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Update: The Leadpages Affiliate Program Is Now Open to All Members (and 9 Other Things You Might Not Know)

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Feb 14, 2017  |  Updated Jun 06, 2024
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Leadpages Affiliate Program

An entirely new source of income. When done correctly, that’s exactly what affiliate marketing can be. It’s a way to share your favorite tools, resources, courses, and software with your followers or customers and get paid for each referral. Here at Leadpages, we’re constantly improving our own affiliate program so you can easily share Leadpages with your audience and get paid without distracting from your main business. Just in the last six months, we have introduced some major innovations to our affiliate program that make it even easier for you to become an affiliate partner and earn commissions. (That includes ) Here’s a look at what makes the Leadpages affiliate program stand out—including several things we've added recently and haven't yet talked much about. [cta-box]

Fact #1: It’s open to ALL Leadpages members.

Yes, you read that right. Six months ago, Leadpages opened the doors on our affiliate program to all of our 43,000+ Leadpages members. Here’s how it works: As a Leadpages member, you can sign up for our affiliate program from right inside your Leadpages account. It takes about 5 minutes. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="795"]

Aff Last 795

To join the affiliate program, click on your name inside your Leadpages account, and then Affiliate Program. From there, just follow the steps to join.[/caption] Once you’re in, we give you a unique affiliate link that you can use anywhere to share Leadpages with your audience. You also get access to our Leadpages affiliate portal, filled with quick swipe-and-deploy assets you can use to sell Leadpages anywhere. When a member of your audience purchases Leadpages through your unique affiliate link, you earn commissions automatically.

Fact #2: Leadpages pays you 30% recurring commissions for every sale.

Since Leadpages launched in 2013, we have always, always, always paid out 30% recurring commissions to our affiliate partners for each Leadpages sale. This means when a new member purchases Leadpages through your affiliate link, you get paid on both the initial sale and every renewal payment after that—for as long as that person remains a Leadpages member. Let’s break that down for a second. Let’s say a person purchases a Pro Annual membership through your link. A Pro Annual membership is $577 a year. So that’s a $173.10 commission for you up front. After that, you’ll also receive a $173.10 commission every year that person renews their membership. Make 30 Pro Annual membership sales this year—or roughly 3 a month—and you’ll earn an extra $5,193 every year from now on. That’s for as long as those 30 people remain members. And it doesn’t involve any extra work on your part. Keep making 30 Pro Annual sales every year, and you’ll see a nice compounding effect:

  • Year 1: 30 sales = $5,193
  • Year 2: 30 sales + 30 renewals = $10,386
  • Year 3: 30 sales + 60 renewals = $15,579
  • Year 4: 30 sales + 90 renewals = $20,772
  • Year 5: 30 sales + 120 renewals = $25,965

Of course, that’s assuming all these people remain members. But even factoring in refunds, you’ll still continue to earn commissions year after year if you shoot for 30 sales a year.

Fact #3: It’s NOT just for affiliate marketers.

You don’t have to be a traditional affiliate marketer to participate in the Leadpages partner program and earn these kinds of commissions. No matter what business you’re in, you’re still a marketer. Still an entrepreneur. That means you likely have partners, colleagues, clients, friends, followers, and business contacts who you trade ideas with. If you ever refer anyone to Leadpages, you can use an affiliate link to do so—and earn recurring commissions for as long as that person remains a Leadpages member. For example, let’s say you’re a real estate agent. You’ve been using Leadpages for a while to easily deliver property listings and capture qualified leads from Facebook. You’re seeing a major increase in your conversion rates, and you want to tell other real estate agents you know about this. As a Leadpages partner, you could use your unique affiliate link to share your success and earn commissions from each sale. For example, you might:

  • Shoot a quick email to your colleagues about Leadpages and your current Facebook strategy and link to your affiliate link.
  • Share your new strategy with other agents you know on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., with your affiliate link.
  • Add this strategy to your presentation when you speak at your next real estate conference (and display your affiliate link in your slide deck).
  • You might even throw together a quick Leadpages landing page (like the one below) to show how you did it, and link to a blog post, quick video, or even just your affiliate link.
Real Estate 43 795

The point is: as a real estate agent, you can still earn commissions by referring Leadpages. The same is true for chiropractors, dentists, fitness instructors, life coaches, plumbers, copywriters, authors, speakers, consultants, and any other professionals who have occasion to talk to other professionals in related fields. (I’m guessing that just might include you.)

