testimonials, reviews, and a comments section. In fact, 92% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision. If these reviews aren’t on your landing page, the consumer will navigate away from your page to find them. If you put the reviews directly on the landing page, though, they’re more likely to make an immediate purchase because they have all the information in front of them.

Sense of Urgency

You want to create some sense of urgency that will encourage the visitor to take action right now. If they navigate away from the landing page, they may never come back. They need to feel like you’re presenting them with a limited, exclusive offer that they’ll never get again. Urgency can come in the form of a countdown timer, “limited space” banner, or even in the word choice that you use when talking about the event.

Instilling a sense of urgency is the best and most effective way to increase landing page conversions.

Compelling Sales Copy

Your copy and design should push leads forward in your sales funnel. This can mean including a completion bar or a phrase like, “you’re almost there.” This shows site visitors that their problems are almost solved if they keep clicking through to the next part of the sales funnel. Your copy should encourage them to move forward by presenting a clear path for next steps.

If you can make this process seamless, you’re more likely to drive long-form conversions.

Clear Call to Action

Your landing page needs to tell your prospect exactly what action to take next. Whether they’re signing up for an email list, downloading an eBook, or making a purchase, you want the sales path to be clear-cut and enticing.

Your content, visuals, and design should revolve around the main call to action.

Landing Page Examples

The best landing pages have a number of interdependent elements that are used to increase conversions and pull consumers through your sales funnel. These elements include benefits statements, social proof, urgency, encouragement, and calls to action.

By blending together these delicious ingredients, packaged with copy, images, and design, you’ll create a truly irresistible experience for your web traffic. The result? A boost in conversions and more leads to grow your business.

We hope this article comes in handy the next time you find yourself searching for inspiring examples of landing pages or want to improve your squeeze page design.

Now it's your turn:

What did you take away from these landing page examples? What do you consider to be some of the best landing pages 2019?

Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Best Landing Page Examples Leadpages
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