[Landing Page Download] The Long Form Squeeze Page, Good for SEO & AdWords

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Nov 14, 2013
Long Form Squeeze Page Thumbsm

[cta-box] Whew, that might be a little too complicated. Some of the best performing landing pages and LeadPages are the most basic ones. For example if I sort our opt-in pages by conversion rate, some of the highest converting opt-in pages are the most simple. Too much copy can make a visitor not want to opt in. It can make them suspicious like why are you writing pages and pages of copy to get me to opt in for this amazing free thing? If that’s amazing and it’s free, it shouldn’t really take much to get me to opt in. It’s sort of like trying to shoot an ant with a bazooka. But there are always exceptions to the rule. For example, this page converts incredibly well and is really good for some things like Facebook ads or linking to or from your blog post. But this won’t be by approved Google AdWords. It doesn’t give people a lot of info before opting in and in some markets that’s needed and also you probably won’t rank too well in search engines with this page. With all that mind we created, the long form squeeze page template, we’d like to say thanks to Natalia and Frank Kern for helping out on this template. We took an opt in page and added our LeadPages mojo to it and we think this is going to be a very powerful opt-in page for you. The reason this page is powerful is it sandwiches compelling copy between opt-ins so there’s no wasted space and it isn’t overwhelming people coming to it. The page starts with a high call to action which is proven to boost conversions so for people that are ready to go ahead and opt in right away and don’t want to read the rest of the page, this section lets them opt in and be done with it. For people that are on the fence and they need to read a little more, they’re directed to a small section of copy in the middle of the page to get them over the fence and then to make it easy for them to opt-in, there’s another call to action below the copy. It’s also mobile responsive so the page will display correctly no matter what size screen your visitors have when they see it. This page also functions great when used on Facebook. If you’re running Facebook ads, this will be a great page to use as a Facebook landing page. The layout works perfectly and the brevity of the page aligns with most Facebook users attention spans so that’s just one more option for this page. Let’s take a look at how to customize this page inside We Pages. As with all of our pages, you simply click on something to edit it. So let me go ahead and add my logo here. I’m giving away free video guitar lessons as my lead magnet so I’m going to add an image representing those here so people understand what they’re getting. Then I’m also going to add it down here as well and then I need to add my compelling headline copy to capture people’s attention and either get them to opt in or read further. Now I want to add my compelling body copy as well and this can take a little bit to edit depending on how long your copy is but I’m just going to space it out right now and make sure that everything looks good to go. At the bottom of the page I want to edit the call to action so I need to add my video lesson image again and then change the copy to match my offer. Now here are two important steps: I need to set up my opt-in form integration so I’ll go ahead and click on that. Select what service that you want to integrate with and which list that you’d like to add people to. Once that’s done, you can collect email addresses. Finally, I need to set up my lead magnet delivery section here at the top. The lead magnet delivery system handles sending your free report, downloadable eBook or videos or whatever else that you’re giving away to in exchange for someone’s email address while your email service provider still functions exactly the same way as it normally would and sends out all the other emails that you’ve set up in your email service provider account. This makes it so easy to give stuff away in exchange for people’s emails so we suggest that you use this on your pages. Okay. So once we’re done customizing, you’ll name the page then save the page and then once I save the page, it’s now live on the internet and as soon as I hit publish, LeadPages gives me a URL that I can immediately view so let’s go there and check it out. As you can see, here’s the page we just customized. Back in the publishing box, you also have the options to publish this page to WordPress, publish the page to Facebook as a Facebook tab or you can download the file and put it on your own server. If you’re not a LeadPages customer, you will need to be a coder or hire a coder to make the downloadable template below work. For non-LeadPages customers, it’s a bit more difficult to set up. Here’s what you’ll need to do if you’re not a LeadPages customer. If you’re a developer, click on the link below and opt-in to get this long form squeeze page template and our lead magnet delivery system will deliver it to you. Modify the HMTL and CSS using your coding skills or the coder you’ve hired, integrate it with your autoresponder, WordPress, etc., get your landing page code that you’ve generated and then publish the page. So these are all the steps that you’ll need to take if you’re not a LeadPages customer. If you are a LeadPages customer, you don’t need to do any of that. The template is already available in the member’s area and you can start using it there and please let us know what you think of this new template in the comments section beneath this video. Again if you’re not a LeadPages customer and you’d like to use this template, head to www.LeadPages.net to get LeadPages. I’m Jeff Wenberg. Have a great day. [0:04:49]