Fact #4: Commissions are paid out every month.

Some affiliate programs make you wait months to get your commissions. With Leadpages, you’re paid out 30% recurring commissions on either a monthly or annual basis. Specifically, Leadpages pays out your commissions in the first 10 business days of every month. The only caveat? Leadpages memberships come with a 14-day trial, so you get your commissions after this trial period ends. That might mean you get some of your commissions the following month.

Fact #5: We’ll host a webinar for you. (And you keep the commissions.)

Until very recently, this was probably the coolest thing about Leadpages affiliate program. (And right now, I’d say it’s a close second.) For years now, Leadpages has given affiliate partners the option to cohost a webinar with us. That means our in-house experts will host a live Leadpages webinar for you, and you’ll keep the commissions from every webinar sale. To date, we’ve hosted over 400 webinars with our affiliate partners. We’re already filling up the calendar with new webinars for this year. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="946"]

With Border Joanna 795

A registration page for an affiliate webinar with Tim Paige and Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers[/caption] Here’s how it works: First, you sign up 150 people for your Leadpages webinar. (Notice: You only need to get 150 to sign up; it’s OK if not all of them show up.) Then one of our in-house webinar experts, Tim Paige or Bob Jenkins, will take care of all the webinar content for you. And you can trust they'll close sales for you, too. The two of them together have hosted over 1,000 live webinars for Leadpages in the past few years. Imagine that for a second. Imagine an expert who has hosted literally hundreds of live webinars showing up to host a live training for you. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="795"]

Bob%20jenkins Maria De Regolio 795

Affiliate partners like branding expert Marianna Di Regolo are already cohosting our newest webinar.[/caption] Again, your only job is to bring the audience. To make this even easier, we give you webinar registration pages, swipe email copy, social media images, and every other asset you might need to share your webinar with your audience. Once the webinar starts, you can sit back and relax. We’ll take it from there. You earn commissions on every sale. (That includes sales from the replays after the webinar ends.)

Fact #6: You get access to evergreen promotions you won’t see anywhere.

We’re constantly giving our affiliate partners resources to share Leadpages with their audiences. Inside our affiliate portal, we have dozens of different evergreen creative assets that you can use to share Leadpages pretty much anytime, anywhere. Here’s a quick example of what an evergreen promotion looks like:

Otdqokuwuczrieolsxlqgcfer7ldsfbvkoc5zkeu9 Umm9kaelszci Qytcytrd4ylqtveofz Rwmry6zs9ytvhaqpy=s0

What can you do with an evergreen promotion like this? Here are some effective ways to share your evergreen promo landing page:

  • Link to it from a Leadpages review, case study, or other content.
  • Add a link to in your email follow-up series. Already have Drip email campaigns set up for your subscribers or customers? Try adding an email (or a few emails) to your campaigns to introduce Leadpages to your list. Or create an entirely new campaign designed for this purpose. (We have examples in our affiliate portal.)
  • Link to it from your sidebar, banners, or social media posts. Very simple. We give you Leadpages sidebars, banners, and other images that you can use to easily post anywhere on your website, blog, or social media.
  • Create a resource guide of your favorite tools and link to it. Create a resource guide page for your website that lists all your favorite tools, and link any Leadpages tools (like Leadboxes) directly to a promotion like this. We have a resource guide you can customize for this purpose in our portal.

