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20 Lessons Learned from the Lead Generation Podcast

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Jul 27, 2019  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
The Lead Generation

As we recap the first season of the Lead Generation Podcast, it's a great opportunity to look back and think ahead to what comes next.

Over the last few months, we’ve shared the entrepreneurial journeys of 20 people who positively impact the lives of their audience through different areas: coaching, cooking, speaking, motivating, designing, relationships, and more.

In case you're running short on time (or attention span), we've paraphrased the knowledge shared during these interviews and collected them into 4 categories: Getting Started, Staying on Track, Growth, and Tactics.

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The Lead Generation podcast

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Getting Started

During each interview, I asked our guest experts to share how they transitioned into entrepreneurship. Along the way, a few key lessons stood out.

03 Chihyu Smith Tlg Podcast@2x 1022x1024

When figuring out your niche, listen to people who are willing to pay for the solutions they’re searching for.

ChihYu Smith in Episode 3

Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income

When thinking through your next business venture, pretend that you’re in front of the investors on Shark Tank and imagine the kinds of questions they would ask of your business idea.

Pat Flynn in Episode 1

14 Clay Collins@2x 1 885x1024

Seek an MVA instead of an MVP. With a Minimum Viable Audience, you’ll have a group of people telling you what they’ll be eager to buy from you.

Clay Collins in Episode 14

Amanda Holmes CHI

Staying on Track

Every entrepreneur goes through ebbs and flows in the life-cycle of their business. Here are a few mental directives from our guests for staying on track.

Cheryl Muir

Hustle with boundaries. To be fully present in your work with clients, create routines that allow you to turn off work-mode so you can recharge.

Cheryl Muir in Episode 19

Michelle Hickey

You’ll move forward faster when you stop letting excuses get in your way, and when you realize you already have everything you need to grow.

Michelle Hickey in Episode 2

Ian Garlic

When you’re feeling bad about your business, reach out, and help someone else. Genuinely help someone else without any intention of trying to get something out of it.

Ian Garlic in Episode 15

Maria Dominguez-Courian

Self-care is important. Taking care of your mind, body, and mentality can help you achieve so much more if you’re willing to take care of yourself first.

Maria Dominguez-Courian in Episode 12

Tim Paige Voice Actor

Reach out for help from people who are doing what you do and do not be afraid to ask for the yes.

Tim Paige in Episode 6

Nancy Marmolejo

Take one step at a time, just because someone says you need to do something doesn’t mean it’s always right for your business or it might be better done at another time.

Nancy Marmolejo in Episode 10


After an initial baseline of success has been established, it’s time to take your business to the next level.

Ramon Ray

Growing your business will likely take longer than you think. And it will likely require a pivot or two along the way.

Ramon Ray in Episode 4

Phil Adair

Never stop learning. Take advantage of as many tools, podcasts, books, etc., as possible. The more you learn the more you’ll understand where you want to go and what you want to do in your business.

Phil Adair in Episode 17

Kelly McCausey

Think big tree vs. tending a fledgling orchard. Focus your efforts on a singular business that eventually (not immediately) has multiple branches.

Kelly McCausey in Episode 11

Lacy Beatley Jungle Cat Marketing

Know the value you bring to your clients – and charge appropriately. Charging what you’re worth allows you to take the space that you need to deliver the professionalism that you know you can.

Lacy Beatley in Episode 16

Jenn Cohen

Start building a team as your personal bandwidth diminishes, freeing up your time to do higher-leveraged activities for your business.

Jenn Cohen in Episode 7

Bryan Nguyen

Don’t delegate in the dark. Know enough about how to market your business to hold yourself and anyone you may hire accountable.

Bryan Nguyen in Episode 20


Beyond the inspirational and motivational, our guests also shared specific actions smart business owners take to improve their odds of growing a successful business.

Cindy Schulson

Market with heart instead of hype. Honor yourself and the people that you’re here to help instead of operating from a place of manipulation.

Cindy Schulson in Episode 18

Dimitrije Ostojić
Lou Bortone

With today’s tech and resources, small business owners are essentially their own TV stations. Your role is producer, director, and actor of the shows you wish to make.

Lou Bortone in Episode 9

Julie Raich Diémé

Make it easy for your students to take action. Online learning is all about taking action because action produces results. Don’t leave your audience guessing at every turn–– if you do, they won’t last long.

Julie Raich Diémé in Episode 8

Get ready for Season 2

The takeaways above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ingredients of a fulfilling and profitable business. Listen to the full episodes as a sort of motivational bootcamp as you put these lessons into action for yourself.

Coming up in Season 2, our focus turns even more towards the marketing tactics that bring success in digital marketing, especially for coaches, consultants, service professionals, and others whose talents, expertise, and efforts are the primary offering for sale for their companies.

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The Lead Generation podcast

Season 2 is launching soon. Get notified about fresh episodes!

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What's your take?

What are your top take-aways from the first season of The Lead Generation?

Which guest did you resonate with? What stood out about that conversation for you?

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By The Leadpages Team
The Lead Generation
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