You Can’t Give Your Way Into Receiving (What's Behind The Marketing Show)

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Aug 10, 2011

Hello everyone, my name is Clay Collins and welcome to today’s episode of The Marketing Show. A lot of people do not know this about me, something I don’t talk about very often, but every single year I go off and I do kind of a vision quest. There’s nothing very religious about this at all it’s just a time when I go camping by myself. I usually go backpacking around the north shore of Lake Superior, the world’s largest lake. And I spend some time by myself reflecting on what is most sacred and what is most important to me in my life. And during this year’s vision quest, if you will, I came to a pretty important realization. And the realization is really at the core of what The Marketing Show is all about. So here’s what the realization was about. The realization is that it’s time for you, not for me, this isn’t about me, but it’s time for you to start receiving. There’s a lot of talk about what marketing is and what marketing is not. And a lot of people believe that marketing is a bunch of voodoo. They tell themselves that they’re not marketers, that this isn’t something that they are wired to do, and that this isn’t something that they are fundamentally good at. Marketing is something that they are fundamentally not good at. And I’m here to tell you that marketing is not a thing in itself. Marketing is not a science, okay. Here’s what marketing is. Marketing is the part of your business that is responsible for the receiving of value. So every single business gives value and receives value. Right? It does both. My guess is that you are fundamentally aligned with the giving part of your business. You know how to give. The majority of my customers come to me and the majority of people I work with do not have a giving problem. They give abundantly. In fact, they’ve given themselves in some cases into poverty. Most of my customers do not have a giving problem, they have a receiving problem. And I’m here to tell you that marketing is nothing more than the receiving part of your business energetically. And you were meant to receive. You were meant to receive abundantly. And there is an imbalance in your business between giving and receiving. And that imbalance has put you in a state of crisis and things are not going as they should if you are most people. There is an imbalance between the giving and the receiving. And so my job is to stand here and hold a space open for you to receive and for you to feel like you deserve the receiving that is coming to you. So just to break this down a little bit I want to make it abundantly clear that you cannot, you cannot, give your way into receiving. A lot of people believe that if they just give away enough ebooks, if they just give away enough information products, if they give enough free coaching sessions that they will receive, that somehow if they give more they will automatically receive more. And I’m here to tell you that giving and receiving are two separate parts of your business in a very real sense. You cannot give your way into receiving. In fact, in almost every single case you must receive abundantly before you can give. If you are a dentist, you might be the very best dentist in the world, you might be more qualified than anyone else to repair my teeth but you do not have a shot at my teeth unless you have received my money, unless you have received me as a customer. As a child, your parents invested in you. They gave to you, they loved you, they nurtured you for years before you got that first job at the age of 14 and were able to give back. You must receive before you can give. And I’m here to tell you that that thing that you were born to do, that you are put on earth to do, or that you have fire inside about doing… you can’t give that like you need to unless you receive like you need to. Marketing is the receiving part of your business. Marketing consists of two things fundamentally. And this is what I like to provide to the people and this is the purpose fundamentally of what I do here on this earth. Okay, it’s to provide this. Marketing involves the rituals of receiving. So just like during Christmas there are rituals that involve sitting around the Christmas tree and receiving gifts. There are rituals around receiving around your birthday. In business, there are very specific rituals for your business to receive income and to receive value from the world in exchange for the investment and for the what you give out to the world. So marketing is the rituals of receiving for your business and also the tools of receiving. The rituals of receiving are the marketing campaigns, the specific strategies. You know, how to construct the sales letter, how to construct mechanisms and marketing campaigns that allow you to receive from the world. It also is the tools of receiving. The shopping carts, the affiliate systems, everything from maybe a technology perspective that allows you to logistically receive value from the world. A big component of this that will also help you is a community to support you in your receiving because you were taught from the time you were born to give and give and give. But something that the world probably did not teach you to do is how to receive. And marketing in your business is the receiving arm of your business. And if you’ve been in business very long and if you’ve tried much you can probably affirm that you cannot give your way into receiving. They are separate. You cannot do more giving to receive and you cannot receive more in a way that makes you automatically give. But your inability to receive will definitely hinder your ability to give. Anyway, I would like to conclude this very important episode of The Marketing Show by encouraging you to do one thing. Before today is over I want to challenge you to go to your customer base even if your business doesn’t exist yet. Go to one person and ask them to make an investment in themselves. Open up your hand and be open to receiving from the world. You were meant to receive. And it is a specific skill set, it is a specific set of tools, it is a specific set of patterns that you probably have not been given if you are struggling in business or if you are not receiving value from the world that is adequate or as proportional to what you are giving. Do this tonight. My name is Clay Collins, thank you so much for watching The Marketing Show. Take care and I’ll talk to you next week.