Those are just some examples. You can get more affiliate tips from our experts right here.

Fact #7: You can earn commissions by sharing free content.

Rather than sharing a promotion with your audience, you also have the option to share valuable free content instead. Leadpages gives affiliates the choice to share a unique link to any blog post, video, or other free content with your audience. When someone clicks on your unique link to view this free content, and then purchases Leadpages, you’ll receive your usual 30% recurring commission for the referral. (Again, as it’s a simple as emailing our affiliate manager to ask for a unique affiliate link for any piece of content you’d like to share.) The coolest content to share? Our in-depth, multimedia free courses. Here are just a handful we’ve created: [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="946"]

<a href=

Explore our courses here.[/caption] For years, Leadpages has created the kind of courses that other marketers charge hundreds or thousands for. But we give them all away for free. As an affiliate partner, you can share any (or all) of these courses with your customers or subscribers at your convenience. Think of these courses as gifts you can share with your audience. For example, remember our real estate agent? Rather than posting about his own Leadpages experience, he might share a unique affiliate link to Leadpages Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents course instead.

Real Estate Redo 795 Course

And speaking of courses …

Fact #8: We have a 11-video course on affiliate marketing for you.

Our Manager of Marketing Education, Bob Jenkins, created an entire course just to teach our Leadpages partners how to be better affliate marketers: The Affiliate Marketing System. Bob packed his 10 years of affiliate marketing experience into this 11-video course. One of the most important things you’ll hear in this course? When done correctly, affiliate marketing can actually boost the rest of the sales in your business, too. Bob explains how that’s possible. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="795"]

Free Course Affiliate 795

Check out (or just bookmark) the Affiliate Marketing Course here.[/caption] Best of all? You can watch the entire 11-video course in only 80 minutes—so you can start using all these strategies immediately.

Fact #9: We have a private Facebook community just for our partners.

This is another recent innovation for our Leadpages affiliate partners. Our Affiliate Marketing Manager just opened a private Facebook community for our partners. In this private Facebook community, you will see:

  • Daily ideas on how to boost your affiliate commissions
  • Case studies from other partners, to find out how they’re sharing Leadpages
  • New affiliate resources to help you make more sales
  • Any extra benefits just for affiliates (like webinars or special discounts)
  • Questions and comments from other affiliate partners (plus answers from the Leadpages team)

It’s a phenomenal place to connect with all the other affiliate partners and network with everyone else on the Leadpages team. More importantly, you can also check out the new Facebook community for updates on the biggest, most important affiliate program we’ve ever launched …

Fact #10: We’re sending every qualifying affiliate on a $5,000 vacation this year.

For the first time ever, we’re giving our Leadpages affiliate partners $5,000 to travel anywhere in the world. To be clear: This is not a contest or drawing. We’re handing out $5,000 to any affiliate partner who qualifies so they can essentially take a paid vacation this year. (Something business owners rarely get to do!) Here’s how you qualify: Make 30 annual or 2-year Leadpages sales before May 1, 2017, and we’ll send you $5,000 to travel anywhere you want to go. Watch the video below or click below for the full details right now. [cta-box]

Not an Affiliate Yet? Sign Up Now.

As you can see, we’re making all kinds of innovations for our affiliate partners this year. Again, any Leadpages member can sign up to be an affiliate partner. To sign up for the affiliate program right now:

  1. Click on your name in the upper righthand corner of your Leadpages account.
  2. Scroll down to “Affiliate Program.”
  3. Follow the steps to create your affiliate account.
  4. Once you’re in, email our Affiliate Manager at partnerships@ave81.com for links to start sharing Leadpages immediately.
  5. Bonus step: Join our private partner Facebook community for all the affiliate news, and updates on our $5,000 vacation program.)

Before you go, would you like to see more affiliate posts like this? Have any questions about our new affiliate program? If so, please drop them in the comments below. I’d love to answer them.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Leadpages Affiliate Program
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