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Leadpages Product Update: New Templates + Drag-and-Drop Builder Features

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Jul 06, 2017  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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This July has been a blast at Leadpages.

(And we’re not even talking about all the fireworks we set off during our Fourth of July festivities.)

We’re talking about our July product updates. We’ve been fine-tuning the drag-and-drop builder and adding to our template library to make Leadpages even more versatile to meet your goals.

And while these updates might not bring the boom like a stack of fireworks, they should get just as many “oohs” and “ahhs.” See what Leadpages has in store for you this July.

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More Drag-and-Drop flexibility

Our drag-and-drop landing page builder is designed to make creating beautiful landing pages easier than ever. You can customize a pre-built template or start from scratch to make each page uniquely yours.

We’ve made the builder a bit more intuitive this month by adding some features that help you further customize the look of your landing pages.

Add Line Breaks Anywhere

By pressing Shift + Enter, you can now add line breaks to any headline or text section.

This allows you to format text exactly how you want, begin and end lines on whichever words you choose, and add paragraph spaces right where you need them.

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Resize Your Images with Ease

You can now set the width percentage, alignment, and max-width of any image widget.

By default, images automatically fill up space they’re given in your layout, so you don’t need to worry about specific image dimensions if you don’t want to.

But if you don’t want your picture to fill the entire image widget width, simply click on the paintbrush and adjust the width percentage to meet your needs.

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Remember: You Can Always Undo

Not too pleased with a color you just picked or an image you placed? Did your cat just stomp across your keyboard and make some changes of his own?

Always remember that you can undo whatever just happened by holding Command + Control + Z or redo what was just deleted with command + Control + Y.

Fresh landing page templates for realtors and trainers

The Leadpages landing page library is stuffed to the gills with templates for a wide variety of industries—and we’ve just added some more.

Check out our newest real estate landing pages. Whether you work in real estate or are selling your own home, these new pages will help you market your real estate company, sell houses, and attract buyers.

Or take a peek at our newest landing page template perfect for anyone in the health and fitness industry. Outfitted with high-res images of health and fitness enthusiasts, this landing page is ideal for trainers, gym owners, or fitness experts looking to grow membership rates and attract new business.

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We also built an adorable template perfect for any pet-focused startup—the Buster Business template. (This is also a great way to test the theory of any correlation between increased conversion rates and use of puppy eyes on a landing page.)

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Start Your Free Tri

That’s what’s new in July

Start digging into the drag-and-drop builder, or choose from our newest landing page templates.

Whether your goals include selling more products, building your email list, or bulking up your gym membership count, the right landing page built just how you want will help you succeed.

Have a question about any of our July updates? Let us know in the comments below.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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